Chapter 1: Living The Good Life

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III was in a great mood, as he had just finished a flight with Toothless across his home, the Isle of Berk. It had been five years since they had defeated the Red Death, yet Hiccup still couldn't believe how much his life had changed. He had not only approval and respect from his father, Stoick the Vast, but from the entire Hairy Hooligan tribe. Dragons have become pets and companions in the village. Hiccup now has a best friend, which happens to be the most rare and intelligent dragon, the Night Fury.

What's more, Hiccup also now has a girlfriend: Astrid Hofferson, the girl that Hiccup has had a crush on since he was eight years old. Ever since she had kissed him after he woke up, it had been awkward between them, and they didn't know what to say to each other, until one day, Hiccup invited Astrid for a ride on Toothless, and she gladly accepted. This time, the flight was more relaxing and comfortable, and it didn't have Toothless doing any spins or twists and turns like on the first flight they had. Of course, Astrid had her arms around Hiccup's waist, which always sent chills up his spine and butterflies in his stomach, but still, he enjoyed the feeling.

After the flight which included seeing the pink clouds and the northern lights, they landed in the cove, which was the same place where Hiccup had started his friendship with Toothless, and where Astrid kissed Hiccup on the cheek after their first flight. After landing, they sat down near the lake, and after a few minutes, Hiccup suddenly asked about what happened after he went unconscious. They began talking, and soon, they had revealed their feelings for each other. Hiccup and Astrid became a couple ever since, going out for many dates together. They either went on their own dragons, (Hiccup with Toothless, and Astrid with her Deadly Nadder, Stormfly), so they can race each other around the island while they're up high in the sky, or Astrid can simply hop on Toothless, and then she and Hiccup can have another romantic flight.

They also went together to go stargazing at the cove, or watch the sunset on the beach. Hiccup feels his life became much better than it has been in the past. Before, he was referred to as "Hiccup The Useless", but now, he's known as a hero to everyone in the village. A huge party was recently held for him at the Meade Hall, to celebrate the end of the war between vikings and dragons.

Finally, Hiccup is also getting used to his prosthetic leg. At first, it had been giving him unbearable pain, especially at night time. It had been hard for Hiccup to sleep at night, not only from the pain of his leg, but because he had been having nightmares about the battle with the Red Death. Now, his leg is free of pain and he gets a good night's sleep every night. Hiccup was on his way to see Astrid when he heard the voice of Stoick's best friend and battle brother, Gobber the Belch.

"Hey Hiccup!", Gobber shouted, "Could you come here?"

Hiccup quietly groaned, but he still went over to Gobber's house, which was where he was.

"Hey Gobber, is something wrong?" Hiccup asked. "Oh no, nothing's wrong." Gobber said.

"Well then, why did you call me?" Hiccup asked.

"Your dad wanted me to find you", Gobber said, "He said he had something very important to discuss with you."

"Okay, where is my dad?" Hiccup asked. "He's over at your house." Gobber said.

"I'll go over there now, thanks for letting me know." Hiccup said.

He then walked toward his home on the hill, and after a while, he finally got to the door. When he came in, he saw his dad sitting at the table near the fireplace.

"Hey Dad", Hiccup said as he closed the door. "Gobber told me you wanted to see me?"

"Yes, son, please have a seat," Stoick said. "What I want to talk to you about is very important."