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It was Just a Dream Chp. 1:

Rocky's POV

I had a dream that I was dating Gunther, Tinka was dating my brother, Ty, and CeCe was dating Deuce. EW. I would never go out with that sparkle freak, and I can't even imagine Tinka, Ty, CeCe, and Deuce. What was I dreaming? The alarm hit the 7:00am. It's Monday morning, just another week of schcool. I woke up and got ready to school. I went to the kitchen, Ty and mom was already eating the most important meal of the day, breakfast. I saw that my plate was already at the table so I sat down and ate. The table was quite.. Just like always. If my dad would be here, this table would actually have a real conversation, but no. He was always at his work.

"So, are you guys ready for school?", said my mom trying to make a convo. I nodded, Ty didn't. And there was the awkward silence again. If the world had a award show of how many families can eat without talking for a month, we would've won. Yes, I'm serious.

"Um.. we have to go now," I said getting my bagpack. "See you in the afternoon, mom!" I kissed her forhead and went to the door. "See y'all. Be careful on the street!" Mom said worried, as always. We nodded.

[At School]

CeCe's POV

I entered to school, looking for my best friend, Rocky Blue. She's the only one who I can tell everything without embarrasing myself, and she's even a good listener. I saw her putting down her dorky school books on her locker, so I decided to run to her and tell her an super amazing dream I had with Deuce. Ahh I love those big eyebrows, his dark eyes, his adorable smile, and the way he talks. Oh my gosh, I love absolutly everything about him. Wait, CeCe, no! You can't like him. Wait, yes. I-I like him.. I can't believe this, I gotta tell Rocky!

"ROCKY, ROCKY, ROCKY, ROCKY!" I said running down the hall to Rocky's locker. "WHAT!" she said annoyed. "Wow, the chick had a bad morning, huh?" I opened my locker. "CeCe, get to the point! I have to go to class" she said looking at me. "I had a dream..." I said nervous.

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