Author's Note:

Life Update & Questions.

Hey everybody! I got a notification this morning that there's still people reading this story omg! It's been 7 years since I first wrote it and looking back to it… reading those four chapters again today, I am so glad that my writing has improved along with my grammar. Holy crap, why wasn't I corrected? Hahahah anyways, here's what's been going on in my life since my last update, a few questions I have for those who still get notifications and are still reading/waiting on an update of this story and where can you find me writing other stories.

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's 2019, I really hope everyone's having an amazing first start of the year with many blessings. 3

Here's my life update. 7 years ago I was a complete fan of Shake It Up and all of these other shows. Was always a huge fan of Zendaya and I still am. :) Still waiting for the day I meet that wonderful human whom made the last bit of my childhood just… friggin' fantastic. I was 15, still early in my teen days and 2012 is one of my favorite years. Met such lovely people that I'm still friends with (Hey Karina! lol) and wrote this cool story + a lot more. Anyways, jumping through, I got into a very toxic and mentally abusing relationship hence forgetting about this story because I was busy with that bs, got the courage to end it, moved back to the US, rekindled with an childhood friend and now we have an almost 1 year old baby! Oof what a couple of years haha. What hasn't changed is that I'm still writing stories, just in another platform. One is a fanfiction & the others are originals.

Question: Would you like me to keep updating this story? If so, do you mind if I do it in Wattpad instead? That's where I'm at. If you're interested in reading my other stories, plus this one (if y'all would like), my username is cupcakemaree. I don't think I'll continue here, I legit had trouble trying to figure out how to put this in here in the first place :c

I'm officially old haha (jk i'm only 21). Anyways, it's pretty much easier for me to write stories on my phone since I have a very mobile child that won't even let me write this right now in the laptop gahhh hahaha

Anyways, please let me know as soon as you're done reading it that way I can get started over there (and don't be shy to say hi if you have Wattpad). I hope all of you have a great New Year.

Much love, Ash.

A.K.A iSupportRTD.