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Set in High School

-The Beach Boys-

Uchiha Sasuke was quite the handsome young male.

He was the most popular guy in school and the majority of the girls had at some point in time had a crush on him. But really, who could blame them? He was an Uchiha after all, and apparently all Uchihas were born with exceptionally good looks; bottomless onyx eyes, dark raven hair, perfect pale skin, and a smirk that could melt even the coldest of hearts.

And Sasuke was very aware of that.

At first, when he and his peers had hit the age where looks suddenly started to matter, he had been very annoyed at the fact that he was handsome. Girls had practically been throwing themselves at him ever since then, and turning someone's affections down had become a weekly occurrence. He had hated it, but most importantly, he had hated the fan girls and their foolish feelings he would never reciprocate. They didn't even like him because they liked him. No, they only liked him because he was handsome, exceptionally good in school, and the fact that the other girls liked him. It was like a chain effect.

However, as time had passed, and the girls had learned that boys other than Sasuke actually existed – boys who looked almost as cool and were much nicer, therefore much better dating material – he had come to accept and even appreciate his lean body, his deep voice, and, of course, the features that had made him every girl's wet dream.

Well, almost every girl's wet dream. Sasuke was quite sure that there were at least two girls in the entire school who had never considered him anything but a friend.

One was Hyuuga Hinata, a shy, polite girl who came from a wealthy family with great influence in politics. Naturally Sasuke couldn't be completely sure she had never seen him as more than a friend because she was so shy, but at least she had never confessed to him. And whenever she was close to someone she had just the tiniest crush on, she blushed - a lot. She never blushed in the vicinity of Sasuke.

The other girl who, had never seemed the least bit interested in him, was his best friend, Uzumaki Naruto. They were actually childhood friends and had known each other since… forever. In fact, he couldn't remember a time where Naruto wasn't in his life. Hell, they were even together on all the old pictures from when they were only infants. The reason for this could be found when one looked at Uzumaki Kushina and Uchiha Mikoto. The two women had been best friends since high school, and as such it was only natural that they wanted their children to be friends. It gave them a valid excuse for visiting each other all the time.

Because they were childhood friends, there had been a point in time where the blonde Uzumaki had been the only girl –aside from their mothers, of course – who had been allowed to touch Sasuke. Partly because he hated it when his fan girls desperately tried to cling to his arms, and partly because the notorious Sasuke fan club was being led by Naruto's cousin, Uzumaki Karin. The red-haired creep had been his biggest stalker ever, and somehow she had seen Naruto as a gateway to get close to Sasuke.

At least it had been like that when they were younger. Eventually Karin had snug into the men's locker room in the hopes of catching Sasuke off guard. Instead she had come face to face with a half-naked Houzuki Suigetsu, the president of the swimming club. They had hit it off right away, and the youngest Uchiha would forever hold the swimmer in high regards for taking Karin off his back.

After they had lost their leader, Sasuke's fan club had slowly dissolved and he rarely got any confessions nowadays. However, he was still the most popular guy in school, and he knew there were still a few girls out there whose hearts would beat a little faster every time he walked by. He didn't mind at all as long as they didn't bother him – it only served to boost his ego – and if he had to be completely, utterly honest, there was one girl whose heart he wished would beat a little faster every time he was near. The heart of one Uzumaki Naruto to be exact.

Yes, he knew falling for his best friend was very bad, but he just couldn't help it. It had also been completely unintentional; in fact, he hadn't even seen her as a female until the day he celebrated his 16th birthday at the beach.

The sun was bright and the weather hot as it usually was on Sasuke's birthday - one of the qualities of being born in July. As he always did, he had invited his family and friends to the beach for a day of fun and celebration, and when he said family, he also meant the Uzumaki family who was also present at any celebration the Uchiha family would host, and the other way around.

Minato, Fugaku, and uncle Obito were standing by the barbecue, caught up in a heated discussion about politics - or the latest football match, Sasuke wasn't sure. Mikoto and Kushina were lying on the beach tanning, giggling at their husbands while Itachi and cousin Shisui were off getting more refreshments which in their case meant beer.

In the meantime, Sasuke and his friends were having a beach volley tournament and his team had just beaten Suigetsu's. Next up was Naruto's team vs. Shikamaru's, and whoever won was to face Sasuke's in the final.

"How troublesome," Shikamaru stated as he got op from the comfortable position he had been in before, "can't we just give up and get it over with?"

"NO!" was the response he got from his team, and so, the lazy boy was forced to get into position.

"See you in the final, Sasuke," Naruto promised with a cheeky grin as she walked over him to stand in the position he had been in in the game that had just ended.

He arched a black eyebrow, a smirk on his face. "Oh? Do you think you can actually win against Shikamaru?"

"Pfft, that dude is going doooown." She flashed him her biggest grin and pushed him out of the field. "Now, go sit down and watch how real volley is played."

Still chuckling and fully knowing that Naruto's team would win this round, Sasuke plopped down on the towel his best friends had occupied just moments before. He watched with mild amusement as Shikamru reluctantly started the game by sending the ball over the net to Naruto who in turn sent it back to Sakura who, with a well-placed smash, sent it over the net and down in the sand, thus scoring the first point.

Sasuke clapped along with the rest of the spectators who were sitting off to the sides so they wouldn't accidentally get hit by the ball. He took a sip of a random can of soda someone had forgotten in the sand, afterwards leading back, one leg stretched out and the other slightly bent, his arms behind him to support his weight as he continued to follow the ball with his eyes.

"Such a nice birthday as always, Sasuke-kun," someone to his left said and plopped down beside him.

He wasn't surprised when he turned his head to look his new beach neighbor. "Let me guess, my mom invited you, as always, and you agreed, as always, so you could come here and ogle the girls on the beach, as always?"

Jiraiya grinned. After chuckling a bit, he answered, "you are almost correct. This time I was actually invited by your uncle Obito. Your lovely mom just agreed. And I am not here to ogle anyone; I am merely doing research for my next book."

Rolling his eyes, Sasuke turned his attention back to the game where Ino, who was on Shikamaru's team, had just scored. The infamous author of the smut series 'Icha Icha' had always been invited along with the Uzumaki family. Sasuke wasn't sure why, but if he had to guess, it was because he was practically part of the family, being Naruto's godfather and all. Usually, he would accept and use the birthday party as an excuse to "observe" the other people on the beach, namely the young women who would wear nothing but small, almost non-existent bikinis. However, this time Sasuke was very surprised to see that the author was actually paying attention to the game.

The young Uchiha narrowed his dark eyes, looking back and forward between Jiraiya and the girls playing beach volley. "You are not ogling my friends, are you?" he asked suspiciously, "because that's just too gross, even coming from a pervert like you."

Jiraiya chuckled with amusement. "No, no, don't worry, they are too young. I do have certain standards, you know. I am simply enjoying the game and cheering on my favorite goddaughter."

"Right…" Sasuke drawled sarcastically, clearly not believing him.

"Okay, you had me there," Jiraiya admitted, "I am actually watching the interactions between your friends. I find them very interesting. You see, I wasn't actually lying when I said I was here for research."

He arched an eyebrow, silently asking the older man to elaborate.

"Try looking at your friends," the author said and nodded in the direction of the birthday guests, "see how they communicate with each other, and tell me who likes who."

The young Uchiha blinked. "Well, it's quite obvious that Karin and Suigetsu are into each other since they are dating..."

"And if they weren't dating, the fact that they are sitting so close together would be a good indicator that there's chemistry between them," Jiraiya finished, "now, look at someone else, someone who is not dating, and tell me who they are attracted to."

Not exactly sure why he actually did it, Sasuke observed his friends closely, well-aware that Jiraiya was watching him. The first thing he noticed was that every time there was a break in the game or Ino had just scored, the blonde girl would look in the direction of Sai in the hopes of gaining his attention. Said boy would smile back with that weird smile of his before the game continued. Lee, who was actually not playing, but instead cheering loudly and youthfully from the sidelines, clearly had a thing for Sakura. Okay, Sasuke already knew that, hell, the entire school new that, as the captain of the soccer club had continued to pursue the pink-haired girl with declarations of love and eternal devotion since the first time he had laid his eyes upon her. Sakura had rejected him every time, but the boy would probably never give up. At least not until they graduated and Sakura moved as far away from him as possible to become a doctor.

He informed the older man of his observations and received a round of applause in return. "You are very insightful, Sasuke-kun. With a bit more practice you could become as good as me."

He'd rather not.

"Now," Jiraiya continued, "if you had looked a bit closer you could've clearly seen the tension between Neji-kun and Tenten-san. They are very good at hiding it, but the great Jiraiya-sama isn't fooled by anyone!"

Sasuke rolled his eyes, but had to agree with his friend's godfather. Now that he was actually looking, he could clearly see by Tenten's body language that she was interested in Neji. Of course, Neji, being who he was, was impossible to decipher, so he'd have to trust Jiraiya on that one.

"Do you get my point?" the author said, "by noticing how young people in love interact, I am able to make my work more believable and interesting. You young ones go through so much drama; it's perfect for my books."

He grunted in response, actually seeing what the older man was saying, but definitely not admitting it.

His beach neighbor chuckled as the young Uchiha turned his attention back to the game. Smirking, Jiraiya looked to the sides, making sure no one was within hearing range, before asking, "and what about you?"

Sasuke glanced at him out of the corners of his eyes. "What about me?"

"Is there anyone you are attracted to?"

A suppressed sigh, onyx eyes turning back to the game. "No."

An arched eyebrow. "None at all?"

"As I said, old man, I am not interested in anyone."

"Such a shame." A pause. "What about Naruto?"

A snort. "She's my friend."

Jiraiya grinned knowingly. "Oh yes, I'm sure Ino-chan and Sai-kun are just friends."

"That's different."

"Oh? How so?"

"First of all, Naruto and I are childhood friends. Just the thought that we would end up together is… crazy. Besides, shit like that only happens in romance novels, and despite what you may believe, this is the real world, not one of your books. Second, Naruto and I don't see each other as someone from the opposite gender as Ino and Sai do. Hell, I doubt Naruto is even aware there is a difference between boys and girls other than the length of hair and the different restrooms."

Jiraiya smirked. "Whether Naruto is aware of the difference or not, doesn't change the fact that she is female and you are male. Subconsciously and biologically, you know you don't have the same chromosomes. Now the question is when you will realize it."

Sasuke snorted. "I know we are not of the same gender, I am not completely oblivious."

"Something tells me you are if you aren't able to see how Naruto has grown into such a fine young woman. But try to look at her. Try to really look at her."

"Hmp, creep," the young Uchiha muttered, and yet – without having the faintest clue to why he did as the pervert had suggested – he let his gaze fall on his best friend who had just sent the ball over the net. Her long, blonde pigtails were flowing in the air due to the jump she just performed, and her rosy lips stretched into a huge grin when Chouji failed to hit the ball.

The game had ended.

Naruto's team had won. They had practically wiped the floor with their opponents.

Grinning all over, she high-fived her teammates and made sure to rub it in Shikamaru's face that her team were far superior. However, as usual, the lazy boy didn't care one inch and claimed he'd rather lose than have to play again so soon. His teammates whispered to each other that he had probably lost on purpose.

Naruto turned to Sasuke next. "Alright Uchiha, are you ready to get the beating of a lifetime?" she demanded, index finger pointing at him, the other hand resting on her hip.

He arched an eyebrow. "Oh? Naruto, you are aware that volley is not a contact sport, right?" A scornful smirk slowly crept over his lips as he continued, "but I guess this information might be new to a stupid idiot like you."

Easily baited as she was, she huffed, crossing her arms, eyebrow furrowing. "Just get up you lazy ass. Or do you want to forfeit beforehand?"

"You'd like that wouldn't you?" he retorted and slowly, ever so slowly - just to annoy her – got up from his seat, subconsciously stretching his muscles (Jiraiya grinned smugly and had already began to take notes) before he took his place on the field where his team was already waiting.

Sakura started with the ball and sent it flying over the net where Neji, who was on Sasuke's team, expectedly sent it on to Tenten who sent it back over the net to Naruto.

And so the game continued.

Meanwhile, Sasuke couldn't help but think about what Jiraiya had said. Not the attraction thing, but the thing about how Naruto had grown into a fine young woman. He had never really thought about it before. Naruto had always just been… Naruto - his best friend. Of course, unlike her, he was very aware that there was a difference between boys and girls. After all, he had experienced it first hand when all those annoying fan girls of his had decided they liked boys. But somehow… somehow Naruto had never really been a girl in his eyes. Perhaps because she had never been a fan girl, but then again, neither had Hinata, and Sasuke had always seen her as a girl. It had to be the demeanor then, he concluded. Hinata was always acting like a girl unlike Naruto who always spent her time playing or fighting with boys.

But she was still a girl, wasn't she?

No. Not a girl, she was a young woman.

In the old times, she could have been married by now. Of course, it was in the very old days, but it still made him feel terribly awkward just thinking about it.

Onyx eyes stared at the blonde girl while the body they belonged to was somehow running on auto-pilot. Yes, he hit the ball, yes, he sent it over the net and so on, but he wasn't really focusing on it. It was like he, for the first time, was actually looking at Naruto. Not his friend Naruto, but the female naruto.

Her striking blue eyes, whisker-like birthmarks, bright cheerful smile, and long yellow hair were quite familiar to him. What was below her face, he hadn't really thought about before. But now he did.

Although she wasn't as well-endowed in the chest department as Hinata was, she was definitely not flat-chested. In fact, now that he had acknowledged that she had… breasts, it was like he could not unsee, especially not now when Naruto was jumping around. Because every time she did that, her chest would bounce…

Anyway, her waist was thin and her stomach flat despite all the unhealthy ramen she always devoured and the fresh vegetables she seemed to avoid like the plague. He supposed it had something to do with her level of activeness. Teachers often scolded her for being unable to sit still in class, and she was always the last one to arrive and the first one to leave the classroom. The only reason she avoided detentions were probably because their English teacher was always late, and the rest of the staff respected her dad (feared her insane mom) too much to dare keep her after school. After school she would always fool around, pull pranks, and practice martial arts, whatever didn't revolve around sitting still for a long time. The high activity-level also ensured that her legs were long and slender, and her arms were muscled after the constant fights she took part in.

All in all, he supposed she was very good-looking, and he admitted to himself that if he hadn't known her all his life, he would definitely tap that. Which led to the realization that he should not be thinking those kinds of thoughts about his best friend.

Which led to the realization that he was a disgusting pig who should have known better than listen to Jiraiya.

Which led to the realization that the damn pervert had been absolutely right.

Which again led to the realization that he was utterly doomed.

Because now that Sasuke had realized his best friend was indeed a fine young woman, he could not unsee. The tomboy Naruto had become the female Naruto, and the young Uchiha male could never look at her the same way as before.

Too caught up in the epiphany he had just experienced, he did not see the ball headed right for his head. Of course, a volley ball wasn't as hard as a football, but it had been shot by Naruto, and his earlier descriptions of her muscled arms were definitely correct. The result was a trip to the sand and a nose streaming with blood.

He was surrounded by his friends before he even had time to comprehend what had happened.

"Oi bastard, are you okay?" Naruto asked, crouching down beside him, a slightly worried expression on her face. The amusement was still present though. Equal expressions could be found on the other's faces. Except on Sai who only seemed to be amused, and on Jiraiya who was rolling with laughter on the sideline.

"I'm fine," Sasuke replied, sitting up, a hand holding his bloody nose to prevent the sand from getting too red, "I was just a little distracted, didn't see the ball coming." He pretended not to notice how close Naruto was to him, and not certainly the fact that she was only wearing shorts and a bikini top.

She grinned. "You going blind on your old days?"

"I'm only a few months older than you, hag," he retorted.

"Leave it, you two," Sakura scolded as she, too, crouched down beside Sasuke to examine his nose.

It was weird, Sasuke thought, that he wasn't affected by Sakura at all even though she was wearing just as little as Naruto and was physically much closer to him at that moment. He had always known she was a girl – her being a former fan girl and all – but he had just never been interested. It was Naruto's bright blue eyes that sucked him in, not Sakura's green ones.

"It doesn't seem to be broken," the pink-haired girl concluded, "but I still think it's best if you take a break and stop the bleeding." She stood up again and addressed the others, "anyone wanna take Sasuke's place in the game?"

Sai volunteered, and Naruto helped Sasuke up from the sand as the others got back to their positions.

"Sorry about that," she said, giving him an apologetic smile, "I thought you'd get it. Forgive me?"

He smirked. "No."

"Meanie." She stuck her tongue out, crossing her arms sourly.

He suppressed the urge to… do something he'd surely regret. Instead he chuckled and shook his head at her antics. "There is nothing to forgive; I should have paid more attention to the game."

"Heh, you bastard, get some rest, will you?" She pulled him into a tight hug which he gingerly returned with the hand that wasn't preventing blood from running. All too aware of the fact that he was bare-chested and she only was wearing a bikini top, he tried not to let too many perverted thoughts run through his mind. He failed miserably.

After what felt like an eternity and yet at the same time only a microsecond, she let him go with a smile and returned to the other side of the net.

Remembering that he was supposed to rest, and after noticing that Sai was smiling at him with that weird smile of his, silently signaling that the birthday boy should get going, Sasuke left the field to find his previous spot.

"Looks like someone's had a change of heart," Jiraiya stated, his lips stretched into a knowing, triumphant smirk as the raven haired boy sat down beside him.

"Shut it!"

The meanest, most evil glare Sasuke could muster was directed at the pervert beside him, but it didn't shut him up. In fact, it only made the older man laugh to his heart's content. Because no matter how much Sasuke tried to, the pink that tinged his cheeks would not go away.

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