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-Mr. President-

His footsteps felt heavier than usual as he almost dragged himself to school that morning. His shoulder bag weighted a ton and the sun was almost blinding him with its bright rays of annoying light. In all honestly he just wanted to go home and hide under his bed, so he would not be forced into the confrontation that was to come in a few minutes when Naruto would tackle him and he would see her again.

Because since that day…

Ever since that dreadful, horrible - but at the same time - sunny day (literally) where he had realized Naruto was indeed a fine young woman, Sasuke had not been the same. Okay, of course he was still the same, but he didn't feel the same. And it was all that damned Jiraiya's fault!

Had the old pervert not implied such… such… crazy things as he had, Sasuke would still be living in obliviousness and been perfectly happy that way. Unlike many other boys he did not crave a girlfriend or the benefits such a person would give him. Not much anyway. If he really did, if he really was desperate, he could have almost every girl he wanted, but so far the youngest Uchiha had remained single. Of course, he didn't plan on being single for the rest of his life, but he would have been fine going through High School without a girlfriend. It gave him more time to focus on being the top of his year just like Itachi had been.

Thus this sudden… awareness of Naruto's gender was only a bother to him. Of course, he knew that from acknowledging she was a girl and to actually dating her was a looooong shot and definitely exaggerating things, but when her bright, cheerful smile would constantly pop into his head during the day, it was unsettling. Not her smile of course, he loved that, but the fact that he felt something was disturbing.

He hadn't even seen her since that sunny day, which made him worry about his reaction to seeing her again. He hated to admit it but he had been distancing himself from her, pretending to be occupied with homework and other school activities which he knew she loathed. Of course she had called him quite often and demanded that he stopped being such a twat and instead went out with her. He had chosen not to comment on the other, more couple-like meaning her words had. There was no way she would ever think those thoughts. And previously, he wouldn't have thought them either. Stupid Jiraiya.

He couldn't deny he loved it when she called though, which she would do almost daily, and he certainly couldn't deny that he missed her. However, just the thought that he was going to see her made him feel uncomfortable and unsure of himself. Because how would he act around her? Would he still be able to be his usual, sometimes cold self, or would he turn into a babbling fool who couldn't even look her in the eyes without pink staining his cheeks? He shook his head at his own foolishness. Of course he would never become like that. He was an Uchiha after all.

He got no time to speculate further on things as the distinctive sound of running footsteps echoed in the street behind him. However Sasuke did not stop. He just continued at his normal pace, fully expecting the loud, familiar voice that shouted, "SASUKE!" before he was being tackled by a blonde female who latched herself on to her back with an incredible force only fueled by the speed she had had.

"Hello to you too, Naruto," he said with a wry smile as he let himself be spun around to be embraced in a tight, almost desperate hug.

"I've missed you," his best friend said, her voice slightly muffled due to her face being buried in his shoulder.

"I missed you too," he told her sincerely.

"No you didn't," she stated as she lifted her head and glared at him; Sasuke was almost tacked aback by the sheer force behind it. At the same time though, he was relieved because he wasn't sure what his reaction would be if she had smiled. "If you really did miss me, you would have taken some time out of your busy, stupid homework schedule and spent some time with me, bastard." She released him.

"Sorry…" And he was sorry. He hadn't thought she would be this affected by his absence. "But you know how important it is for me to stay at the top."

"You and your stupid second son complex," she grumbled irritated, but her lips stretched into a small smile nonetheless, "just don't pull a stunt like that again, okay? I miss you too much when I don't see you."

"Overly attached, aren't we?" he remarked, a black eyebrow arched in tease.

She punched him. Not hard. At least not as hard as he knew she was able to. "Well excuse me for being an only child. My parents are always busy so I feel terribly alone when you, too, don't have time for me."

"How about your other friends?"

"I'd rather hang out with you," she told him flatly, causing a satisfied smirk to break out on his face. She grinned at his smugness. "You're my best bud after all. So don't avoid me again, okay?"

He felt a pang of guilt in his chest. Of course Naruto didn't actually accuse him of having avoided her. She honestly believed his terrible story about homework and business, but the truth was that he had avoided her, so her words stung painfully true.

He felt like a fool now; he shouldn't have avoided her. So what if he was aware of her gender? That didn't mean he could act like a complete asshole towards his best friend. And so far he hadn't even reacted any different than his usual self. Not counting his increased heartbeat of course. Mentally, he applauded himself on a job well done, but at the same time he felt the sting of regret. He had wasted precious time with worrying about nothing, time he could have spent with her.

"I promise," he said, and he really did mean it. He'd just have to swallow his own awkwardness whenever it surfaced.

Dark, onyx eyes looked into sky blue ones, both pairs narrowed slightly in determination as the bodies they belonged to circled each other, intently searching for an opening in the other's defense.

A smirk "Do you really think you can beat me?"

A snort. "Of course I can, bastard. Just because you are a boy doesn't make you stronger than me."

He found it quite taunting; the way she casually pointed out that they weren't of the same gender. She didn't even know what she was saying, nor the effect her words had on him. Of course, her words shouldn't have an effect on him, but that was what they had nonetheless.

"Even if you were a boy, I would still beat you, Naruto." He made sure to reply the same way he always would.

His muscles tensed right before Naruto lunged at him, his right arm going up to block the fist she directed at his chest. He responded in kind, aiming a kick for her abdomen. She blocked before she attacked again. He retaliated.

Like a vicious dance they exchanged blows in a pace faster than most other members of the Martial Arts club could follow. There was no doubt that Sasuke and Naruto were the top fighters in the club, which was also why Tenten had paired them up; no one else stood a chance. Except Neji, but he had already fought against Tenten earlier.

Naruto's expression mirrored his own; she was just as eager to win as he was, and he loved it. It wouldn't be fun if she gave him the victory as some of his fan girls had done back in the day. No, when he was fighting Naruto, he didn't need to hold back, even if she was a girl. Because he knew that the moment he relaxed just a tiny bit, would be the moment he lost.

Sasuke licked his lips in anticipation. He loved fighting. He loved the freedom it gave him and the way it allowed him to let out all of his frustrations. And when he was faced against a strong opponent like the one he was facing right now, it was even better. It was a challenge. It was thrilling. It also excited him because he was facing Naruto who was most obviously a girl. His pride dictated that he won, but his male instincts also wanted to dominate her, wanted to show her that he was capable of protecting her against any kind of danger. Naturally he wasn't aware of this, but his subconsciousness was, and right now it was screaming at him to take control of the battle.

So he did.

He forced more strength out in his muscles, forced himself to concentrate on the fight, and on predicting Naruto's next moves. He increased the pace. Naruto did so too. However, she couldn't quite keep up with him. It became harder for her to block, harder for her to break through his defenses and hit him. Sasuke was winning.

Pouring all of his strength into one final punch to the midriff, he forced the air out of her lungs and sent her down to the floor. She stayed down.

"Alright." Tenten clapped her hands, signaling the end of the fight. "Well fought, Naruto."

"Che, I lost," the blonde said, panting heavily as she was lying on the floor, her arms and legs spread out to the sides in defeat, her usually bright blue eyes glazed over with fatigue.

"Don't be sad, idiot," Sasuke said, his face smug as he offered a hand to help her up from the floor, "had you faced everyone else but me, you would probably have won."

She scowled as she let him help her up, but he knew she wasn't angry at all, only determined to beat him in their next fight.

"Sasuke is right, Naruto," Tenten assured her, "you are most definitely the strongest girl I know."

"But I don't want to be the strongest girl, I want to be the strongest in total!" the blonde whined.

"Then you better train harder," Sasuke remarked, silently enjoying the way her chest was going up and down when she panted.

"Believe me, I will!"

"Okay, everyone!" Tenten said loudly so everyone in the room could hear, "training is over for today. Get dressed and go home and get some rest. I expect you to be fit for fight next time we meet!"

"See you outside, bastard," Naruto promised as she left with Tenten and the rest of the few females who were also members of the Martial Arts club.

He stood under the shower, the water colder than usual. It wasn't ice cold, but still below what would be considered normal.

He cursed inwardly.

During the day he had discovered that he was perfectly able to act his usual bastard self around Naruto without feeling too awkward on the inside. However, the fight had been completely different. Yes, he did still respond to her antics like he always did, but he felt very, very differently. The fight had been thrilling in a whole new way and he had discovered deeply buried primal instincts which came to the surface when he clashed with Naruto. It was frightening in a way, but also extremely exciting.

It was bad news nonetheless.

The excitement.

It was worse than knowing she was a girl. He had felt weird at his birthday, and now, when he had also felt himself react to her gender, it was probably only going to get worse, get more awkward.

He was interrupted in his thoughts when Neji apparently decided the Uchiha had spent long enough time in the shower and asked him when he'd come out because there was something he wanted to discuss with him.

"I'll be there in a minute," Sasuke answered and quickly turned off the water before he reached for his towel to dry himself with. Afterwards, he excited the shower stalls and went over to his belongings where he began dressing. Neji was standing beside him, already fully dressed in his school uniform and ready to leave. Sasuke had apparently been in the shower for much longer than he had thought since all the other boys had already left. He briefly wondered what it was his senpai wanted to talk to him about for him to wait. However, he didn't voice his question before he was dressed in both underwear and pants.

"It's about the upcoming election for the student council," Neji answered, "I'm planning on running for president."

The Uchiha nodded, putting on his socks. "I think you would be a good president. But what does that have to do with me?"

"I want both you and Naruto-san in the student council with me." The older boy looked expectantly at his kouhai, his arms crossed as he awaited an answer.

Sasuke arched and eyebrow in shocked surprise. He even halted in putting on his other sock. "But we are only freshmen," he objected.

"There are no rules prohibiting freshmen from running for the student council," Neji stated, "granted, it has happened only few times, but I do not doubt that you two would get in. Especially Naruto, as she would score a lot of votes for being the daughter of our mayor."

"I suppose you are right," Sasuke said, standing up again to put on his shirt, "but I think that she would get most of her votes because she is Naruto, not the daughter of Minato. Even if the fool doesn't realize it herself, she is quite popular."

"And she wants to pursue a career in politics, right?" Neji inquired, "beginning in the student council would be a great start."

The young Uchiha nodded as he finished buttoning his shirt. "A great start indeed, but what about me? It's not like I intend to involve myself in politics and intrigue."

"I want someone I can work with and trust," the older student said matter-of-factly, "the both of you fit right into that category."

"I take that as a compliment." Sasuke smirked as he put on the jacket of his school uniform. "And if you really think I should run for a position then I will. I'm sure my father will approve too."

"Excellent." Neji looked very pleased.

"Have you talked to Naruto about this?" The kouhai hoisted the back over his shoulder, signaling to his senpai that he was ready to go.

"No. I thought it would be better if you were the one to ask her."

"Why? Her response will most likely be sometime like: 'Alright! let's do this shit!'" He fist pumped in a very Naruto-like manner.

A chuckle escaped the usually stoic Neji. "Perfect imitation, I must say."

"One learns a thing or two when being around her for so long," Sasuke remarked, a wry smile on his lips, "anyhow, I'll ask her for you. We're going to hang out together today anyway. Might as well ask her then."

The aspiring president of the student council smiled. "I'm counting on you."

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