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Chapter Two

The big showcase was now only three days away and Trina hasn't gotten any better. Julie, Mai and I had finished practicing and we're now relaxing until the day we have to present our mid-year projects. Jade and Cat reassured us that we were amazing. Now all we were doing was listening to André and Trina rehearsing. We had asked Beck and Robbie how their practicing went and Beck to us honestly that it hadn't gotten any better. Robbie had asked me where Jade, Cat and I went to and I told them that we went to Mai's house for a project that Mai, Julie and I had to get done. Robbie was about to ask us what class it was for, but Jade told him that it was none of his business. With that he dropped the topic.

It was the day of the big showcase and our music teacher had told us yesterday that she was going to postpone the presentations of the mid-year projects for tomorrow. The students had asked her why and she said that she wasn't going to be there because she was going to watch her daughter at the big showcase. Mai and I knew that, but we didn't know that her daughter was in Hollywood Arts. We all nodded our heads. Now Mai, Julie and I were sitting with my parents in the audience watching the current performance. When we heard this awful noise we began looking around. Soon a male with a small afro came up to my parents.

"Are you Trina's parents?"

"Yes." My mom said.

"Why?" asked dad.

"Follow me." The male said. "I'm Mr. Lane, the counselor."

We got up and followed him. When we arrived backstage we saw a group of people huddled around Trina. When we broke through we saw what looks like to be a nurse tending to Trina whose tongue is huge. My parents ran to her and began asking what happened. All they knew was that Trina's tongue was huge. Then I remembered about the website with the Chinese herb gurgle that Trina found. I told them about it and the nurse said that Trina must have had an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients. Mr. Lane had asked the nurse if Trina would be able to perform and she told him no. Trina began to protest, but stopped when the nurse lady told her that her tongue could burst if she continued talking. Then the lady took her off to the side saying that she was going to massage her tongue and my parents followed.

"Looks like my grandma came here for nothing." André said and I felt bad for him.

"Does anyone else know Trina's parts?" Mr. Lane asked.

"Her sister, her cousin and her sister's friend does." André stated.

Mai, Julie and I stared at him and then began protesting. He pulled us off to the side and tried to convince us. when that didn't work he said that we said that we'll do it. We tried escaping, but they got us and took us behind this screen to change our clothes. Along the way I told them that my dad's a cop, but that didn't stop them. When we were ready they led us to the stage. We were close to getting away, but they pushed us onto the stage. We stopped and looked at the audience. We gulped and looked at André. He nodded his head and we looked ahead again. Soon André began playing and then I found myself singing.

"Here I am

Once again

Feeling lost but now and then

I breathe it in

To let it go"

I had motioned to André for the music to go faster and he nodded his head and told the other players. Now Mai and Julie joined in the singing and we began some of the dance moves.

"And you don't know

Where you are now

What it would come to

If only somebody could hear

When you figure out how

You're lost in the moment you disappear. . ."

Soon we began to dance to the song as we sang.

"You don't have to be afraid

To put your dreams in action

You're never gonna fade

You'll be the main attraction

Not a fantasy

Just remember me

When it turns out right

Cause you know that if you live in

Your imagination

Tomorrow you'll

Be everybody's fascination

In my victory

Just remember me

When I make it shine!"

I sang and then the music solo began. Mai, Julie and I began dancing while André did his thing. As soon as we heard the solo begin to die down we began to sing once again.

"You don't have to be afraid

To put your dreams in action

You're never gonna fade

You'll be the main attraction

Not a fantasy

Just remember me

When it turns out right

Cause you know that if you live in

Your imagination

Tomorrow you'll

Be everybody's fascination

In my victory

Just remember me

When I make it shine!"

When we sang the last note we got a standing ovation. Mai, Julie and I squealed. We hugged the dancers and then we hugged André ad the curtains closed. People congratulated us and my parents told us that we were amazing. Mr. Lane even asked me if I was Trina's sister and Trina took and offence to it. We smiled and everyone began complimenting us again. They soon stopped when this guy came. He was tall, looked somewhat well built with black hair with a few white strands and glasses.

"Who're you?" he asked.

"Tori Vega and this is my cousin Mai and my best friend Julie. Who're you?"

"This is Mr. Eikner, our principal." Mr. Lane said.

"Do you girls go here?" Mr. Eikner asked.

"No." we said.

"Do you want to go here?"

I looked at Mai and Julie and they shook their heads slightly. "No thanks." I said.

Everyone began whining—asking why we didn't want to come; they shut up when the principal spoke again.

"How come?" he asked.

"Because," Mai began.

"We're not as talented," Julie continued.

"And the students here are crazy talented." I finished.

They all groaned and began chatting again. Soon the curtains opened again and we all stopped and faced the audience. Then André stepped out.

"Hi André!" his grandmother said.

"Hey!" André said to the audience. "These three girls think that they're not good enough. What do you guys think?"

They all cheered. André looked at us and asked us if we'll join now. I looked at the girls and they shook their heads again. I turned around and faced him again. Then I spoke to Principal Eikner.

"Can we think about it?" I asked him.

"Sure thing. Get back to me when you have a response."

"Will do."

With that the curtains closed again and the girls and I went to change. As we changed we talked about what we felt. We each felt the same thing. The adrenaline rushing, the butterflies, the excitement of being on stage. We looked at each other and agreed that we'll think about it. When we stepped out, we were bombarded by André asking us why we didn't say yes. We told him that we're still insecure and that we're just not sure yet. But that we'll think about it. He nodded his head and told us that we fit in and belong here.

When we stepped out of the school and headed to my parents car, we were stopped by our music teacher. She said that we were amazing. We smiled and thanked her. She told us that she can't wait for our performance tomorrow. On the way home, we were all silent. Once we dropped off Julie and Mai and arrived home, I went to my room. O closed the door, changed and laid down on my bed. I began thinking if I should go to Hollywood Arts or not.

The next day I got up, did my morning routine and went downstairs to eat breakfast. Mom asked me if I thought about it. I told her yes, but that I need more time. She nodded her head and gave me my breakfast. When I finished I got my things and headed towards the door and to my ride. While I rode with Julie and Mai, I got an idea on how we can be sure if we're good enough for Hollywood Arts. I told Mai and Julie about it and they agreed.

When we arrived to school I told Mai and Julie to go and get our music teacher while I go and talk to the principal. They nodded their heads and we went our separate ways. When I arrived to the principal's office I saw the principal arriving.

"Principal Smith," I said.

He stopped and looked at me. "Yes? What is it Ms. Vega?"

"Do you think you can make an announcement for everyone to go to the auditorium period eleven?"


By now we were in his office. "Yesterday I went to Hollywood Arts for the big showcase because my sister was in it. Unfortunately something happened and Mai, Julie and I had to step in and replace her. We performed and their principal wants us to go to Hollywood Arts. We said no because we're not good enough at first, but then we told him that we'll think about. So I was wondering that the students in my music class could perform our mid-year music projects. Mai, Julie and I will too and then we can ask the students if they think we're good enough for Hollywood Arts. We just need a little more convincing."

"Well then, go ahead." He said. "I'll make the announcement."

"Thank you." Said Mai as she, Julie and Mrs. Ramirez, our music teacher, stepped in.

"You're welcome."

With that we walked out of his office. Right then the warning bell rang and we all went to class. As Mai, Julie and I headed to homeroom, I took out my phone. Mai asked what I was doing and I told her that I was going to text Jade to come here with Cat during period eleven.

Hey Jade, can I ask you for a favor?

Hey Tor; what do you need?

Can you and Cat come here during period eleven?

Sure. Why?

I want you guys to be here when Mai, Julie and I perform. I'm pretty sure André told you guys about our decision after we performed for Trina during the bug showcase.

Yeah he did. And we'll be there. I'll just make sure that André, Beck and Robbie don't find out.

Kay. Thanks.

No problem.

With that I put my phone away and told the girls. They nodded their heads and we faced forward when the principal came on with the announcements and then said that period eleven music class will report directly to the auditorium and that everyone else will have to wait for an announcement by him when they can all go to the auditorium. The students began to ask amongst themselves why until Principal Smith announced that my music class is dong a performance. When the announcements were over the bell rang and we all headed to first period. When we arrived, Mai, Julie and I were bombarded by our friends asking us what we're going to be doing.

While we changed, I explained everything to them. They looked at us with mouths wide open.

"Why didn't you say 'yes' right away?" they asked.

"Because we aren't good enough." I said. "You guys didn't go there for 'Family Day.' All the students there are crazy talented that you have no idea."

They scoffed and rolled their eyes. Once we got the okay from the gym teachers we headed out. We went to our spots and sat down. Once the teachers came out, took attendance and we stretched we headed out to the soccer field. We split up into our teams from months ago and we began playing flag football. As we played someone from administration went to the teachers. One of the gym teachers blew the whistle and we all stopped.

"Mai Vega, Julienette Rose-Marie and Tori Vega; administration needs you!"

We heard a lot of 'oh's from the students as we walked towards them. We gave the gym teachers our flags and followed administration. They led us to the girl's locker room and unlocked the door for us; we went in and went to change. When we walked out we followed them to the main office. There I made out the figures of Principal Smith talking to Principal Eikner, along with Jade, Cat, Mali, Beck, André, Robbie, this guy with dirty blonde hair, a brunette guy and a guy with black hair. I looked at the girls and they stared at me in confusion. I shrugged my shoulders as we headed inside.

"Good they're here." Principal Smith said. "Girls Principal Eikner wants to see how our school runs. Would you show them around and take them to your classes?"

"Sure thing." Mai said.

As we headed out of the main office, I shot Jade a questioning look. She mouthed that she'll explain later. Once we were out of hearing range from the main office I stopped and faced Jade. She looked at me with a blank stare.

"So. . ." I said expectantly.

"So I went to Principal Eikner to ask for permission for me and Cat to leave to come here period eleven. He asked why and we told him. Then he called down these guys, since he knows that we hang out, and told them that we'll be coming here. They don't know about it yet." She said.

I sighed. "What's done is done."

"My brother once tried to hide a pet snake, but my parents found out about it after the snake went into their room and into their bed." She said giggling.

I just looked at her and shook my head. Jade told Mai and Julie to ignore Cat when she begins a sentence with 'My brother once.' They nodded their heads and we headed back to gym class. We went outside and to the soccer field. The teachers asked why they wanted us and we told them. They handed us the flags and we placed them around our waist.

"What are you girls doing?" Mali asked.

"Going to go play flag football with our class."

"In your regular clothes?"

"Yep. We won't get dirty. Hopefully. Its not tackle football."

With that Mai, Julie and I went to play. So far we've taken down half of the other team, but they're still ahead. Mai and Julie have been trying to get the anchor's flag, but couldn't. by the time the teachers blew the whistle, no one had won. The gym teachers told us that we'll be continuing the game on Friday. As we headed inside I went to the gym teachers and told then that we may not be here on Friday.

They nodded their heads in understanding and I figured that maybe, just maybe, Ms. Ramirez had been talking about our performance. The rest of the classes had been uneventful. When the bell for eleventh period rang, Mai, Julie and I went to the auditorium. When we arrived Ms. Ramirez told us to go to the back and begin getting ready. Then she asked who our guests were. I told her and she smiled at them she told them to sit in the front so they could have a better view. When the bell rang for class to start Principal Smith came on and made an announcement for everyone to head to the auditorium. From behind the curtains I could see everyone come in. I became nervous and looked at Mai and Julie. Mai looked at Julie and nodded her head. Mai went out the curtain and headed towards Jade.

"Jade," she said.

"What is it Mai?" Jade asked confused.

"We need you and Cat in the back." When she saw that Jade was still confused she continued. "Tori is nervous, scared and frozen in place."

With that Jade and Cat got up; they followed Mai and came behind the curtains. They came towards me and saw that what Mai said was true. Jade tried talking to me, but I just babbled negative things. Then Cat came up with a good idea. She asked me if it would be okay if she and Jade performed with us. I said it would be fine, but they don't know the moves. They told us to show them and that they would memorize them. Since we were going to be the last ones to perform we showed them the steps. By the time it was our turn to perform Jade and Cat had learned all the moves. We stepped out onto the stage and I gulped. Jade looked at me reassuringly. I nodded my head, fixed my headset a little bit made a move with my hand. The song began and Mai, Julie and I began to sing and we danced to it.

We heard many cheers. When the song finished Ms. Ramirez came on and thanked us for our performance. Everyone was about to get up and leave, but she stopped them. She called Mai, Julie and me out again and told them that we have a question for everyone. She handed me the mic and I spoke up.

"Now I know that you guys are confused, but I—we need you to be honest opinions." I said. "Mai, Julie and I performed during the big show case yesterday. The people there think that we're good enough to be in Hollywood Arts. We think so too, kinda. But we want to know what you guys think." They all started cheering. I looked at Mai and Julie and we smiled. We made up our minds. "Looks like today will be our last day in Sherwood. Wish us luck."

With that we went backstage. Jade and Cat came to us and asked if we're really going to Hollywood Arts. We nodded our heads and they engulfed us into hugs. Then we heard our names being called. We turned around and saw Principal Eikner and the others come our way.

"So girls," Principal Eikner said, "did you decide to go to Hollywood Arts?"

"Yes." We said.

He cheered and André picked us up, one-by-one, and twirled us around.

"But, I have a question." I said.

"What is it?" Mali asked.

"Who are those guys?" I said pointing to the dirty blonde, brunette and black haired guy.

"The dirty blonde is Kyle Samuels, the brunette is Roy Roberts and the black haired guy is Aiden Matthews." André said.

"Okay." I said.

Then the bell ending school rang. Mr. Eikner said that he's going to talk to Principal Smith about transferring the papers he needs. He told André and the others tat they could hang out until it was time to go. They nodded their heads. Then I remembered that I have to go and talk to my soccer coach. I began walking away until I heard someone call me. I turned around and saw that it was Mai. She asked me where I was going. I told them that I need to go talk to my soccer coach. They nodded their heads and said that they were going with me. I nodded my head and began walking. I went to the locker rooms and changed to my uniform. When I came out I gave my things to Mai. I led them to the field and when we arrived I saw that they were stretching.

"Mrs. Jones," I said.

"Yes?" she said turning around. "Oh Tori; what do you need?"

"Well I'm here for one last practice before quitting."

"So you decided to go to Hollywood Arts?" I nodded my head. "I see well Tori, we're going to miss you. You're one of our best players captain, but before you leave you need to choose the next captain. One who is the next best player."

I nodded my head. "What about the uniform?"

"Keep it. Now stretch and join the others in the field."

I stretched real quickly and went to the field. Mrs. Jones told the girls and they all looked sad. I gave them a small speech and then we split up into teams. Once we began playing I knew that they all became serious. I smiled to myself. When we finished, I had made my choice on who will take my place as captain. Mrs. Jones asked me and I told her that I want to announce it. She nodded her head and blew the whistle. They quieted down and waited.

"Well," she began, "since Tori will be leaving us she decided on who will be the next captain. So give her your attention and respect her decision, Tori."

"Thanks coach." I said. "Well for the past year and a half I had a great time being with you guys, but as you can see I'm transferring to Hollywood Arts. I wish you all the best of luck. And now for your new captain," I said, "Brittney come and take your place as the next captain."

Everyone clapped and Brittney came forward. I smiled and gave her a hug. The other players came up, hugged her and welcomed her as their new captain. Then they each made a single file line and each and every one of them gave me a hug, wishing me the best of luck. I smiled at them and blinked my eye, trying to stop the tears from falling, but a few escaped my eyes. They 'aw'ed and group hugged me. When they broke away I saw that some were tearing up and others had tears cascading down their faces. Then my phone tang, ruining the moment; I laughed and went towards Mai. She handed me my phone. I answered it and heard Trina yelling.

"Trina!" I said. "What's wrong?"

"Someone's in the house and I'm alone. I heard the guy say 'Tori, I'm here for you' and footsteps." She said frantically. "I think it's him."

"Chizz." I said. "I'm on my way."


With that I hung up. I looked at Mai and told her that we need to go now. She nodded her head; I said goodbye to my old team. When we arrived to the parking lot, I saw a bus that said 'Hollywood Arts' on it. Then Mr. Eikner came out. He said that we could use the bus. I asked him if they could follow us to my house. He agreed, but then asked why. I told him that I need to get to my house quickly. He nodded his head and they got in as Mai, Julie and I jumped into Julie's car. I told Julie to drive quickly and she asked why. I told her and she picked up the speed. I told Mai to call my dad ad to get the police to the house. She nodded her head and I began to look into the compartment area to see if Julie still has her tazer with her.

She has a good reason for it and so do Mai and I. long story short, we had to many 'fans', guys, who followed us and didn't understand what personal space is. When we arrived I saw the front door to the house open. I gave Julie her tazer and told Mai to take hers out. She did and I grabbed mine. I told them to wait while I went to the bus to tell them not to come out. When I entered the bus I told them not to come out until Julie, Mai or I told them they could. They asked why and I explained to them briefly why. They began to protest, but I walked out. I gave their driver specific orders not to open the door no matter what. When he gave me the okay, I walked to Julie and Mai. We nodded our heads and walked into the house. When we entered I saw that everything was a mess. I nodded my head towards the stairs and we walked up. I saw my bedroom door open and went that way. I peeked inside and saw our 'guest' looking through my drawers. I shuddered and entered. We walked up behind him. That's when he turned around abruptly. We screamed and he came our way. Somehow we managed to taze him and he fell to the floor. I told them to watch him while I find Trina. They nodded their heads and I left the room.

"Trina!" I yelled. "Katrina Rose Vega! Come out! Stalker's unconscious!"

With that Trina came out of the coat closet. She looked at me and hugged me. She began crying hysterically, mumbling about she saw her life flash before her eyes and how she wouldn't be able to do the things she wanted. Then my dad and the police came in. my dad came to us and asked if we're okay. I nodded my head.

"Where's the guy?" he asked.

"In my room." I said shuddering. "Mai and Julie are watching him. He's unconscious."

He nodded his head and led the police to my room. I got up, helped Trina up and went outside the house. By now Trina had clamed down and was threatening my stalker under her breath. When we arrived outside a woman police officer came up to Trina and began questioning her. I went to the bus and went in. I told them that they could come out. They followed me as I walked back to Trina. When I arrived the police officer lady asked me what I saw. I told her and she wrote it down. Then my dad came out with my conscious stalker. They guy looked at me and smiled.

"You'll be mine Victoria Mari Vega; you'll be mine one day."

I went to Mai, grabbed my tazer, charged it up and tazed him. His body shook and then it went limp. I looked at the others.

"What?" I said. "He was creeping me out. I have every right to taze him; especially since he was in my room going through my drawers."

With that the cops took him away. My dad asked me if I was okay. I told him that I was fine; that it was going to take me a couple of days to be able to forget about this mess. He nodded his head and went inside. I looked at Jade and Cat and asked them if they could sleep over. They nodded their heads and called their parents. When they finished they told me that they're going to go their clothes and that they would be back. I nodded my head and went in the house with Trina, Julie, Mai, André, Robbie, Kyle, Roy, Aiden and Beck behind me. I asked them if they could help clean up. They said sure and we began.

Principal Eikner said that he had to get back to school. Since Jade, André and Beck drove to school they decided to head back to school and get their cars. Cat went because Jade is driving her home to get their clothes. When André and Beck came back they began helping. Soon everything in the kitchen and living room were picked up and in their place. When Jade and Cat came back I asked them if they could help me, Mai and Julie clean up my room. They said fine and we headed to my room. When we got there I froze at the doorway. Jade ad Cat looked at me worried while Julie and Mai started to clean up. When they turned around and saw that I was frozen, they told Jade and Cat to take me to the living room, to make sure I sit down and to come back up here. They nodded their heads and took me downstairs. When we got to the living room the guys asked what's wrong.

"We don't know." Cat said.

"We got there and she just froze up" Jade said.

Then I started shaking uncontrollably. Jade and Cat quickly sat me down, but I still shook. They looked at each other with worried expressions. Then Beck came up to me and tried to calm me down. He hugged me as I shook. Jade and Cat went up the stairs. Few seconds later my parents and Trina came downstairs with Jade and Cat explaining this to them. Then Cat and Jade went back upstairs.

"What's wrong with her?" André asked.

"She went into shock." My dad said.

"It's happened before." Mom added.

She went to the cupboard and pulled something out.

"What's that?" asked Kyle.

"It's a watch that tells us how fast her heart rate is." She said. "Beck, be a dear, and put this on her while I call Dr. Collins."

With that Beck took the watch and placed it on me. My mom grabbed the house phone and called Doctor Collins. Few minutes later the doorbell rang. My dad opened the door and in stepped Dr. Collins. He's one of those blonde hair blue eyed doctors that are unattainable. For a doctor, he's the youngest with him being twenty two and all. Dr. Collins came in and questioned my mother on what happened. She told him everything she knows and he came my way. He looked at Beck with a cold stare and Beck looked back with a blank look.

"Can you please move?" Dr. Collins asked. Beck let go and moved, but I grabbed his hand. "I see she's attached to you."

"We're friends." Beck said.

Dr. Collins came behind me and began to massage my shoulders. I calmed down and stopped shaking. When I came to I saw everyone around me. I looked at everyone and they all had looks of relief on their faces. Then I felt tears roll down my cheeks. Beck wiped them away looking worried.

"Yo Doc!" Jade exclaimed. "I thought you said she'll be fine?"

"She is." He explained. "It's just a delayed reaction. Mentally she's fine. Physically she's excellent. Emotionally she's okay, but her emotions are betraying her."

"Huh?" they said.

"She's okay, but she's still freaked out." Cat said explaining to them in lames terms what Dr. Collins said.

"Did she just say something that makes sense?" André asked.

"Yes I did." Cat giggled playing with her hair.

I looked around until I saw Beck. He looked at me and saw exactly how freaked out I was. He came next to me, never letting go of my hand and hugged me again. I buried my face in his chest and let the tears flow. When I finally calmed down, for good this time, we had dinner. When dinner was over, Beck, André, and Robbie stayed for a little while longer while Mai, Julie, Mali, Kyle, Roy and Aiden went home. Once Beck, André and Robbie left Jade and Cat took me to my room. I began to protest, but Jade said that the only way I could get through this is by facing it. I nodded my head and we headed towards my room. When we were in front of my bedroom door we just stood there. I looked at my door until I was pushed forward by Cat and Jade. I looked at them and they smiled encouragingly. I opened the door and held my breath. When I saw that everything was back in its place in my room I took a deep breath. I smiled slightly and went to sit on my bed.

After Jade, Cat and I talked for a little bit we began getting ready for bed. Once my head hit my pillow, I forgot about everything that had just happened with my stalker and looked forward to my first day of Hollywood Arts. Wondering what would happen. What classes I would get and how the teachers were. Jade had told me that a teacher named Sikowitz could be crazy and I was looking forward to it.

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