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After years spent with the same man, flirting wasn't exactly my forte. He was humoring me to see how this was going to play out, or he simply didn't want to spend the night alone. Either way worked for me. I knew what I wanted, and since I'd made it through the cab ride and to his hotel, all I had to do was go for it.

We rode to his floor in silence and as he slipped his keycard into the lock outside of his room, all I could think of was how obvious it was I'd never done anything like this before. Otherwise I'd have thrown myself at him in the elevator—we'd been the only two in there, after all—and gone to town.

I nearly burst into laughter at the image. If I'd ever tried to do that to Cole, he would have been mortified! He'd have gently pushed me away and told me that it could 'wait until tonight.' In fact, he had done that a few times when I just hadn't wanted to wait. Something told me this Dimitri would have gladly gone with it.

"Do you want something to drink?" he asked me for the second time that night as he motioned for me to precede him inside of his room. He closed the door behind me, then strode to the small bar and began to pour some amber liquid into a glass, waiting for my answer.

"Roza?" he asked after a moment without turning around. There was a clinking noise as he put the stopper back on the crystal decanter.

I chewed my lower lip—with both nervousness and anticipation—and waited for him to turn around. Not that I wasn't enjoying the view; the way his jeans molded to his ass was a sight to behold. When he finally turned to face me, glass in hand, I threw myself at him. Not in the hitting on him, batting my eyelashes sort of way…I hurled my body against his.

There was a dull thud as the glass landed on the carpet, but I paid it no attention as Dimitri's hands lifted to cup my cheeks, his head dipping down to mine. He stopped when there was less than an inch separating our mouths; I could feel his warm breath on my lips as he exhaled slowly. His tongue darted out to move back and forth over my lower lip, and my eyelids fluttered closed. I sighed as his tongue became more insistent, more demanding in its pursuit for mine.

My lips parted and I couldn't resist sucking his tongue inside. The sound of his groan was like an invitation; my body melted into his.

I'd never been in control of my kisses with Cole; he'd always insisted on taking the lead. I'd never fought him, because like everything else, his kisses had been…satisfactory. I hadn't realized how exhilarating it could be to be the one commanding a kiss.

I thrust my tongue forth and heard myself whimper when it collided with his. He pushed back, chuckling when I battled for dominance. He pulled back, allowing my tongue entry, and I swirled it around his mouth, feeling his heat, searching for…him.

I couldn't stop my arms from tightening around his neck.


"Easy, there, gorgeous," I said softly, pulling her hands away from my neck and taking half a step back. Her hold was almost enough to rob me of my air supply. I ran my palms from her wrists to her elbows in an effort to soothe her. "We have all night," I reminded her. Though I was sure we wouldn't need it. I had no idea how far she planned to go, but much to my dismay, I was sure we wouldn't end up tangled in the sheets.

It was obvious she felt she had something to prove, and though I was more than willing to let her use me for whatever that was, her sanity would prevail in moments and she'd probably run screaming from my hotel room. Women like her didn't do things like this; she'd figure that out sooner or later.

Her brown locks rustled as she shook her head, and she shivered beneath my light stroke. "I have to leave by one," she told me.

"Or what?" I asked, my lips beginning to twitch. "You'll turn into a pumpkin?"

"Something like that," she answered evasively.

I leaned forward and placed my lips on the exposed flesh over her collarbone, then used my tongue to trace a path along her warm skin until I met the fabric of her t-shirt. A frustrated growl escaped when I heard her breath catch. "That's not nearly enough time for what I want to do you," I informed her as I straightened. She really did blush in the most appealing of ways.

Her lips lifted in a half grin. "Maybe I can stay until two," she said in a teasing tone.

I shook my head solemnly. "I think that would be best. If you want me to make this memorable for you, I'm going to need at least until then."

She lifted her eyes to mine, her breathing quickening. "Three hours?" she asked in surprise. "Wha—what can possibly take three hours?"

My lips lifted in a grin, and I had the insane urge to toss her on the bed and take her before she had the opportunity to change her mind.

"Take your shirt off, Roza," I said softly.

"Take my…you don't want to do that?" she asked, her eyes widening.

I quirked a brow at her as I crossed my hands over my chest, then leaned back against the bar. She took a deep breath and reached for the hem of her t-shirt, then tugged it off over her head and let it drop before returning her gaze to mine.

I had to admit, I felt a bit guilty pushing her like this, trying to see how far she was actually going to take it, but when my gaze fell to her breasts and her nipples puckered beneath my gaze, any remorse I was feeling was overshadowed by desire.

I pushed away from the bar and took the few steps separating us. Lifting my hands, I flattened my palms against her breasts as I moved them in small circles. Her breath hitched as her nipples strained against my touch.


"These, Roza…?" I started as I pushed the hot pink lace of her bra beneath her breasts and lowered my head. "I think they deserve a nice chunk of time, at least, don't you?"

"Yes," she breathed, her hands tangling in my hair as my lips closed around her nipple. "Oh, God. Yes!"