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Chapter 17: True definition part 2

In the wilderness Eclipse ,Coulson and Mei were making their way towards the mountains and approached a cliff and had a look at the area from there.

"Here it is…Regime central." Eclipse said as they overlooked the entire base.

"It's the entire faction right?" Coulson asked.

"It's one of their main bases, but this one is the one with the least amount of soldiers." Mei said as she was scoping the place out.

"Any ideas on how to get in?" Coulson asked.

Jack then looked down and saw nearby a group of soldiers. "Would you believe I have a plan?" he said.


Skye was using the satellites to keep an eye on anything unusual and even though she wanted to go out into the field to help out she knew that Jack was right but still she really did want to help out there and prove herself more than just their tech support.

"Alright let's see what I can find inside your mainframe Regime?" Skye said to herself.

She searched through any sort of data involving them and was able to trace an old BUS of theirs and piggybacked onto one of their secure lines and was able to get access to their servers and she began to dig deep into their files and then discovered something troubling.

"Operation Golden Retriever?" she said to herself.

She looked into the file and found some shocking things.


"This better work." Mei said.

"This is foolproof! As long as we stick to the plan and keep up our cover it'll work." Eclipse said.

"He's got a point, they won't be able to look past their own uniform and that we speak Ukrainian we'll be good." Coulson said.

They managed to subdue three soldiers and steal their uniforms and were now walking through the camp of the Regime and saw the hundreds of tents, makeshift cabins and units that housed them, their supplies and their weapons stockpile.

"Business is good these days for hired guns." Eclipse said.

"They've gotten more better with their recruitment methods." Mei pointed out the amount of men lining up for equipment.

"These men are nomads, no country, no allegiance, no family, nothing to lose makes them more compliant to orders." Coulson said as they continued onto the front doors of the main base.

"Ok let me do the talking." Mei said as she approached the guards.

She went up to the guards while Jack and Coulson talked.

"What is she doing?" Jack asked.

"She's using her wit and charm to get us in, it's one of her specialties." Coulson said.

"Among her ability to beat people up and can kill a man with a single glare." Jack said as she came back to them.

"All clear, they're letting us in." Mei said as the huge doors opened and they entered.

They walked on in as the guards were giving some glances at Mei.

"What did you do?" Jack asked.

"I acted on the fickle part of men." Mei said.

They looked to them and guessed what she meant as the doors closed behind them.

"Let's get to work before they realise anything." Coulson said as they all entered the belly of the beast.


Skye came rushing into the briefing room where Fitz and Simmons were working and quickly got her data patched into the main computer's system.

"I think I know what he's up to." she brought up a map of the world and red dots were shown on there.

"Those look like nuclear test sites." Simmons said as Fitz began looking into that.

"Yes, their all test sites but why plan on attacking those when there's nothing of value there?" Fitz asked.

"You have to really look at it and see this." Skye said pulling up the recent calls made by the Regime.

"Those numbers I've seen them before." Fitz said.

"Yes I recall those in a training exercise we had at the academy." Simmons said remembering a time ago.

"Their all contacts of major criminal organisations, dictators and fanatical leaders but still trying to crack this file he's got called Operation Golden Retriever." Skye said as she showed the file being hacked away by her software.

"But what does all this mean? It's clearly about showing the weapon but why test sites there's nothing there but dead lands" Fitz said.

"Maybe if we did a cross check on all activity over the past several years we might get a hit." Simmons suggested as they all went to work.

"I'm gonna try and get Coulson on the line see if they've found anything." Skye said as she tried to do so.


Finally making it past the point where they could finally rid themselves of their disguises.

"Finally!" Eclipse said as he threw the uniform off.

"Alright we'll search the place, see what we can find." Coulson said.

Eclipse tore a vent cover off. "And I'll cover more ground kicking it old school, so just to say if this is our last time seeing one another I just want to say…it was my fault, I spilled coffee on the flight control that time I was last on the hellicarrier." he said.

Mei hearing that wanted to strangle him. "You've got five seconds to crawl through that vent before I empty this magazine into your body." she warned as he saw her take the safety off and darted into the safety of the ventilation system.

Coulson looked to Mei. "Your still upset about that?" he asked her.

"He broke my perfect record." Mei revealed that fact.

"Let's just get back to it." Couslon said as they went on.

"Stop him!" one guy shouted.

"He's crazy!" another shouted as both Coulson and Mei went towards what the commotion was about.

"Wondered when you'd show up." it was Agent Grant Ward.

"Ward…was wondering what took you getting back to us." Coulson said.

"You've been busy, did they make you?" Mei asked.

"Not sure but all I know is, cat's out of the bag and I know where he is and the device." Ward said.

"Alright so much for getting the drop on them, what's the plan?" Couslon asked.

Ward grabbed a gun from one of the downed men and loaded it. "We go stop the nut job before he starts anything." he said as he left as they followed him.

"Where is he right now?" Couslon asked as they ran.

"He's in the main chamber, he's got the heads hostage and he's wired the place to blow, we need to be careful." Ward warned them.

"He's thought of everything but where's the device?" Mei asked

"He's got it, hasn't let it out of his sight and my guess is even if people pay he's still gonna do it." Ward said as they reached the doors to the command centre.

They were greeted by a number of armed soldiers and the sound of clapping was heard.

"Well done agents!" the source of it emerged from the group of soldiers a man with a blank white mask on and wearing a burned suit wielding a gun in one hand as it was identified to be Vicious.

They all had their guns up but knew there was no point and just lowered them in defeat.

"Now then shall we sit down and discuss this?" Vicious asked as they reluctantly did so.


Meanwhile in another part of the base Eclipse was scouring the ventilation system in hopes of finding something.

"Have to admit they really know how to keep these things clean as a whistle."

Eclipse mentally said to himself while pushing himself forward and came across an exposed bottom and looked down to see the area was deserted and slowly, quietly and cautiously opened the grate and jumped down and began to look around and strangely there was no one around as he looked around the corner end of both corridors and saw nobody, not even a soul and was now feeling very uneasy about that as he searched the vast corridors and came across a place he was looking for.

"Bingo." Eclipse said as he found the security room and saw the door opening and out came two guards and they were taking a quick smoke break as one was asking the other for a light.

"Need a light?" they both turned to face the dark hero and with one massive kick he floored them both in an instant, he quickly bound them and dragged them inside as he grabbed the pack of cigarettes on the floor. "These things can kill ya." he said crushing the pack and throwing them away.

He looked at then umber of monitors and saw that Coulson, Mei and Ward were all being held by Vicious as he was talking to them but he knew now that it was a race against time as he used the base's communications to send out a signal to the BUS.

"Anyone hear me?" Eclipse said hoping someone would hear.

"Yeah we hear you!" it was Skye.

"Well I got access right here but we have another problem." Eclipse said.

"How bad?" Skye asked.

"Vicious has Coulson, Mei and your guy on the inside, he's only giving them one of his long drawn out speeches trying to psyche them out." Eclipse explained the situation.

"Any ideas?" Skye asked.

"Can you all begin to tap into the systems and try to turn off the device remotely?" Eclipse asked.

"We're on it, get the firewalls down and we'll do the rest." Skye asked.

"Firewalls…down, all yours." Eclipse said.

Skye began to work her magic as she gained access to all systems and began to try and find an access point to the device.

"This'll take a few minutes." Skye said.

"I'll buy some more time, I'm going after him." Eclipse said as he raced out of there and headed into the fray hoping he wasn't too late.

He ran through the hallways as he was faced by armed soldiers as they began to shoot he ducked and dodged each shot and quickly whipped out his electromagnet and that stuck to the ceiling as it just took their weapons away from them and even caught anything metal on them as it clung them to the ceiling as that incapacitated them and cleared the way for the Dark Hero.


Being forced to sit down and hear the madman out they knew he would eventually kill them.

"We all live out this fantasy, this game this black hole of an existence because we're "told" to and you SHIELD types are the embodiment of that notion and that is why we need chaos to stop this notion of doing as your told." Vicious said.

They listened on.

"And then after chaos comes balance but then once again it starts over and we're back to square one and that is why we need only one form of order and so I bring you to "The Plan"…all about "The Plan", we follow "The Plan", we make sure "The Plan" goes well but what happens when it's not part of "The Plan" what do you do? Lose your freaking minds? Panic? Pray? Or do something…crazy?" he went on as his trail of words were beginning to get to them.

He paced around them like a shark.

"So that is why I did something crazy and decided to not sell this to the highest bidder or was your hacker not able to find the right file on it?" he said as they all looked surprised he knew about Skye and what she found.

"Yes I know about your little cyber star and SHIELD agent in training, so tell me are your team trying to disarm the device remotely?" he again caught them off guard.

"Now really you have to be more creative to get by me and also the device. " he brought it out from his jacket pocket and broke it. "Is a fake, I put the real one elsewhere and just to drop a hint it's down below in the boiler room." he told them the location of the device.

"Oh and one more thing…hero man, I know you're here come out where I can see you?!" he called out.

From out of nowhere several of his armed guards were dispatched as Vicious began to laugh out loud seeing he got his answer as emerging from the shadows was Eclipse himself.

"Knew there was something wrong but wasn't sure what, so the device is below huh? Any traps I should know about?" Eclipse asked.

"The usual death traps but I doubt even you can outsmart them all." Vicious said.

"I think I will like usual but not before we take you down." Eclipse said getting himself ready.

"Then we have to repeat the cycle of humanity, hit it until it breaks!" Vicious said getting himself ready.

Coulson, Mei and Ward came in armed with weapons.

"Me and Eclipse will get the device, Ward, Mei you handle him." Coulson ordered.

They nodded as Eclipse and Coulson went to the device's location while Mei and Ward took the madman on.


Both men raced to the device as they made it down to the boiler room but there was an obstacle.

"HOLD IT!" Eclipse shouted as they both halted.

"What?!" Coulson asked as the dark hero showed a meter on his wrist.

"Geiger counter is detecting radiation and it's a large reading, I'll go in." Eclipse said.

"You have a plan?" Coulson asked.

Eclipse reached for his emblem. "Yeah." he turned it and his suit converted with green powered filters running through him as his mask then changed into a helmet.

"New mode?" Coulson asked.

"Radiation suit, figured I'd need it so I installed it on the Bus." Eclipse said as he went forward and Coulson stayed back.

Eclipse looked around and was looking for any sort of traps as there were none to be seen as he cautiously looked around and the sound of clicking was heard and he looked down to see a claymore mine and quickly flipped himself up into the air and threw a magnet at the device and was able to stop it from being set off by neutralising the trigger.

He needed to rethink his strategy and looked up to the ceiling and hoped he hadn't placed any traps on there as he activated his wall crawling mode and began to stick to the walls and the ceiling as he crawled down the path.

With no more traps available he could see on his Geiger counter the levels of radiation just spiked and knew the device was close and pushed on to see the device placed right in the middle of the room as he crawled and was now directly above it and made a quick line and slowly rappelled down as he cautiously looked down at any sort of traps as he was about to have his hands on the device but then something caught his eye.

"Dammit." Eclipse said to himself. "Coulson we got a problem!"


Meanwhile above Mei and Ward were trying to fight the madman but he was seemingly very unpredictable in his fighting style.

Mei threw a heavy right hand connecting with his face but he just laughed.

"Oh come on! Is that all you can bring?! I thought you were The Cavalry?" he taunted her as she came at him meanwhile Ward had a gun on him but they were both moving too much for him to get a clear shot.

He kept on taunting her as each move was hitting it's mark but he kept on going as Mei landed a critical kick to his face as he fell to the floor onto his back.

"What a day!" Vicious said as he chuckled. "I took over an organisation, I made you all look like idiots and soon enough when that chump goes for the device we'll all be blown sky high!" he stated.


Back on the Bus they all watched on the monitors what the madman said and were trying to establish a connection to the device but nothing worked.

"I can't get through it's like he's blocking us somehow?!" Fitz frustrated at not being able to do anything.

"We need to find a way to get through but the only way we can is if we get closer but without backup we'd be walking into a slaughter." Simmons said.

"Skye can you-Skye?!" they noticed she was gone.


"It's that bad?!" Coulson asked to be sure he heard it clear.

"Yeah, the device is locked into a pressure pad timer if I remove it this thing will send a signal to the thing and it will begin picking targets he put on it." Eclipse said as the situation became dire.

"Any ideas?" Coulson asked.

"I can't think of anything without us or someplace being blown up, we need a freakin miracle about now." Eclipse said as it looked hopeless.

"Maybe I can help with that?" it was Skye.

"Skye? How'd you-"

"I'm not far from you guys and I know I shouldn't have left but it's easier to get through." Skye said as gunshots were heard in the background.

"What's going on up there?!" Coulson asked.

"Internal power struggle, they found out some of their leaders are dead and with all the fighting I can get past them and get to you I'm almost there so don't do anything." Skye said as an explosion was heard.

"SKYE?!" Coulson shouted fearing for her safety.

"Coulson I need your head in this and besides I think she can do it so have faith." Eclipse reassured him.

"Okay, I'm gonna go and make sure she got in can you handle this till we get here?" he asked.

"Don't worry I'll make sure nothing happens and besides my suit is keeping me safe from the radiation for another hour." Eclipse said as Coulson went to find Skye.


"I wonder if those fancy agent moves are good enough to dodge a bullet?!" Vicious said pulling out a gun and firing on them as Mei and Ward took cover behind a couple of pillars.

"Cover me!" Mei said as Ward nodded and returned fire.

Mei using the covering fire was moving from place to place as he was still firing on him.

"Let me ask you Agent?!" Vicious shouted over gunfire. "You ever danced with the devil in the pa-" he got interrupted by a fist to his face from Mei.

"Shut up." Mei said as he was on the floor laughing but she wasn't deterred and quickly subdued him putting him to a stop.

"Really think keeping me here is going to end it? It's only just begun." Vicious said.


Coulson went to get Skye as she was running towards him as they met up.

"You shouldn't have come here!" Coulson scolded her.

"Yeah give me the third degree later where's the device?" Skye asked as he led her to it's location.

They made their way there as Coulson stopped her. "Massive amounts of radiation can you do it by here?" he asked.

"Gimme a sec, yo E-man how's the situation?" Skye asked as she was on her computer.

"So far the device has not been activated so that's the good news but the bad news is I can't move it but it can be disarmed if you can bounce the signal off him." Eclipse said as Skye only took a moment to think about before acting.

"I can reroute the signal elsewhere just give me some time." Skye said as she was typing away at her keyboard.

"Better hurry he's not the waiting kind!" Eclipse said.


Mei and Ward were making sure that Vicious was not a threat.

"Oh well I've tried to blow up the planet, killed a few people, sent an army into disarray, gave you all the run around and it's not even breakfast." he went off in a tangent.

"It's over deal with it." Ward said.

"That's what you think." Vicious said as he went into his jacket pocket and pulled something out.

"What is that?" Ward asked.

"What this? It's a little contingency plan in case I somehow was stopped." as he pushed the button on it. "If I can't burn the world then I'll burn us all!" he said laughing as they waited for the big bang.

But nothing came.

"What?! What happened?!" Viciois said out loud as he kept on trying to push the button.

"Well if you really want to know then let us explain." as in walked Eclipse, Coulson and Skye as they had the device.

"When you tried to make a triple threat on this thing I knew I had to raise my game a little and looked further past your operation and how you knew we were coming and figured you'd have a backup plan even after we somehow disarmed the device so I took the extra precaution and disabled all wireless and circuitry functions within a hundred mile radius." Sky explained her plan.

"In other words you got schooled by a girl." Eclipse mocked.

Vicious then got to his feet now defeated he looked to them. "Guess I'll have to settle for this…Dark Hero let's finish this!" he asked.

"Yeah let's." Eclipse accepted.

They both went at it with Eclipse connecting with every strike and then with one massive kick he sent him flying to the floor.

"You just don't get it." Vicious said as he produced two knives from his pockets. "We exist because of them!" he came running at him with knives in hand as he took a swipe but missed and Eclipse just disarmed him and punched him in the face as he came back once more and took another swipe with the second knife and missed as he easily disarmed him and another punch to the face.

"Give up you've lost." Eclipse told him.

"How about I do this." he pulled out a grenade and threw it up in the air as it was a flash grenade and blinded them all for a moment and by the time their vision came back Vicious had taken Sky hostage by gunpoint.

"You got nowhere to go!" Coulson said as their guns were all on him and Eclipse knew if he moved he would kill her.

"At least I'll take one of you with me." Vicious said as Skye then bit his hand causing him to lose his grip on her and a disc from Eclipse which knocked the gun out of his hand.

He then laughed and knew he would be taken to prison and would escape again.

"BANG!" a gunshot was heard and Vicious had a headshot wound which killed him instantly and the culprit was Grant Ward.

Eclipse and the rest of the team looked on at him as they were shocked at his actions.


A SHIELD cleanup crew came to assist with all the damage and Jack was with Coulson on the Bus heading back to the United Kingdom.

"So what happens next?" Jack asked.

"The device will be destroyed, the regime members will be placed into custody until further notice." Coulson said.

"Guess today we stopped World War Three from happening." Jack said.

"We did and you came through for us." Coulson said.

"So did Skye, she's incredible to come up with that solution I can see why you chose her." Jack praised Skye's actions.

"I'm glad I did." Coulson agreed as they had arrived back in the UK.

"Well Agent Coulson it's been a ride once more." Jack said extending his hand out to him.

"Like always and call me Phil." Coulson said as they shook hands.

"Ok Phil and let me give you some words of advise…keep an eye on your guy Ward, there's something off about him." Jack said as he left them and watched them leave.

He made his way back to the flat as Valeria was waiting for him.

"Jack." she rushed up to him as they hugged and had a quick kiss. "Was everything ok?" she asked.

"It was madness but it's alright." he said.

That could've gone better, what's next for our hero?

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