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Chapter 18: You want me to what?!

It had been some time after his mission with SHIELD and it was results day for many students including Jack.

This is it

In his hands was the big brown envelope that held his entire future as he looked at it so intensely he could burn a hole through it.

I think I'm gonna throw up!

Just looking at it made him want to, he just walked around looking at it as he then saw everyone else getting their results and some were celebrating and others were in a pit of despair and disappointment as Jack was really nervous now.

C'mon Redgrave you've had worse things than this, you've been shot at, electrocuted, stabbed, blown up and you even got hit in the nuts more time than you can care to count so stop being a coward and open it!

He mentally scolded himself as he went for the back of the envelope and slowly opened it but at the last second he stopped.

You chicken! Your officially Captain Chicken! Maybe I should do this in the flat.

Feeling it would be better if he did that and decided to head back and do it there as he walked back and a he walked through the door he was greeted by his girlfriend, his flat mate, her boyfriend and a banner above saying congratulations.

"Uh what's going on?" Jack asked not sure what to make of this.

"We were going to surprise you but clearly you do not look like you want one." Lilly said.

"Did you get your results?" Valeria asked as he had them in his hand.

"You haven't looked yet? What are you a man or a mouse?" Reilly asked as Jack again struggled to open the envelope.

"Well I'd say right now I feel more like a kestrel, I'm a little nervous that's all." Jack admitted.

Valeria approached him. "How about we all look and then we'll break it to you?" she suggested.

He handed the envelope over to her and she took it over to Lilly and Reilly and they opened it and saw his results.

Looking in anticipation he just wanted to know as their faces looked serious.

"You could've done better." Lilly said.

"And we mean better." Reilly said.

As he knew he was a failure.

"However you did really try and that is why…" Valeria said giving him his results as he looked and went wide-eyed. "…congratulations." she said.

Jack looked at the paper and he saw his results and he was going on to next year and just grabbed his girlfriend into a massive hug and kissed her as he was on top of the world.

"And I believe I owe you a certain something?" Valeria whispered into his ear.

His face lit up and remembered their conversation on if he'd passed his exams and that was now happening.

"So what will we be doing then?" Jack asked.

She then brought out a list of things for him to do.

"Wait…You want me to do what?!" Jack said as he looked down the list.

"It's not negotiable now hop to it and in twenty four hours it'll be all worth it." she sultrily said to him and only took a second to think about it.

"I'm in, see you in twenty four hours." Jack said leaving to do the list.

"What exactly did you give him?" Lilly whispered into her ear.

"A list of random things to keep him busy while I prepare." Valeria said as she unwrapped a box.


Jack began his search for the list of items as he looked down the list.

Okay first thing iscookie dough ice cream? At least that's easy to get.

He made his way to the convenient store and quickly bought a tub of the ice cream as one item was crossed off the list.

Next is-

BANG! BANG! BANG! The sound of gunshots could be heard and Jack knew he had to investigate.

"Really?" Jack said out loud and put his items in a safe place and went to change into his costume and headed towards the disturbance.

Swinging towards it he landed on a nearby rooftop and looked down to see that an armed siege was underway between police and masked gunmen as the fire fight was about to escalate when the gunmen pulled out machine guns and opened fire on the officers but it was the people who were more in danger than them as everyone took cover from the hail of bullets spreading.

They continued to exchange gunfire until one of the robbers was knocked clean out by Eclipse.

"Alright boys time to stop playing and put your toys away for the nice policemen." Eclipse said.

They responded with gunfire as Eclipse began ducking and dodging each shot and shot his discs at them disarming a couple of them and thus disabling both men within seconds with a couple of fists and kicks as only two remained.

The remaining thugs were alone and had automatic guns pointed at the Dark Hero as he approached them.

"Look guys I'll give you the chance to put down the guns and spare yourselves a trip to the paddy wagon with some broken bones." Eclipsed gave them the warning.

Looking to one another they just opened fire as Eclipse dodged the shots and took cover behind a car.

"Tried to be a gentleman." Eclipse said as he sighed and threw himself into the action once more.

He quickly began to manoeuvre himself between the blockading vehicles and was able to catch one of them off guard and quickly drove a flying knee to his face and with him grounded he delivered a massive right to the temple knocking him out.

However he had one guy left and he was holding a gun directly aimed at his head as now it had become dire.

"Any last words you muppet?" he asked Eclipse.

"Is that the bat signal?" Eclipse pointed to the sky behind him as he turned away for a second.

He looked back to meet the fist of the Dark Hero as that blow put him out of commission and ended the standoff.

"And that takes care of tha-oh the freakin ice cream! She's gonna kill me!" Eclipse shouted out loud and shot a line to retrieve his groceries.


Meanwhile back at the flat Valeria was preparing something for her special night with Jack.

"Thanks for sending this mom." Valeria said over the phone to her mother.

"No problem dear but why exactly do you want this outfit? I mean I went through that phase and got over it." Sue asked her daughter.

"Oh just something I want to do for my other half in him passing his exams." Valeria informed her mother of her intentions.

"Well be careful and try not to let him break anything." Sue warned her.

"I won't mom." Valeria said as she unboxed her item.


Jack was now back on his mission as he had his next item on the list.

Next on the list isa bag of potato chips? Whatever floats her boat.

He made his way to another store a few streets down as this place had the chips she desired and got them pretty easy as he looked on the list to see if the place had other stuff on the list.

Let's see all that's left ismarshmallow spread?Chocolate spread? AndA six pack of Redbull?

Thinking on what could be done with that for a second…

The sound of sirens hit the streets as he was interrupted and could see the blues and twos flashing and knew he had to go as he looked up to the sky.

You're testing me right? Please make this one easyI'm beggin ya!

Jack knew duty called and quickly found a spot to put his groceries and change into Eclipse and followed the sirens.


Back at the flat Reilly and Lilly were watching the TV as a documentary was on and were getting quite comfortable.

"Reilly I know how much you enjoy this but can't we watch the rest of this?" Lilly requested her boyfriend's friskiness.

"But Lillian I've had a hard day and making love to you was all that kept me going today." Reilly sensually said as he nuzzled on her neck with light kisses.

"I know my dumpling but I also had a hard day of lectures and I thought of you as well as watching this, can we see the rest of this and I promise that we'll do something very worthy of our love?" Lilly said as Reilly stopped and just continued to watch the programme with her.

In came Valeria looking at her phone in confusion.

"Jack's not answering his phone any idea why?" she asked them both.

"Either he's preoccupied or gotten distracted is my theory." Lilly said.

"Or he's lost his phone again and will blame it on seeing the bat signal again so just to say if he's doing your list he's doing something else and all I know is that is the madness that is Jack Redgrave." Reilly explained in a nutshell.

"I'm just worried he usually answers that's all and if he's gotten into trouble with a villain or something." Valeria said expressing her concerns.

"If it's a villain problem he can handle it afterall he's the guy who saved all existence." Reilly assured her of his capabilities.

"And not forgetting he's too stubborn to let a villain go free the man is like a pitbull." Lilly chimed in.

"More like a fool but a brave one, I sometimes wish he would just try to slow down he's just a man after all." Valeria stating her concerns about her boyfriends wellbeing.

"I know you worry we all do but this is Jack Walter Redgrave we are talking about." Lilly said as Reilly snickered.

"Walter…Wally." he said in-between snickers.

Lilly nudged him to stop as he did.


"OH COME ON!" Eclipse shouted at the top of his lungs as he was being blasted at with a flamethrower.

"Stay still you muppet!" the assailant said trying to roast him.

"No you can't have my lunch money!" Eclipse taunted as the guy kept firing at him and in mid air Eclipse fired a disc as his gas line and cut it stopping his weapon.

He quickly threw his weapon to the ground and surrendered as the police swarmed him.

"Finally now I can get back to-"


"What is this the bad guy Olympics?!" Eclipse said out loud and went to investigate.


Finally after several hours of dealing with non stop criminals Jack had finally gotten back to the flat.

With all the stuff he had gotten on Valeria's list now completely ruined he then walked into the living room and just crashed down onto the couch and just laid there tired, fried, bruised and battered.

"Jack?" it was Valeria's voice as she walked into the living room to see him lying down.

She went to check on him and saw the damage and quickly got him up and helped him into the bedroom.

"Send you out just to distract you so I could surprise you and you end up in multiple firefights, you are a magnet for trouble." she said as she carefully placed him on the bed as she lay next to him.

"Val I'm sorry…I tried to get back but…but the city needed me." Jack said in between breaths.

"I know just rest, we'll pick this up again." she said as they both fell asleep.

As it was now the next morning and Jack awoke in his bed but no sign of his girlfriend anywhere as he went to get up but found that his wrists and legs were bound to the bedposts and he was now a little nervous not knowing what was going on.

"Uh Val?! Lilly?!…Reilly?!" Jack called out hoping someone heard him.

"Oh I don't think your friends will be helping you…Eclipse." a female voice said.

"How in the hell does everyone know who I am?!" Jack said as he was just confused.

Then in walked the said female and Jack's eyes went from shocked to surprised.

"Not very hard to find out who you are little man." she said.

"Um why do I feel like this is a set up for an adult movie?" Jack asked as he observed his captor's outfit.

She wore a very revealing black leather one piece with a mask covering her face along with knee high boots and in her hands was a whip.

"So hero shall we play "Who's been a naughty hero and needs to be punished"? " she asked coming towards him.

But then the front door opened and in came both Lilly and Reilly and it was a sight for them.

"Even for you Jackson this is still unbelievable." Lilly said as her boyfriend stood there not taking his eyes off the scene.

Valeria quickly went and covered herself up as Jack knew he would not hear the end of this.

"Um would be nice if you two could uh well you know…" Jack made it clear as Lilly and forcefully removed Reilly from view and gave them both privacy.

Valeria untied Jack and she got dressed quickly. "So you did this for me?" Jack asked.

"You've been working so hard and doing your exams and saving people I thought id do something for you and that's why I sent you out to do those things for me so I could plan this spontaneous night of raunchiness." Valeria said as he did not know what to say.

"Did you just say raunchiness?" Jack said as he wasn't sure if he heard correctly.

"Yes I did, because that is what I wanted and to show you I can be a very seductive siren when needed." Valeria said as he was impressed.

"Darn right you are." Jack said as he then got himself out of his binds.

"Oh all ruined my planning, everything I set in motion now what?" she asked.

Jack went to the door and locked it, then went for his watch and changed into his suit.

"You'll never take me down you evil villain." Jack said as Eclipse.

"Make me hero." Valeria said also pretending.

Things were looking up for Jack but for how long?

Ah love it's a wonderful thing but will Jack and Valeria's relationship be tested over the time?

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