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Chapter 3: Knowing

In the stretch of one day both Jack and Valeria were working together but the young genius could not stand the young man.

"Hey Val! What do you got to eat around here?" Jack called out.

"Ugh…can you please just get back here and focus for one minute!" Valeria called back as Jack just reluctantly came back and sat at his desk.

"Ok what do you need me to do?" Jack asked.

Valeria then grabbed some papers and handed them to him. "Go over these particles and find out why it collapsed." she said as she turned away from him and looked down at her work.

"Alright but do we have to work on separate desks, I mean it would be better if we worked at the same are exchanging ideas?" Jack suggested.

She gave a look of frustration and annoyance. "I prefer to work alone and also my father permitted that you'd be here not me so do as you're told and go over there!" Valeria stated as Jack just chuckled a little. "What's so funny?" she asked.

"You know Val…you're cute when your angry." Jack said still grinning.

She began to blush a little at that comment as she looked down to her papers pretending to ignore him as he walked off to his desk knowing he got one up on her.

Cute when I'm angry?

Who says that?

Who does he think he is?! …look at him with that stupid hair, blue eyes, smile and…get a hold of yourself woman! He's an annoying distraction nothing more the sooner this is done the better!

Later on in the day Valeria was currently re-working her theory as her thoughts were all on trying to pinpoint the problem.

Negative B, plus X over V…

"You gotta hold on to what we got, it doesn't matter if we'll make it or not, we got each other and that's all that matters for lllloooovvveee! We'll give it a shot…ooohhh we're halfway there, WHOAH! We're livin on a prayer!" Jack was singing out loud as he was listening to his IPod.

Snapping out of her thoughts she just looked over to her left and saw the disturbance and huffed at his negligence to not even work on the theory as she grabbed a pencil from her desk and threw it at him.

As it hit him square in the head. "We go-OW!" Jack shouted as he snapped from his singing and saw the pencil on the floor and turned to see the very not amused face of Valeria and once again staring daggers at him.

"Ok Val now I know that we're supposed to be working together but was it necessary to use violence?" Jack asked.

Huffing again at his ignorance she just had to tell him. "I am trying to concentrate on this and all you're doing is sitting there singing like an idiot!" Valeria complained as he just gave a small chuckle at that.

"No I'm working and keeping my thoughts in place while listening to Bon Jovi, I'm a multitasker." Jack said as she sighed and nodded her head in frustration as then he got out of his seat and had a paper in his hand and slid it in front of her work.

"You actually have been working?" she asked now surprised at this.

"I said I can multitask, but I was trying to think on how the particles could stay compressed but I need you to make the final judgements on this." Jack said as she looked over it.

"This is…I…you've just saved a ton of time here." she said with a surprised look as then her face turned from surprised to a scowl. "But still I could've figured it out." Valeria said dismissing him as quickly.

"Whatever I'm going out for lunch you want anything or do you need time to figure that out?" Jack sarcastically asked.

She just sighed at him as he took the elevator down and took his bike out for a ride.

Looking at the paper and thinking to herself about all of this.

How does he do this? No one could be this intellectually aware and be a complete ignoramus at the same time?

"HERBIE?" Valeria called.

"Yes Ms. Richards?" HERBIE answered.

"Can you pull up all files on Jack Redgrave." she asked.

"At once Ms. Richards." HERBIE said doing so.


Jack was at a Chinese restaurant and was waiting in line as he was looking at his cell and was scrolling through his messages.

From: Mom

Hi! Hope your studies are going well! Want to hear from you soon.

Mom xxx

Jack began to reply to the message.

Yeah Mom I'm doing great college is tough but fun. Made some new friends and yes did encounter some activity but easily stopped.

Jack xxx


I'm not there as I'm on an outing will be back soon promise.

As he sent his reply as he then saw his second message.

From: May

Hey, just seeing how your doing.

How's everything down there?

I heard that Lilly's getting serious with Reilly (Yes I knew).

Also College is great, met some new people and even got a date this Saturday.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Jack began to think of what to say to his ex-girlfriend and his best friend and began typing.

Hey, good to hear from you also.

All is good down here well sort of, I kinda corrected Valeria Richards on her theory and now I got myself banned from talking to guest speakers.

But my luck turned when Reed Richards offered me a chance to remove the ban and get extra credit by working with her on her theory here in New York for a few weeks (Don't tell my Mom…I'm begging you!)

And so far…she's a complete bitch, she hates my guts and will not admit that I was right and she was wrong and everytime I try to help or any form of communication she just has a fit.

Any ideas on how to get on her good side?


Good luck on your date Saturday.

He looked up from the screen to see he was halfway there as then his cell went off and saw he had a new message.

From: Unknown caller

Hi is this Jack Redgrave?

If yes then this is Franklin Richards, Valeria's brother.

He was a bit surprised that the other sibling called him as he guessed May came through for him and began typing a reply.

Yeah this is Jack and I take it you've heard about me and what I did to get on your sister's bad side?

Waiting a few seconds as then another reply came through.

I have and you sir are really pushing it with her, no one gets on her bad side except us.

I know you wanted to help her but you just made her hate you more so here's my few rules to get on her good side.

Do NOT correct her. (You already know that!)

Does not like stupid or funny jokes as they annoy her. (Too much to ask for you!)

Make sure you act like an adult around her.

She'll only eat Mandarin, Italian, Japanese, Chinese or Mexican food as it is the only thing that will agree with her.

Don't show fear as that girl is like a Viper on steroids.

Be assertive.

I'll be back today so I hope these tips will help you survive by the time we meet in person later on if not, nice knowing you.

Jack chuckled at that and saw his neededtips to survive his next few weeks with the most difficult girl he'd ever encountered.

Thanks dude, I hope I will meet you then, if I follow these rules to the letter then if not it was nice talking with you lol.

As then he was finally the next person to order his food.


"God…" was all Valeria could say as she was looking at the computer screen.

I knew there was something but this…this is just…god.

The doors to the front entrance opened as the Fantastic Five entered in tow with a certain wayward son.

"Val! Your favourite brother has returned!" Franklin shouted to his sister.

She then snapped out of her reading and went out of the room to see that it was her brother who has returned from college.

"Oh and I was beginning to get used to the silence around here." she joked as the siblings hugged.

"How are things sis?" Franklin asked her as her face just went from happy to an irritated one.

"I take it you've been told of the situation that has gone on." Valeria asked.

"Yep and also I even talked to him, kinda like him he has a good sense of humour and also he managed to outsmart you?" Franklin said as that just made her more irritated.

"He did NOT! Outsmart me! He got lucky and now I know why." Valeria said as she was about to present the files she had in her possession.


"Alright remember the plan we enter the building and we take the item and also we finally defeat those heroes." Wizard said as they were in a truck across from the Baxter Building.

"We've been sitting here since yesterday and I don't want to be another second next to her!" Thundra said referencing to the crimson haired psycho next to her as she puckered her lips to her making her look away in disgust.

"Hey who is that coming?" Trapster said as he noticed someone was heading towards the garage of the building.

"No idea but he's using the special access key to Richard's lab so he must be a guest of theirs." Klaw said.

As Jack was about to use the access card the doors to the garage opened…

"We'll be taking that card from you boy." as Jack turned around.

"Wha-" he got cut off as a blast of sound waves began to crush his skull with such force it caught him off guard as he could not react to defend himself and felt everything going dark from it all as he just collapsed to the floor.

"Now we have our way in…leave him here he cannot do anything." Wizard said as they made their way in.

Jack was drifting in and out of consciousness as he was about to drift out he saw her…


As he the went black.


"I have some information I need to share with you all." Valeria said as she went to get the files.

"On what?" Reed asked.

"Well it's about Ja-"

"BOOM!" an explosion cut her off as the smoke cleared and then they emerged.

"Hello Richards…The Frightful Five wish to take what is ours!" Wizard said.

"Uh man do you ever get enough of us kicking your ass every time we face off?" Johnny said as they all got ready to fight.

"Hold it how's it Five now?" Ben asked.

A huge dark wave just blasted them all back a few feet.

"HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!" a loud maniacal laugh was heard as a figure stepped forward.

"Meet our newest member…Dark Reaper." Wizard introduced her.

"Say hello to your new mistress and…BEG!" she shouted as she blasted another dark wave of energy towards them as the force just struck them harder than the first.

Johnny got to his feet. "FLAME ON!" he said as he became The Human Torch and flew up in the air as he projected his fire at the madwoman.

As the flames came for her she just blocked it using her magic as she then used her scythe and slashed some dark waves towards him as he dodged each one but was then caught off guard as a disc attached itself to his chest and neutralised his powers and he fell hard to the floor as then more of the discs attached themselves to the rest of the heroes neutralising their powers.

"Keep an eye on them, I will get the component and we'll end this once and for all." Wizard said walking off.


"Ah…my head…who hit m-OH CRAP!" Jack shouted out loud as he remembered who knocked him out.

Gotta find a way up fast!

Jack then went round to a shadowed area of the building and transformed into Eclipse as he shot a line and began going up the side of the building.

Just hope I'm not too late.

Will Eclipse get to them in time? Will he stop whatever the Frightful Five have in store for the heroes?

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