Author's Note: Takes place seven years after the epilogue of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling. THANK YOU FOR CREATING THIS AWESOME SERIES, J.K! Also, L, Raven and Dimentio are eleven. Will be only one chapter long. WARNING! MY FIRST HARRY POTTER FIC! PLEASE DUN KILL MEH!

L gulped as he looked down the train. All the compartments seemed chock-full. All, that is, apart from the almost-empty one at the very end of the train.

The eleven-year-old lowered his emerald-green eyes to the brown rat that dozed in a little chocolate-coloured ball. No, not even his new companion and friend, Ky, would be awake to help him. It was just him and his lack of social skills.

Sighing to himself, L trudged up to the compartment and knocked lightly on the door. Despite the extremely loud chatter, the sound penetrated the glass. The two people inside the compartment looked up: the boy stroking a black, yellow-eyed cat, the girl sitting next to a golden cage with a barn owl dozing inside of it. They were both already in their school robes, as was L himself. This made him even more uncomfortable.

Watching the girl mutter something to the boy, L began to feel anxious. Was he going to have to wait out here forever?

However, just as he had this thought, the girl got to her feet and slid the compartment door open.

"Y'know you can just open it yourself?" snapped the girl. Her eyes (green like L's) were fiery and tomboyish. She folded her arms and glared at L. The owl behind her awoke suddenly and began hooting feebly.

"Calm down, Twine," assured the seated boy. The cat he was stroking started mewling. "You too, Zen."

"I-I'm sorry," stammered L. "I just wanted to ask you if I could take that spot?"

He pointed meekly to the free spot beside the boy. The boy in question smiled.

"Of course! Sit there as much as you like. My name's Dimentio. This is my pet, Zen, and my other friend, Raven."

The girl scoffed, and strode to her seat. She flung herself into said seat and withdrew her wand from her robes pocket. Dimentio did the same. L watched him, interested.

"Willow and unicorn hair," he said softly. "Flexible and good for Charms. Twelve and a half inches long."

Dimentio looked at L, surprised. "Why yes. You have quite the hand for wandlore. What is your name?"

Taken aback, L said quietly, "L Thunder."

"Take a seat!" laughed Raven. L obeyed instantly, dragging his trunk and stuffing it in the overhang. He then withdrew his own wand, looking at it as though it was the most fascinating thing in the world.

"Holly and dragon heartstring," muttered the boy. "Light and springy. Ten and three-quarters long. And yours, Raven..."

L glanced over at the girl's wand.

"...Maple and phoenix tail feather, sturdy yet supple, if that makes sense. Eleven inches exactly."

"Wow," said Raven appreciatively. "You really get wands!"

"I wand to be a wandmaker when I grow up," said L quietly.

"You certainly are going to become one!" chuckled Dimentio.

"Thanks," said L quietly, smiling at the two that had, yes, befriended him.