"But what if I completely screw up? What if I mess up so badly that I get moved down to bottom set or something?" 5 fretted, nervously wringing his hands together.

"You'll be fine. You're one of the cleverest kids in all your classes, and you've been revising in practically all your spare time for the past few weeks! You'll be absolutely fine!" 2 reassured, patting his friends shoulder. They walked slowly towards the assembly hall where rows and rows of single desks were set up.

Suddenly 5 stopped, just a few steps away from the entrance where teachers were ushering people in and insisting silence.

"I can't do it 2! I'm panicking!" The younger of the two squeaked, grabbing on to his friends arm with a fierce grip and breathing quickly.

"5, you'll be fine. Calm down! Just breathe, 5, breathe." The teen listened to 2 and tried desperately to slow his breathing; it worked a little but not a great deal. "You'll be fine just stay calm. Yeah?" 2 said quietly as they neared the open double doors. 5 nodded.

"Silence please, boys." Ms Brook said as they entered the hall. The pair were immediately thrown into the deafening silence of test conditions.

As 5 listened to Mr Williams explain the rules of the exam, panic began to rise inside of him. His breath sped up again and he shook, the poor teen couldn't find a reassuring thought in his mind.

The time began. Forty five minutes to complete the test.

5 looked down at his paper. His vision was blurry, he could barely make out the boxes where he already should have filled in his name and class but hadn't. He slowly picked up his pen but it almost immediately fell out of his loose and shaky grip. The panicked teen pushed his fingers through his dark brown hair and made no attempt to slow his heart rate.

Suddenly a hand appeared on the one-eyed boy's shoulder causing him to practically jump out of his skin.

"It's okay 5," he heard someone say. "Would you like to go outside and calm yourself down?" They whispered. 5 looked up and saw a very blurred version of Mr Russell. He nodded slowly. "Come on."

5 shakily got up out of his chair and slowly walked out of the hall with Mr Russell following. The teachers had purposely put 5 on the back row just in case this exact event occurred.

As the one-eyed teen walked out the door he became even shakier and was getting dizzy enough so that black dots were collecting in the edge of his sight. 5 knew he was going to probably faint, it made him panic even more. The boy stopped walking, his knees began to feel weak and his vision was almost completely dark.

5 began to tip forward and just before he collapsed he vaguely registered something soft crashing into him. He felt it wrap around his middle just before his world went completely black.