My name was once Nefertiti. I was called that for a very short period of my long life, nineteen years to be exact. I don't talk about it much, meaning never, but I'm pretty old. I used to have one sibling but she died some time ago. My parents were royalty during the eighteenth dynasty of the Egyptian rule. I was a foreign princess, from where I can't remember. Most of my human memories are a little fogy now.

I was married at age fifteen to the future Pharaoh of Egypt, Amenhotep IV. I don't remember exactly which wife I was to him, maybe the sixteenth, but I remember he loved me. I never loved him, not in the way he did. Amenhotep always saw me as a prize to love and make everyone jealous of. I didn't mind because I'd seen the way that the other women were treated in Egypt. I bore him six children, all of them daughters that I loved with all of my heart. I had a step-son, Tutankhamen as he was later named, who I loved just as much.

I remember my life somewhat clearly. I remember standing beside my Pharaoh as he made me Queen. I memorized everything that he had to do as Pharaoh, if you're around someone that long you do things like that. My husband was sure in the Aten faith and I followed him, but like the rest of the kingdom I was still in the ways of the old faith but in Ancient Egypt you would follow your Pharaoh no matter what he wanted.

That is when I think the resentment started to form. I didn't want to be just a beautiful Queen that everyone saw but did not hear. Sure, my orders were carried out but I always had to watch my back to make sure that no one tried to kill my daughters or even me. Amenhotep didn't care about that. All the bastard cared about was the kingdom and not the family. My hate just kept building and building until I refused to give myself to him. He went into a rage over it and forced himself on me. After that I didn't speak much. I just kind of sat there and went through the motions. Every time that he came I took it like a good little Queen.

And then my daughter pasted away. Meketaten was so dear to me. She had been old enough to understand what was happening to me-sixteen and marrying age. We'd both been so furious with her father that she wouldn't speak to him any more, which he couldn't do anything about unless he planned to make me kill myself. Or that's what I told him and we wouldn't want him to loose his Queen, would we?

Now, it takes 70 days for someone to be mummified and their Ka to be prepared for the after-life. All 70 of those days are the time of mourning. In the time of mourning women are to cover their skin all except their eyes, hands, and feet. That is exactly what I did. It gave me a reason not to allow Amenhotep to force him upon me.

I've told you all of these, not only because you are here to read my story but also because I'm trying to tell someone about my changing. Changing into what you might ask? A vampire to you today but in my time I thought myself, Sekhmet who was the one being that I could remember having sucked the blood of others.

It is said, in the legend, that the humans were trying to kill Ra so he send down Hathor to kill us. Once our blood had touched the goddess of healing and pestilence's lips she became the bloodthirsty demon, Sekhmet. She killed so many that it is said that the blood flooded the lands up to her knees.

For me it wasn't that sudden. I'm sure if you pour it all together my killings might have been up to over the sky and to the moon.

On the Twenty-eight day of my morning for my daughter, Meketaten, I rose from my bed to go to my one place of sanctum from anyone else, the Royal Gardens. They were sunken into the earth, and had all of the best trees and grasses, and flowers that could grow in this land. My husband wanted it torn down to make a new place of temple but I had begged him to give me this one thing for myself. He'd agreed on terms I wish not to speak of ever again to anyone, human or vampire.

So as I stepped out in the proper clothes of the mourning I gestured the guards away, who shuffled out of the way with the silence and the proper submission of well learned subordinates. I would later curl my lip in fury at how I acted, like I was better than them. At least I got what I deserved.

While I walked along the Gardens, the pathways covered in the rare grass that ever grew in Egypt, I ran into a man who hid behind the bushes of fine dry leaves. I remember this part clearly. He'd stepped out from behind the bushes and in front of me. I can also remember being fearful because if you weren't of direct relation to the Pharaoh you could not step foot into the gardens. This meant that he was trespassing and dangerous.

He was so fast that I had no time to scream. He'd clamped his cold, dry hand down on my lips, through the mourning headdress that I was wearing. My eyes had met his cold, red eyes, the color of death and I'd tried to turn away, to run back to the safety of the guards but I couldn't, his grip was much too strong.

"You, my Queen, are a dangerously beautiful women." He'd told me, his Egyptian hair, always that oily black that men always supported here. His features were beautiful, but frightening because his eyes were turning black and he was taking in long breaths. The man, or being, was much to close to me and I could almost feel the unnatural cold that rolled off of his dirt smeared skin.

"Do you know what I am?" He'd asked me. I was unable to answer but he'd known the answer. "I am a living Sekhmet, and I'm afraid, my beloved Queen, that I'm terribly thirsty for your magnificently, divine blood." I never did get a chance to scream, or do anything to prepare myself because there was a blur and then my headdress was off of me and he was biting into me, right where my blood rushed closest to the surface of my skin.

Then I'd known pain. I don't know how it happened. I don't know if maybe the guards had all come rushing to find me, or if he'd simply decided that he was going to let me live. All I knew is the rage of Ra screaming through my veins for three days and two nights. I'd been unable to scream, unable to tell Ra how much I didn't like worshiping Aten. I clung to as many memories as I could, trying to get myself away from the pain.

When the power of Ra stopped, so did my heart.

The next part of my life I remember completely. I was a vampire with a thirst for blood and the only one who would step foot in this garden, even to find me, was my husband. I would like to say, now that I'm no longer so bloodthirsty, that I didn't take great pleasure in killing my tormentor, that I didn't enjoy sucking his Ka from the very body that had violated mine so many times. But then I would be lying wouldn't I? I sucked that bastard's blood, stealing his Ka and taking revenge for every time that man stole a piece of my own Ka. I would have my Ka back from him.

When he was drained there was nothing else I could do. I'd dropped his body, my body freezing in place for immeasurable amounts of time. I wasn't sorry, and I wasn't so much scared. See, we Egyptian people were never taught to fear ourselves, we weren't taught that other people, even servants had feelings. We nobles were taught to step on other people to get what we want.

I thank God himself everyday that I no longer feel the need to do that, because now that I was a Sekhmet I would never walk the path of Nefertiti again. Instead I took the name Neferneferuaten and I ruled in the stead of the mummified corpse of my once husband. I ruled that way for a short time, taking the blood of people that would not be missed, or people who were dying anyways. I found it hard to ignore the pulse of blood of the humans that always surrounded me. I realized things about me, things that were not like Sekhmet's legend. I couldn't sleep, that was the first thing that hit me. The worst had to have been that I sparkled or was it my new appearance.

The long black locks that had once draped from my head were still a gorgeous, shiny onyx that reflected light from the care that I had the servants take in washing it. My eyes, which were a piercing red, I did not hide. They were considered a blessing from Ra, and Amun. My lips were naturally the color of red, from the blood of others that I constantly devoured. Soon though, too soon, I realized that I was not aging, that Ra had given me this gift. But my son-in-law hated it. He thought, since he was the 'rightful' heir, that he should have the gift.

So I graced him with my gift, which was the hardest thing that I had ever done in my immortal life. He then married my daughter and betrayed me by taking the seat of Pharaoh from me. In return I sucked all the venom from his body, causing it to shrivel into a body not that unlike a human's. It took me centuries to trust any one and when I did, a nice loving elderly family, I ended up draining them when the wife got a cut.

That woke me up from my stupor. I knew that I had a power, and that Ra would have never done something like this. I guess I finally saw what I was, that I was taking innocent peoples Ka's and that I didn't want to live this way. I fled Egypt and my identity of Neferneferuaten. I ran in that desert until I was so far that there was no human for lengths to come. I ran to the closest ocean and forced myself into the deep recesses of the ocean where I could never take another Ka.

The ocean's pressure kept me under for years and years to come until my mind was driven mad with the call for blood. I had been slammed into a rock that now had a crevice just for me with coral surrounding, and growing on me. So I pushed my way out of the rock, unknowingly breaking it and I began swimming until I found something to sink my teeth into. It just so happened to be a large whale, which I had no idea existed at the time. I drained the poor thing dry and then sucked some more, trying to find more. After all I'd been bone dry for at least a decade. I sucked at least five whales in the pod, because swimming was another thing that my immense strength and speed had blessed me with.

When I climbed out of that ocean, and onto land I'll never remember what possessed me to have a look around. All I knew was this land was lush and had much better plants on it than I could imagine growing in Egypt.

This would later be called South America, Brazil. I met up with the locals who saw my beauty and worshiped me as a goddess. I was quick to leave though when I realized they ate humans, they were cannibals. Instead I stuck to my new found diet of animals. It wasn't as stabilizing as human blood but it was better than stealing Ka. Because of the lack of control that was a side effect of drinking humans I decided against blending with the humans. I spent centuries trying to curb my diet from the human diet. After drinking so carelessly, at least one a day, when I was a Pharaoh it was hard to do it.

I tried to push myself back into being a human, but that was wasted every time because I never had anyone who could understand. I had no one who could tell me to stop, no one to tell me that I shouldn't do that. I always ended up relapsing and having to 'kill' myself to get away.

During one of these times, I learnt exactly what my gift was, aging. No, I couldn't change my eyes to be violet, or some weird color. They were a golden color, red again if I faltered, and they would be that way, unless I changed my age. It's very simple, my gift. If I want to seem like I'm twenty, or if I want to seem like I'm fifty I can. I found it strange that my skin would turn from the pale color, back to my human looks simply by turning my age. It was as if my gift allowed me to continue my life after my change. It was as if this pale, beautiful body was just a stop on my biological growing process.

I used my gift frequently, just to revel in something good for me.

It also helped when I was finally able to fade back into a human life in the year 1994. I searched for a human family and I found them in Forks, Washington. They were a new couple, Charlie and Renee Swan. They had a baby that very day and were just now home. I knew that Charlie Swan was the Police Chief of Forks and Renee was a stay at home Mom, or she was now. All I had to do, since I curved my appetite so successfully now, was to ring the door bell and turn myself into a day old me. Let me tell you, I did not enjoy it.

But when Charlie Swan opened that door and I was met with my first sight of my new parents, I fell in love with this family.

"Renee! Hurry, get a blanket and some of Isabella's baby clothes!" Charlie had shouted, while bending to pick me up from the mass of old dirty, blood soaked rags that had been my clothing. He held me close, even though I was disturbingly butt naked. The lady, Renee Swan, had hurried to do what she was told, placing the day old baby in her carrier before coming to see what was wrong. I remember her gasp of surprise and then her taking me from Charlie to take care of me.

"Charlie what are we going to do?" Renee asked, sitting at the table, me in one arm with Bella in the other. I absolutely refused to breast-feed, I don't care how old I am, or whose child I am.

"I-I guess we are having another baby." Charlie said, slumped on the table, staring unbelievingly at my little face, which still held the golden eyes of my change. They are the only thing that I can't change back to human. It was silent for a bit, as Isabella Swan, my new sister, feed. I merely giggled and clutched the finger held out to me by Charlie. It was going to be a long time before I was going to be able to do anything fun, like reading or walking, but I planned to milk this. I wanted to be loved, to be cherished for more than just a gift to a rising Pharaoh.

"What do we call her then? What do we tell people? Oh, we're going to need more clothes. She can share a bed with Bella for now but they'll grow up and-" Renee started getting excited and she moved Bella away on accident, causing her to start crying. I, going on the instinct I had, cried with Bella. "Oh, Shhhh…" Renee tried to calm us down. I stopped crying, letting it turn into little whimpers.

"We'll get to all of that soon; just-just…take it one at a time." Charlie told her, though I could see the love and affection in his eyes for his new wife. They'd been together only shortly, it was really a shotgun wedding. Of course, I'd loved the reception.

"All right," Renee agreed, having hoisted Bella back to her feeding post. I frowned down at the bottle that was being shoved in my face. Oh, this was going to be disgusting. I latched on to the bottle and nearly jumped back into my older body just to get away from the taste, but it was a necessary sacrifice for being 'human'. I wonder if babies actually find this disgusting. "Then let's start with a name." She said, waving a finger in my face. I clutched it as I continued to suck down the disgusting stuff that passed as baby formula. You know, we fed our babies better than this and we were primitive people!

"…How about…" Charlie glanced down at me, and I giggled just to be cute, causing the new father to flash a charming half-smile at me. "Isabelle, to match Isabella?" He asked her, smiling at me and running his fingers over my scant few black hairs.

"But won't that be confusing? Isabelle and Isabella?" She asked, running the names through her mouth. I giggled extra loud to show that I liked it. It was different, something I've never thought to use. For the amount of time that I have under my belt, it's kind of confusing to remember all the names you've gone by. Luckily for me, I don't have to worry about that because a vampire's brain pretty much grabs on to information and stores it for later.

"Isabelle…." Renee tried out. "I love it." She finally decided.

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