Inspired by several theories going around as to Tarrlok's past and his possible connections with Yakone. As you can probably guess, this contains spoilers for Episode Eight. I do not own anything, and all recognizable characters are the property of Nick, VIACOM, and Bryke.

Tarrlok knows what will happen next before it really does.

The thread of his power gives one more pull, childish still in its need to please. The rat's neck snaps sideways. A vessel bursts inside its tidy animal brain. Its cry is sharp and thin like ice. Then it shudders once and dies, and the feeling that comes to him through the dark is as blinding and magnificent as sunshine on the snow.

His fingers splay open. The rat's body goes slack, a lumpish shadow in the quarter-moonlight. Tarrlok's own shadow bows low and long at his feet. When he drops both hands down to his sides again, they are trembling.

(And he hadn't meant to kill the thing, no, though there is no undoing it now, but oh why had no one told him it would be like that?)

"…Got a bit overzealous there, did you boy?"

Tarrlok looks up to meet his father's eyes, and thinks that maybe he can understand the loathing he finds there when Father looks back. His cheekbones are not so high-set as Father's yet, and his lips will never be quite so knife blade-thin, but they are still a close match in appearance: it is the same look Father has always given him, since the day Tarrlok first reached out and called the water to him.

He was five then. He is fourteen now.

("You will never understand," Father often says, "what losing it is like. Like the center has been cut out of you. Like you are a god who has been flung down to earth.")

So Tarrlok smirks.

"Is that really what all of your talk is about, Yakone?" he asks, because he has never called him Father out loud before and he never will. "That was so easy."

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