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Arizona (Normal pov)

The security system at Markoneous Industries was the pinnacle of technological advancements, probably because the designs and technology came from a different dimension.

The company had gone through a rather interesting history. Springing up rapidly out of nowhere to being one of the world's largest industries under the guidance of its founder Alexander Markoneous, who was later discovered to be Emperor Markoneous, leader of the Forever Empire.

His intentions were broadcasted as "Safety and security for the world." What no-one realized was that underneath the charming smiles and a promise of peace was a man who had caused the death of millions and mass genocides across entire galaxies.

Reasons for arriving in this world had been unknown but despite having to start fresh he had formed a powerful empire and constructed legions of robot soldiers and massive weapons of mass destruction, including an orbital cannon codenamed New Dawn that upon his command marched across the entire world capturing heroes to be either frozen as trophies or locked up in Alcatraz prison.

Thankfully the heroes had recovered and put a stop to his scheme for world domination as well as destroying his floating fortress command ship The Dauntless. He had been chased from this dimension along with his personal bodyguards.

Years passed and the company struggled to regain its image under the command of the company board of directors. Many apologies had been needed on behalf of the company despite few people knowing of their president's true intents. The story issued to the public claimed their president died in a tragic accident as his private plane crashed in the arctic mountains.

Now the company had been claimed by Markoneous' girlfriend Katalia. In Markoneous' will he transferred full control of the company to her should anything happen to him. The company had been built legally and did run legitimate businesses so there was no way to dispute the claim.

Katalia, being very close to Markoneous before his actual death, had to work hard to gain trust with the heroes of this world, considering she had tried to kill a few of them at some point. But that was in the past and now the company had focused every effort into creating better technology to help mankind.

All the old weapon projects created by Markoneous had been locked deep underneath the headquarters in a vault. Only Markoneous and Katalia knew about all the security devices in place, and with Markoneous dead that left only one person with all the secrets.

The vault was impregnable; no-one could break in.

But she didn't count on her evil sorceress daughter.

(Markoneous Industries headquarters/underground)

Marrissa strode confidently down the subterranean tunnel that she had carved with energy beams, "I must admit I didn't expect the underground mines but they were a nice touch." She grinned back at her little brother, "Did you get them all defused Scar?"

"Yeah sis" he held one of the tiny but high explosive devices up, "Talon says General Maraxus uses the same designs." He looked over his shoulder, "Where did she go?"

An angry mumble preceded Talon as she caught up to them, "Last time I checked I do not have cat's eyes and therefore cannot see in the dark."

Dark being an understatement. An underground tunnel deep beneath the surface was completely void of any light; however Marrissa and Scar were both Bastetion and could see in the dark. Talon unfortunately could not.

"It's okay babe" Marrissa slinked her way over to Talon and wrapped her arm around her lover's waist.

Talon jumped but Marrissa could see a grin, "Can we please just get this over with?"

"We're here" Scar called, "The vault is on the other side"

The three of them huddled together as Marrissa stretched her hands towards the wall, "Saragast maragasa!"

A beam of purple energy blasted from her hands and the wall turned to dust. Behind it was a solid wall of steel.

"Start cutting" Marrissa glanced at Talon.

The Twi'lek ignited her lightsaber and carved a hole in the metal.

"One way to make a door" Scar grinned as he led the way through the wall and into an illuminated corridor, "According to my calculations we are on level B37. The vault should be on this floor."

A panel slid open at the end of the corridor and a hulking machine with large claws and glowing red eyes emerged.

"Intruder alert" it droned, "Activate defense measures"

All along the hallways laser fences activated. Heavy turrets folded out of the walls and took aim at the trio.

"Ideas?" Talon stood back to back with the siblings, "We are surrounded and way outgunned."

Marrissa conjured a black energy shield around the three of them, "My father created these machines, it's a pity I must destroy them."

"Fire" the large robot ordered.

A hailstorm of lasers pounded the shield, bounced back, and destroyed the turrets.

"My turn" Marrissa flung a sphere of black electricity at the robot. It exploded violently and the laser fences deactivated.

"That was a little too easy" Scar muttered, "Fifty auto-turrets, laser fences, and one big robot… something is not right."

"Keep your guard up" Marrissa deactivated the shield, "Let's go."

They continued through the maze of underground corridors. Apart from the occasional turret there were no other traps. Until they rounded a corner to find three tall human shaped robots wielding dual lightsabers.

"Magnaguards" Talon angled her lightsaber, "Probably advanced ones"

"Targets identified" one of them twirled its lightsaber, "Identity confirmed as Katalia. Stand down." They deactivated their weapons.

Scar and Talon exchanged puzzled looks.

"Don't you see guys?" Marrissa grinned widely, "My father created these before I was born, he must have programmed them to recognize DNA, and since I am my mother's daughter they see me as her."

Cautiously the three intruders approached the guards, "Escort us to the vault" Marrissa ordered.

"Yes Mistress Katalia" they bowed and strode away through the corridors.

(Vault entrance)

A massive vault door was waiting for them, at least thirty feet in diameter. The three magnaguards stood to the side as Marrissa, Scar, and Talon approached.

"Open the vault" Marrissa ordered.

The three guards ignited their lightsabers, "Warning! Standing Orders 372 dictate Mistress Katalia knows access codes. You are intruders!"

"Crap" Scar muttered as the droids closed in on them.

"I'll handle this" Marrissa blasted the droids with red lightning.

Instead of destroying them the droids began to move faster.

"Oh these are good" Talon and Scar dived at the droids while Marrissa conjured a sword made of emerald fire and charged after them.

(Inside the vault)

Thousands of robots hung from the roof in their containers. The remnants of Markoneous' vast army that had almost conquered the entire world, now simply waited for a new purpose. But Marrissa had not come for an army.

She had come for a weapon that only Markoneous himself knew the extent of its power. A weapon he had devised to ensure his eternal legacy.

A weapon he had named "Omega"

Within the containment tank hidden in the vault was a cybernetic body. It was built for one reason. To preserve the Forever Empire.

Markoneous, being a normal human with no powers or fighting skills, save for being an incredible marksman, had quickly come to realize that sooner or later his human body would age and die or that he would be struck down by someone. So he made preparations.

Using his near limitless knowledge and cultivating the highest level technology he could construct, he created a new body for himself. When the time of his death neared he would have his brain converted into cyber data and placed in Omega. A body that would never age, never get sick, a body with his knowledge and personality, but with the strength of a thousand men and the power to link directly with any computer interface in existence.

He would have been invincible.

But he passed away before he could get to his new body.

Now his daughter had her own plans for it.


The last magnaguard collapsed into a smoldering heap as Marrissa sliced through it.

"That was fun" she commented lightly, "Come on we have work to do."

"So how do we open the vault?" Scar asked as they stood in front of the massive bulkhead.

Marrissa stepped up to the control console, "Let's have a look."

It was a standard keyboard and number pad on a platform.

"Password" Talon frowned, "Any idea?" she looked at Scar.

"Nope" he looked at Marrissa, "You're the one with all the answers."

The young sorceress looked puzzled, "I haven't a clue."

"Well that helps" Scar started typing on the keyboard, "But I think I know the answer."

Marrissa and Scar watched as he typed in 'As long as the Emperor lives, so shall his Empire.'

"The Forever Empire's golden rule." Talon remarked, "Good guess."

"Password accepted"

They turned their attention to the number pad, "His date of birth?" Marrissa shrugged.

"Let me have a go" Talon typed in a long series of numbers.

"Access code accepted"

Marrissa and Scar gaped at her.

"Hey" Talon shrugged, "It's the Forever Empire's emergency code. General Maraxus made sure I memorized it."

"Please place your hand on the provided panel" A handprint scanner slid out of the wall.

Marrissa gently pressed her hand to the scanner and waited while a green light scanned it.

"DNA accepted. Welcome to the vault"

Slowly the enormous door opened into the vault. Hundreds of lights illuminated the underground storage facility. Robots as far as the eye could see hung from the roof. Blueprints, schematics and designs for large buildings, even one of a school for some reason lay in sealed glass cases. Multiple vehicles, mostly ones with lots of guns, were parked in neat spaces around the edge and on platforms built into the walls. Stashed around the vault were statues of gold, jewels of all sorts, and in briefcases they found millions in currency for each country of the world.

Talon and Scar let out low whistles, "Dad was loaded" Scar muttered.

"Spread out and look for project Omega" Marrissa ordered, "It should be in a large containment tank."

"Marrissa" Scar waved an arm around, "Have you any idea where about in this massive vault it is?"

His sister shrugged, "No idea"

A rumble echoed around the cavernous room and scuttling sounds seemed to come from all sides.

"What else is in here?" Scar looked at Talon.

"According to the intel we have I would say a lot of security droids." She answered, "So keep your guard up and your mouth shut."

They paced along an aisle, on one side were cybernetic head designs, and on the other was an array of prototype pistols designed for, as the sign said, 'Exterminating Soul Reapers'.

"Reckon these work?" Scar picked up one of the pistols. He examined it carefully, "Oh."

"What?" Marrissa turned to him.

Attached to the gun was a note 'Does not work'

"He tried to find a way to wipe out those scum" Talon folded her arms, "Wonder if there is something in here that would work." She glanced around.

"Come on" Marrissa led the way onwards, "We need to get out of here before we are discovered."

The scuttling sound picked up in volume and a massive eight legged robot spider appeared in the corridor directly in front of them.

Marrissa went deathly pale and started to shake, "Daddy..."

"I forgot" Scar grabbed his sister, "She's scared of spiders."

Even though they knew it was a robot there was no faulting how realistic it looked. The entire body was covered in brown hair, sharp pincers and red eyes turned towards them. The only bit that gave it away was the visible metal inside the mouth.

"Intruders!" it screeched, "Kill!"

Talon ignited her lightsaber and swung at the machine as it scuttled at them. The blade sliced through the machine's eyes and into its programming core. After violent spasms it collapsed to the floor.

"It's okay Marrissa" Scar hugged her tightly, "It's okay."

"I'm scared" she whispered, "Where's daddy Scar?"

"Come on sis" Scar patted her back, "Snap out of it."

Talon's comlink beeped.

"Marrissa has reached the age of twenty-two"

Scar and Talon looked at each other in horror before retreating hastily from Marrissa.

"But she isn't a full Bastetion" Talon spoke quickly, "Will she still transform?"

"I don't know" Scar crossed his fingers.

They watched as Marissa shook violently. Her eyes opened as wide as they could and she flung her arms out to the side.

In the family Marrissa had always been unique. From a very young age she had begun delving into the darkest magic she could find. By her early teens she could bring small animals back from the dead as zombies. When she reached late teens she had summoned an army of undead beings as her minions and her magic abilities were beyond anything seen before.

But all that had polluted her. Now she had turned into a human with cats' eyes, ears, fangs, and claws. She had lost her tail, her fur, and her genetically superior speed and strength.

Upon their twenty second birthday the female Bastetion would go through a transformation into adulthood. Marrissa's experiments with dark magic had increased her body's age and now she was ready for the change.

When her mother had changed she grew taller, stronger, and far more aggressive. But that was because Katalia was pure strength and fighting skills before her transformation.

Marrissa was pure magic.

She grew taller to a height of six foot while lean muscles appeared along her arms and legs. Her short black hair swirled around her, lengthening until it reached her feet. The fangs sharpened while her claws broke off into human nails. The front of her black shirt rose as underneath her breasts grew to a healthy C cup.

Then things got strange.

On Marrissa's forehead a diamond shaped yellow eye appeared. Purple tattoos appeared along her arms and legs while her eyes turned bloody red.

She collapsed to the ground and took deep calming breaths.

"Marrissa?" Talon and Scar cautiously approached.

The eye on her forehead looked at them.

Scar jumped, "That scared the shit out of me" he took a deep breath.

The long black hair lifted into the air and split into eight long strands. Each strand changed into a strange form of snake, they were black scaled with glowing yellow eyes and green venom dripped from their fangs.

"Are you okay?" Talon took a step back cautiously.

Marrissa stood up and gently stroked one of the snakes before snapping her fingers. The eight snakes turned back into hair which fell down to her feet.

"I feel so alive" she spoke in wonder, "So… powerful."

"Can we finish up here then?" Scar kept glancing at his sister's hair and third eye, "That is kind of disturbing."

The third eye looked at him. Scar shuddered.

"Wonder if it does anything" Marrissa closed her normal eyes and turned her head towards the dead spider robot. A pulsing beam of black and purple energy blasted from the eye and the machine exploded into tiny fragments, "Hmm not bad"

Directly behind the ruins of the spider-droid they spotted a large containment tank with the Greek symbol Omega imprinted on it.

"Jackpot" Scar rushed over to the tank and pulled on the door, "It won't open"

"Did you expect it would?" Marrissa and Talon caught up with him.

For a moment they simply stared at the tank before turning to the console beside it.

Name your enemy

"Name your enemy" Marrissa frowned, "Who was his enemy?"

"The Teen Titans, the Justice League, the Jedi, the Soul Reapers," Talon listed, "Almost every species in existence?"

Scar stroked his chin, "When he made this thing who was the enemy he wanted to defeat?"

The two girls shrugged.


With a hiss the door started to open. Steam and smoke streamed from inside. Plugged into the tank was a human shaped body.

"Yes" Marrissa's hair formed into tentacles. They reached into the tank and began removing the cables, "This body shall be the host for the Emperor, and with it the Forever Empire shall once again rise from the ashes and destroy this worthless world and all who dare stand against us."

"Hey what's going on over here?" a tall man in a security guard uniform appeared.

Talon ignited her lightsaber, "Wait a minute… there shouldn't be any human guards in here."

"How perceptive of you hot stuff" the guard grinned, "The name is Prototype or Proto for short."

"The AI General Maraxus created" Scar muttered, "Now allied with the enemy."

Prototype folded his arms, "You are stealing. Now are you gonna give up and come quietly or am I going to have to kick your butt?"

"You and what-" Scar looked up in horror as the millions of robots activated along the roof, "Oh, that army"

The three intruders sprinted for the exit; Marrissa's hair tentacles were wrapped around the body and carried it for her.

"All units open fire!" Prototype ordered.

Thousands of lasers traced through the air and closed in on the trio as they neared the door.

Marrissa turned to face them, "I will not be stopped by anyone or anything!"

A wall of purple energy appeared in front of her and as each laser hit it the wall grew larger and sent purple bolts at Prototype.

"Crap" he dived behind a large vehicle, the bolts harmlessly fizzled out on contact with it.

Scar and Talon were already outside waiting to close the vault as Marrissa hurried towards the exit. Droids and robots of all types were swarming like bugs after her.

"Hey babe!"

Marrissa glanced back to see Prototype waving from the turret hatch of a large tank. The canon swiveled around to aim at her.

"Have a taste of the Tiger Tank" he grinned, "Fire!"

Instead of a shell it fired a beam of energy. Marrissa merely reached out a hand and the beam turned in mid-air back at the tank. Amazingly the beam didn't even scratch the armor as it collided square on the front.

"Tiger's only weak point is the ass baby!" Prototype taunted, "Didn't you learn anything from Maraxus?"

Instead of answering him Marrissa back through the vault door, her hair/tentacles still clinging securely to Omega, "I expect you will be informing my mother about what has transpired here."

"Yep" Proto nodded, "I think she'll want to know."

"Then tell her that if she had any love for my father she will help me realize his dream for total galactic domination." Marrissa left the vault, "Seal it"

Scar and Talon pushed the massive door shut before the robot army could get out.

"Let's go" Marrissa walked back through the corridors with no alarms or anything being activated until they reached the point where their underground tunnel was waiting. Her hair deposited Omega on the ground, "Who's carrying it?"

By luck of the draw Talon was unlucky but Marrissa scooped the body up in her hair again and set off at a brisk pace while Scar sealed the tunnel behind them.

As they walked Marrissa felt the body moving inside its protective cocoon. Soon the body would move with a purpose, and then the world would pay for all its crimes against her father.

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Guardian appeared

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Guardian: You should know by now that the Forever Empire is dead. The Emperor is dead and time after time you and your allies have failed.

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Guardian vanished.

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