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Japan (Normal pov)

Outside of any city of Japan a large group of people stood under large tents and they all wore ceremonial outfits. Many were the Soul Reapers of the soul society, others were the heroes of earth, and the last were a group of family and friends as they all mourned for the loss of someone close to them. A good friend, brother, father, and grandfather, his name was Ronin Suzuki. Ronin's body was in the middle as it was prepared to be burned.

Retsu Unohana stood by with her two children Luna and Gabriel as they wept for the loss of their father. Hanako the head captain of squad one also wept, as did many of the soul reapers who knew Ronin. Hinamori Momo who was made the new captain of squad 5 wiped her tears away as she tried not to cry.

Many of the heroes who knew Ronin also cried as they knew despite their differences with Ronin he was a good man and a good friend. Markoneous and his family were there as well. They didn't weep, but they did feel sad that Ronin who helped them be pardoned for all they did, and help give them a new life on earth was now gone.

Talsein and his followers were there as well as they wept for Ronin, but also for their fallen friend Tetsip who, thanks to him, was able to help save Isamu and Talsein. Although Tetsip's body was gone they still held this ceremony with Ronin since their deaths helped keep the world safe.

Isamu held back his tears as he didn't want to cry in front of his former master and for the fall of his greatest rival Tetsip. Hikari cried though as Rachel comforted her. The twins Rowan and Arella cried, as did Liana, Jake, and Barriss, while Ahsoka and Ichiro held their tears back. They may have defeated Mark IV, but it cost them someone close.

Talsein and Isamu approached the body of their mentor as they prepared to say a few words. Isamu went first, "I've known Ronin since I was young. He helped deliver me when I was born and in a way was like a second father to me and my sister. When our parents died, Ronin looked after us, and kept us safe."

Isamu choked a bit, but managed to talk again, "He wasn't just my friend, he was family. He was someone who we could go to for advice, someone to help us when we need it, and comfort us when we need it. His death has hurt us all and I know it will take us a long time to get over it," Isamu stopped as he didn't want to continue. But he turns to his master and knew he had to, "But I know Ronin is up there watching down on us and would want us to continue living, continue enjoying life, and living each moment as if it was our last."

The others nodded as they agreed with what Isamu said. Isamu turned to his master and bowed his head, "Thank you for everything and I hope we continue to make you proud for living our lives to the fullest."

Talsein stepped up and tried to find his voice. He wanted to say so many things to his master, but he couldn't find the right words. Tears fell down Talsein's face as he couldn't hold them back. He wiped as many tears away and got on his knees. He then bowed down to his fallen master as the others watched on. Talsein lifted his head a bit and finally spoke.

"I failed you as an apprentice, as a friend, a husband to your daughter, a father to Hanako, and as a son. Yet still time and time again you kept trying to bring me back, why? That was the question I kept asking myself everyday wondering why you tried to save me." Talsein turned to his son, daughter, and wife realizing now why his master tried to help him, "Now I realize that you wanted to save me, because you never gave up on me. You never gave up on saving me and you showed me through Isamu that I was wrong. That people can change and I can find peace with those I love."

Talsein bowed his head to his master, "I am honored that you called me your son, because it's an honor for me to call you my friend, my master, and father."

Isamu got on his knees and bowed like Talsein did. Many of the others did the same as they knew they were all honored to have known a great man as Ronin. A man who lived the life of a warrior, mentor, brother, husband, father, and grandfather," Talsein, Isamu, Hanako, and Hikari burned Ronin's body as they all remained silent.

Two weeks later (Ahsoka's pov)

It has been two weeks since Mark IV was defeated and the deaths of Ronin Suzuki. Many still wept for Ronin's death, though many managed to move on. Markoneous and Katalia disappeared after the funeral. Not sure where they went though I guess they left to catch up.

Marrissa and Talon were pardoned for their sins, though they're being kept an eye on to be sure. Talsein was also pardon for his sins as well, except when they offered him a chance to go back to the Soul Society he declined. What happened next surprised a lot of us. Isamu and Rachel along with Hikari and Cyborg decided to move away and live in the Soul Society.

Many of us were surprised by this, but they decided since the world was no longer in any danger that it was time for them to retire for good and go on to live in the Soul Society. The other reason is they wanted to help Retsu raise her kids for Ronin. I was happy for them, though I was going to miss having them around. Isamu and Rachel gave me and Ichiro their old home, along with all the land they owned. Numa stayed with us and I promised Rachel I would keep her safe.

All in all it ended well for almost everyone. The kids weren't traumatized by the whole event. Barriss however did want to spend a lot of time with Marrissa. I was not all okay with that, but Ichiro convinced me to allow it. I agreed as long as Marrissa didn't do anything. Despite all that things were back to normal, at least I thought they would be.

Little Creek

I was in the living room with the kids who were watching some show about a talking sponge that lived under the sea in a pineapple. I never understood these cartoon shows and why kids liked them. Ichiro was sleeping after a long night at work. I didn't mind caring for the kids while he slept. They were too focused on the TV that they wouldn't cause any trouble.

As I read my book I heard a knock on the door. I got up and went to see who it was. I opened the door to see it was a woman in her 30's, she had long black hair, blue eyes, wore a power suit with a skirt that reached her knees, and had on glasses.

"Ahsoka Tano Ishida?" The woman asked.

I nodded, "Yes, who are you?"

"My name is Alexis Benson I am Ronin Suzuki's attorney or at least was," Alexis gave me her card and entered my house, "Nice place, I see Ronin buying, and giving away this land wasn't wasted,"

I was confused on why a lawyer was here and why she entered my house without permission, "Um why are you are?"

"Oh right, I have here something for you," She revealed an envelope, "It's part of his will that he wanted me to read to you upon his death,"

Alexis gave me a sealed envelope, with my name written on the envelope, "He left me something?"

Alexis nodded, "Yes, left you something I think you will find interesting,

I opened the envelope and read it, "Dear Ahsoka, I was honored knowing you and learning much about your past. I felt bad by what happened to you and the Jedi back home. It wasn't right and I wish I could do something to change what happened, but what happened happen, and we can't change the past," I knew that was true, "However, I can make things right. It seems ever since the death of the son I have noticed something. I found several children who possessed the same ability you have. Most are orphans and others are with families who would want their kids to have better lives. So that is why I bought a large land on an undisclosed location where for the last few years I have build a replica of the Jedi temple, for you to teach these kids."

"Wait what?" I stopped and checked on the letter to be sure I was reading it right. To my surprise Ronin bought a large land and build a new Jedi temple? I couldn't believe it. I couldn't also believe that there were children here who could use the Force.

Alexis nodded, "That's right. He fought hard to get you that land from the government, but after buying it off and helping them pay off their debt to China they agreed to the land and the temple,"

I couldn't believe Ronin did this. I was happy and sad that I couldn't thank Ronin personally for this. I continued reading the letter seeing there was more, "I know you're unsure if you want to do this. But it's up to you Ahsoka. The temple and the land with it now belong to you. You may use it as you wish and I hope you like it. Goodbye and may the Force be with you kid."

I sat down on a chair in disbelief that Ronin actually created a Jedi temple and gave it all to me. I wondered if this was real or fake, "So, what now?"

"Don't know and don't care. I did my part now I'm off, good luck Mrs. Ishida," Alexis left the house as I stared at the letter along with the deed to the land and temple.

Ichiro came down yawning as he stretched out his arms, "Hey who was that?" Ichiro looked concern when he didn't get a response from me, "Ahsoka, you okay?"

I turned to Ichiro and told him what happened, "Um Ichiro mind if we go check something out?"

Undisclosed area (Normal pov)

Ahsoka explained to Ichiro what happened. Ichiro was surprised by what Ahsoka told him and decided to go check the temple out. The kids and Numa overheard the conversation and decided to come along. Ahsoka checked the map to see it's a few hours away near the mountains. They headed off to check the temple out and see if it was true.

They arrived to the location where they found the temple was like the old one back in Ahsoka's world. However, there was a village nearby, there were no statues of past Jedi, and there was a large school on the other side of a lake that was in between the school and the temple.

As they arrived in front of the temple the kids took off with Numa to explore the temple. I was amazed that the temple was like the old one. No monuments or statues of any Jedi, but it looked like the old one. Ahsoka and Ichiro explored the temple as we couldn't believe Ronin got the detail of the temple right.

"Impressive work huh?" Ichiro was also surprised by how well Ronin did, "I guess this is all yours?"

Ahsoka turned to Ichiro and was unsure about all of this. She was glad that earth has a Jedi temple and that there were kids who could use the Force. Still she wasn't sure if she wanted to do this. She may have taught Kalifa well and Numa, but this was still going to be a big challenge for her to go through.

"I don't know." Ahsoka wasn't sure what to do.

"You need some help?" Ahsoka looked over and saw Markoneous and Isamu approaching her.

"What are you guys doing here?" Ahsoka asked.

"Well, for the last few years Ronin and I talked about the future generations, and how they would need to defend earth if anything happened to the older generation." Mark said as he pointed to across the lake, "So I had Ronin build us a school to teach future generations on how to use their powers to protect the people,"

"You?" Ahsoka was a little surprised by what Mark said.

"Yes," Mark realized why Ahsoka sounded surprised, "Don't worry I won't try anything and if you need some help then I'll help you out with the Jedi temple. It's the least I can do for you after all I did."

"Wow that's cool thanks Mark." Ichiro said.

"I don't know if I can do this though," Ahsoka was still unsure about teaching the future generation to become Jedi.

Isamu approached Ahsoka placing his hand on her shoulder, "I know you're nervous. I was too when I was teaching the kids I was nervous and worried I wouldn't do a good job. But all that worrying went away when I had help, Ahsoka I'll help you,"

"So will I," Ichiro kissed Ahsoka on the cheek, "That's what husbands are for right?"

Ahsoka smiled as she was thankful to have her husband and father in law to help her, "As will I." Numa came back with the kids as she wanted to help.

"Us too," the twins said at the same time.

Ahsoka smiled as she was glad to have her friends and family who will help her out, "Thank you guys."

"And if you need more help, along with guidance," Mark revealed Ahsoka's necklace that Marrissa gave her, "You can ask some old friends to help."

Ahsoka nodded and used the necklace's powers to bring back in spiritual form all her Jedi friends. Ahsoka smiled and approached her friends bowing her head to them, "Will you all help me?"

They all nodded as Anakin approached her, "We will always be here to help you Ahsoka. No matter what."

Ahsoka turned to her family as Isamu approached her, "And we will be here to help you get through this too."

Ahsoka, now feeling confident in herself, knew what she needed to do, "What are we waiting for? Let's get to work."

Hill overlooking the area

General Maraxus stood watching as they began work. His lip curled in disgust at the thought of all who had yet to be purged from this world. With the destruction of Omega he had lost a valuable resource as well as once again being humiliated by the Soul Scum.

"I, will never yield." He vowed, "In the name of the Forever Empire I will have my revenge."

There was a flash of light and he turned to see his twin daughters appear. For the first time in their lives they were utterly serious.

"Report." He folded his arms, "Carina Alpha?"

One of the twins held up a flash drive, "The blueprints of Omega. Down to the last detail."

Maraxus nodded, "Then we can build another one with ease. Carina Beta?"

The other twin likewise held up a flash drive, "All of its information of Soul Reapers. During the fights with Isamu, Tetsip, Talsamu, and Ronin it gathered a lot of data."

"Excellent." Maraxus took the drives, "With these I can remake Omega. And this time it will have the power of a thousand Soul Scum, allowing me to personally oversee the destruction of their worthless society. You two better get back to practice before Prototype misses you."

As his daughters vanished he clenched a fist, "I will return. And when I do this world shall be purified through fire and destruction."

With a dangerous smirk General Maraxus tapped a button on his uniform and vanished into a vortex, "Long live the Forever Empire."

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