I just loved Beckendorf and Silena. They both shouldn't have died. And also Lee Fletcher, Michael Yew, Ethan Nakamura, Luke Castellan and so many other heroes.

"DON'T DIE, SILENA!" I heard Clarisse shout.

But it hurts. All over my body, it hurted. I knew I was going to die soon. But you know what? I want to die. I wanted to see Charlie.

I whimpered. It just hurt so much.

Clarisse was crying and yelling at me at the same time. She kept on calling me stupid for trying to kill the drakon.

I just knew I had to show everyone the necklace. I pulled out the cursed device with the picture of a scythe.

"You were the traitor." Percy breathed.

I was getting weaker. "I joined because Luke promised he wouldn't hurt Charlie. When Charlie died, I tried to get out. I tried to quit. But Luke said it was too late." I felt so bad. I really hope Camp Half-Blood wins this war. I hope all my friends survive and gets out of this.

You did very well, and I'm extremely proud to be your mother. You were a hero. I knew who it was. It was Aphrodite, my mother.

I felt like crying. It was all my fault that Luke knew our battle plan. I wasn't a hero. Well not really. But I knew I had redeemed myself by pretending to be Clarisse.

And I wasn't the only one. Ethan Nakamura or Luke could always do what I did too.

I was going to see Beckendorf.

I felt someone close my eyes. Clarisse was the perfect person to kill that drakon.

Last thing I heard were all my friends screaming in fury at the monsters with newfound strenghth.

Silena Beauregard's death was so sad. She was one of the best Aphrodite kids. She beats Piper McLean.

Why'd you kill her, Rick?