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"Harry!" Pansy's voice echoed along the corridor, and Harry paused before the fat lady's portrait. "Harry?"

There was a clatter of running feet, and Pansy rounded the corner, looking out of breath.

"What is it? Is some thing wrong?" he asked, looking around her for a clue as to why she was running.

"I was worried I wouldn't catch you in time." she nodded towards the fat lady's portrait, and leaned heavily against the wall, her ringlets bobbing as she caught her breath. "Draco's still ignoring me, and he's down in the common room with Theo. I just couldn't sit with them, not when he's not talking to me, and I didn't want to be alone. I headed back to the hall, but you were already gone, but I hope I could make it up here before you arrived."

"Oh." Harry said, looking for a way out of this one. "Well, I was just going to go and finish my homework in the common room… I said I'd study with Hermione. So unless you want to sit in a common room full of Gryffindors…" he shrugged apologetically as he tailed off.

"Actually," Pansy said brightly "I was hoping you'd say that! I need some company, I really do, and I could give you a hand with homework too if you like."

"Wait," Harry said nervously "You want to come in?"

"Well, most of the Gryffindors who would usually complain about me being there are on holiday, right? So it won't be so bad." she smiled expectantly up at him, and Harry tried not to notice how her lip-gloss made her lips so appealingly pink.

He hesitated, not seeing a way out of this one without being rude. He couldn't see anyone else being happy with a Slytherin in the Gryffindor common room; he didn't even know if it was against the rules.

"Are we actually allowed to go into each other's common rooms?" he asked her

"Well as a rule, no one does it, but I've never heard it said that we're not allowed to." Pansy shrugged "And I can always leave if I'm made not welcome."

"Well… Alright then," Harry reluctantly turned to the fat lady and stopped. Should he let Pansy hear the password? It didn't seem right, but what if she took offence? He turned to Pansy, but then grinned; she had her hands over her ears, and at his glance began to giggle.

"I'm not listening, I promise!" she exclaimed, and proceeded to hum a Weird Sisters song loudly.

"Spring chicken." Harry told the fat lady, and the portrait hole swung open accordingly.

Pansy immediately stopped her humming and stared through the hole curiously, and scrambled through when Harry motioned for her to go first.

Luckily only Hermione, Ron, Ginny and Neville were in the common room, but they hadn't appeared to have noticed them yet as Ginny and Hermione were engaged in a game of exploding snap, being egged on enthusiastically by the boys. Normally Harry would just join the group, but he felt as if he should announce Pansy's presence.

"Hi!" he said, trying to sound nonchalant at he made his way over to them.

"Hey Harry." Neville said, looking up, then did a double take.

"Pansy?" Hermione exclaimed, and Ginny and Ron whipped around in their seats.

"Er - Harry -" Neville began, looking nervously at Pansy

"She's not allowed in here." Ron said flatly.

There was an awkward silence, and Ginny looked down at the floor, her face crimson.

Harry felt indignant, despite not being keen on Pansy joining them. So she wasn't supposed to be in the common room, what were they going to do, turn her in? And why were they looking so accusingly at him? He turned to Pansy, expecting her to start telling everyone off for their hostility, but was surprised to see her staring fixedly at the carpet, her cheeks pink.

He found a protective instinct taking over him. Why were his friends being so rude? They were nice enough to Pansy the rest of the time.

"I told her that she could come in," Harry said "But if she's not welcome -" he reached out to take Pansy's arm as she made as if to leave "them I suppose we'll just sit over there." He nodded towards a table in a corner and began to make his way over to it. Pansy imitated him, looking relieved.

"Harry!" Hermione said suddenly "Of course Pansy can join us, I don't mind!"

Harry stopped and caught Pansy's eye, but she gave him a pleading look before turning back to reply to Hermione.

"Thanks." she said "I'd love to join you, but is it alright if I do some studying first? I did say I'd help Harry…"

"Oh, yes of course!" Hermione said, smiling warmly. Harry was sure that she felt guilty for not speaking up for Pansy sooner.

He turned and continued over to the table, and Pansy sank gratefully into a chair with her back to the Gryffindors.

"Sorry Harry." she grimaced apologetically "I just felt so embarrassed - Hermione was very kind, but the others…"

"It's all right, I don't blame you for not wanting to sit with them." Harry said, and meant it.

"Harry, I also wanted to apologise - for earlier." she cast her eyes down, looking ashamed

"Don't worry about it," Harry said quickly "I shouldn't have accused you of those things-"

"But you were right!" she looked up despairingly "I never once thought past helping Draco and having some fun for myself that night. I used Ginny, I just assumed she wouldn't care if it was a short term fling."

"It's not really my business anyway." Harry said, embarrassed

"I don't like you thinking badly of me." Pansy said quietly

"I don't." he said "Pansy, just be yourself. You don't need to try to please people."

She gave him a grim smile "Sometimes it feels like I can't stop it though. I just want people to like me, and what people like is outgoing and up for it. Whatever 'it' happens to be at that point in time. But with you…"

"I just want you to be yourself." he said firmly

She watched him for a moment, then smiled suddenly.

"Maybe you do. I might try it."

They looked at each other for a moment, and Harry felt his cheeks starting to redden, until she smiled again"So what homework were you needing help with anyway?" she asked, gesturing towards his book bag.

"Er-" Harry thought furiously, wishing he hadn't lied now "Well I still have to practice my Transfiguration."

"Oh good!" Pansy said enthusiastically "I can help you there, I've been transfiguring my eyelashes black since forever!"

"You have?" Harry said blankly "I thought they were already that colour?"

"Well, they're dark brown really of course," Pansy laughed "But I prefer to transfigure them rather than wear mascara. I've been doing it since third year."

"Oh." Harry felt a little foolish "Well I've only managed it once so far - we were supposed to be dying our eyebrows yellow, and I could only get one to work."

"Is it true that Ron grew a moustache?" Pansy asked, lowering her voice, a cheeky grin on her face.

"Yeah, it is." Harry grinned, glad to point out he wasn't the only one inadequate at Transfiguration "It was a proper handlebar moustache as well!"

"I remember in fourth year, after Professor Moody transfigured Draco into a ferret, he was obsessed with trying to transfigure his nose so that it was less pointy." ***

"Are you serious?" Harry laughed

"Yes, it really got to him, you starting that nickname 'ferret features'."

At this, Harry burst into laughter, but hushed himself quickly when Ron, Neville, Ginny and Hermione lapsed into silence and stared over at them.

"Best not let Ron hear that!" he said, quirking his lips. Pansy's face softened as she watched him.

Henceforth, it seemed that whenever Harry was in the same vicinity as Pansy, she made a beeline for him, and after a while, he stopped telling himself to be cautious, because she maintained a friendly distance, and he began to forget that she had once had a different kind of interest in him.

Even if she had once felt differently, what did it matter now? They could still be friends after all.


There was now only one day before term started and unusually, Draco had been counting down the days. He was sure that life would return to normal when Hogwarts was full of students again, that he wouldn't feel so alone. He had ended up extending the hand of friendship to Pansy much sooner than he had intended, as now that she was spending her time with Harry all of a sudden, she seemed to have forgot all about Draco. Unfortunately, although she had seemed glad he had forgiven her, she still was preoccupied with Harry.

It was a cold yet bright day, and Harry and Draco had planned to go flying, but Pansy had tagged along, and Draco sourly watched her giggle and wobble around on Harry's Firebolt as Harry tried to explain to her how to hold the broomstick correctly.

She has him wrapped around her little finger.

Harry hadn't seemed to have minded Pansy following them down, in fact he hadn't even commented on it. He had seemed uneasy when she had asked him to show her how to fly, but he had soon crumbled under her wide-eyed, trembly-lip routine and now he looked as if he'd never been happier.

Draco snorted, watching Harry pulling Pansy along as she began, for the first time, to fly in a straight line, her toes brushing the grass. Pansy has always been useless on a broom.

Now that he thought about it, perhaps his own relationship with her might have worked if they'd had quidditch as a common interest…

Oh Merlin please don't tell me I'm now desperate enough to consider Pansy again.

He rolled his eyes at his own foolishness. He had to be careful; these days it seemed as if even idle thoughts were leading him into trouble. More and more, Granger had been occupying his thoughts, and he didn't know why, but he wished she'd act like a normal girl and not wear that little skirt when it was so cold. Even Pansy wore trousers most of the time for Merlin's sake! And that tight little polo neck that she'd worn to breakfast yesterday?

Draco didn't know what had got into him. He was even letting thoughts of that night into his head now, and it ashamed him that he still got turned on by the thought of it. What was wrong with him?

He tried to distract himself by watching Harry and Pansy again, but it sickened him. Mostly because he was becoming more and more certain that Pansy really, really liked Harry. He could see what she was trying to do, act all innocent, like the kind of girl Harry probably liked. Or was it an act? He wasn't really sure. Maybe she was just having fun, enjoying learning to ride a broom properly. She'd rarely acted like that with Draco, but that was mainly because he had spurned every one of her advances. At least Harry seemed attracted to her.

Sadly, Draco thought, as Pansy began to speed along the grass faster, and turned to blow a kiss at Harry, who blushed.

It was clear that Pansy required attention at all times in any case. Poor Harry didn't know what he was getting himself into. If Pansy wasn't feeling loved, she began to act like a tart, in her desperation. Harry couldn't keep sitting on the fence, or he'd have trouble on his hands, that was for sure.

Suddenly Draco was caught sight of a bobbing flash of brown at the far side of the pitch and his heart rose and then sank as he realised that it was Hermione Granger. She was making right for Harry and Pansy, who greeted her enthusiastically, Pansy speeding over on Harry's broom and nearly crashing into her.

Draco merely watched them, as he couldn't hear what they were talking about from his seat at the bottom of the stands.

"…and Ron's the only one in the common room, I don't know where Ginny's disappeared to, so I thought I'd just come down and see what you were all up to."

However Hermione didn't listen to Harry's reply as she had caught sight of Malfoy yet again staring at her. This time, he sat at the foot of the Ravenclaw stands some distance away, staring unashamedly, and she began to panic.

What does he want?

She didn't know why she kept noticing Draco staring at her. Was he going to tell Harry about the cupboard incident? Maybe she should try to confront him about it again. For a moment while the others began to get ready to make their way back up to the school she floundered. Then when Draco looked back at her to see why she wasn't following she made her decision and beckoned him over.

He looked puzzled but complied.

"Hermione?" she looked up to see Harry looking between her and Draco concernedly, but she shook her head.

"You two walk ahead, I'll catch up. I need to ask Draco something about Astronomy."

Harry raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything, but Hermione found herself flushing under Pansy's shrewd gaze.


She felt a shiver run down her back at her name being said by that voice, but she made herself look him in the eye.


He looked down at her and quirked an eyebrow.

"I thought we were back on first name terms."

"We're not."

She found it hard not to stare. She'd never had him all to herself, to look at like this. The wind teased his hair, a strand tickling the tip of his ear which peeked out from the rest of the ruffled blond. His grey eyes were dancing with amusement.

"Surely I haven't struck you speechless with my enchanting beauty?"

Hermione bristled. There was no way he could know how near to the truth he was.

"You vain, egotistical-"

"Yada yada, et cetera." he shot back smoothly "I've heard it all before Granger, was there something you wanted to say?"

"Stay away from me." she said firmly, looking him in the eye.

"What?" he said, his face blank with surprise

"Stop watching me. Whatever you're planning, stop it." she didn't move her gaze. "If you tell anyone -" she took a breath "- about - you know what -" she gritted her teeth, feeling her cheeks burst into flame. Why could she not at least have rehearsed this speech first? "- you'll be sorry."

For a moment Draco stared at her, then a vicious sneer formed. "You think I was going to tell?" he spat "Worried about darling Ronald finding out you're not the precious little virgin he thought you were?"

"If you tell -" she said steadily "-I swear -"

"You'll what? Cry on me? You can't even say the word for what we did!"

"Don't -" she began, but he drew up close to her, hissing in her face.

"I fucked you good and proper, and you certainly weren't begging me not to. So don't come after me with your righteous posturing! You think I don't know what you're busy convincing yourself? That you were scared, that you didn't know what you were doing? And whoops, your precious virginity was gone before you click your fingers?" Hermione opened her mouth to argue back, but no words came out.

"Well keep telling yourself it was all my fault, Granger. Just you forget that I asked you, and you couldn't get enough. But before you go running to Potter and Ronniekins crying that you got taken advantage of by me, why don't you try explaining to them what you were doing following me around under a stolen invisibility cloak!"

For a few seconds Draco glared down at her, his eyes narrowed in hatred, but Hermione couldn't begin to formulate a reply. Draco lifted his chin and cast her one last disdainful glance before turning his back on her and striding back up to the school, his long black cloak fluttering after him in the wind.


When they got up to the great hall, it appeared that some of the students had returned for the new term. Pansy gave a small shriek of excitement, waving to the blond Slytherin Daphne which Harry had been hearing about so much.

"Aren't they supposed to be back tonight?" Harry asked, momentarily confused

"Silly Harry," Pansy rolled her eyes "not everyone gets the train. Daphne and Morag were side-along apparated to Hogsmeade I expect. Come here."

Harry made to back off in alarm, but too late she had him in her pincer-like grip and he found himself in a warm hug.

"Thanks for being a good friend." she said, pausing to smile at him.

He smiled awkwardly back, then started as she pulled him in for another hug, brushing her lips on his cheek.

"Bye." she said, letting go.

"Bye." he muttered, blushing when Pansy's friends started giggling and blowing him kisses.

He headed back up to the common room in a remarkably good mood. At least I'll have some peace now, he thought merrily. He had to admit though, it would be quiet without her. He'd actually gotten fond of her. She'll be back before long though, he told himself grimly. Then he broke into a foolish smile for no discernable reason.


Once again, Draco slipped into the Room of Requirement. He had a free period and it was dangerous to do this during the day, but he had Harry's invisibility cloak. He also had a small white bird in his fist. It opened and closed its tiny beak repeatedly, but Draco's silencing charm took care of that. He clumsily moved a pile of books into a strategic position behind the door, then placed a china tea-set on top. Any intruder would knock it over, and Draco would be alerted to their presence and could whip on the invisibility cloak.

He walked away, the small bird still struggling and silently twittering in his fist. He'd stolen it from Hagrid. He didn't like risking himself by stealing, nor did he relish risking the animals life, but after much testing he had finally decided that transfigured animals just did not hold their form once in the cabinet.

The cabinet.

He paused in front of the hulking piece of furniture, only half covered by a dusty sheet. He pulled it off, coughing as dust particles filled the air.

Reaching for the bronze handle, he looked down at the bird.

"I think we both hope this works." he muttered wryly, then he pointed his wand at it and removed the silencing charm. Immediately it began twittering madly. Opening the door, he threw the bird inside, slamming it shut before it could fly out of the frightening, dark space. The twittering could still be heard faintly, although at times it faded away altogether as he listened.

The bird must be moving between places.

He held his wand to the door, closing his eyes to focus.

"Harmonium Nectare Passus." ***

He paused as the wild twittering cut off. Closing his eyes, praying, he repeated the spell.

"Harmonium Nectare Passus."

Still no twittering. He opened the door and closed his eyes in despair. The bird was on the wooden bottom of the cupboard, and it wasn't moving.

He'd tried every spell that Borgin had suggested, and from there he'd tinkered with the spells, changing them, making his own versions. It was inconceivable that the cabinet was beyond repair, it was the only plan which he could imagine working. This spell was the only one which had made a difference, and it was the last one on Borgin's list! His alterations to it should have made some difference surely…

It has to be this spell, it has to. It's the only one that really makes sense. I just need to understand what the problem is better.

He'd started practising with ornaments. He'd shut the cabinet door and then no sequence of opening and shutting would bring them back. He'd tried every spell, and then this one, when used with the right focus, had fixed the problem. The china pieces had come back every time.

He'd thought the cabinet was fixed, thought he could visit Borgin's shop that very moment. Luckily he'd thought better of it and placed an apple he had stolen from the kitchens in the cabinet.

He had instructed Borgin to check for its appearance at a certain time, and signal to him its arrival.

Borgin never received the apple, but after some trial and error with this spell, the apple arrived back with a bite out of it.

Now this had been the last test. Could a living thing survive travelling through the cabinet? Transfigured animals simply disappeared. If he tried a real animal though, he'd thought it would work. Apparently not. The thing was still broken.

Frustrated, he slammed the door shut again and focussed.

"Harmonium Nectare Passus."

He waited, prayed, though what for, he didn't know. What more would happen to a dead bird?

"Harmonium Nectare Passus."

He opened the door and screamed in frustration as the smell hit him. The bird had decayed, rotted and it lay mouldering on the cabinet floor.

Great, so there was a time discrepancy too.

He sat down to think. This had to work, it had to! If Harry changed his mind, he had nowhere to go! He needed this plan, a backup plan to go ahead with in case he changed his mind.

He knew the truth though. He was a coward. He wanted the chance to back out in case at the last minute he changed his mind. He was nothing more than a coward.


Oddly enough, Pansy didn't speak to Harry for several days. He kept seeing her in corridors, even brushing shoulders, but she never seemed to notice him. The first few times he found himself half way through a wave before realising she wasn't looking at him, then he wondered what the hell he was doing. Did he really need her following him around twittering at a hundred miles an hour about whatever Tracey and Morag were wearing to Daphne's birthday party?

He never had heard the conclusion to that one, he wondered if the boy Morag fancied had gone. Pansy had hinted he might, and that if he did there could be a serious catfight over who got to dance with him first.

What the -?

Harry was forced to slap himself, causing several people to look at him in alarm. What was wrong with him?

He groaned.

"What is it mate?" Ron asked, concerned, but Harry waved him away.

She's infected me with her girly-ness.


That year there was some late snow, so Harry decided to go outside and make the most of the weather by recreating the Christmas snow fight. However Ron wasn't keen on going out in the cold and Hermione wanted to do her Astronomy homework so disheartened, Harry went out alone, deciding to visit Hagrid. He took his broom too, because he felt like flying over the lake, and perhaps a little over the forbidden forest.

On his way out, he saw a group of girls appeared from the direction of Hagrid's hut, most likely on the way back from Care of Magical Creatures. Harry's heart leapt - there was Pansy! She was chatting to a curly-haired Ravenclaw girl as they walked back up to the castle.

At first, he was almost certain that she would walk by him without looking at him again, but as the group neared, Pansy looked over, and the corner of her mouth turned up as her eye passed over Harry.

Harry grinned back maniacally, then felt his face turning red; what was wrong with him?! He had mean to give her a friendly nod and walk on! He hated looking so desperate, but he just couldn't help wishing that she would talk to him again.

Lo and behold, Pansy broke off from the group with a few cheerful goodbyes to her classmates, and walked over to where Harry stood.

"Hey." she trudged towards him in the snow, her cheeks rosy in the cold air. Today she had her hair in loose ringlets again, just like at Christmas, under a very Slytherin emerald green bobble hat. Harry fought a sudden urge to gather her in his arms and kiss her; he had no idea where it had come from.

"Hey." he replied, finding himself smiling widely. Missed you, he wanted to say. Pansy smiled back, her perfect teeth like white pearls.

A few flakes of snow began to fall as she stopped beside him and held out her hand expectantly.

"What?" Harry said confusedly, then found himself hoping against hope that for some reason she wanted to hold hands

"Give me a ride!" she laughed, rolling her eyes as if it were obvious, gesturing towards his Firebolt.

Harry laughed nervously, and mounted the broom. Pansy climbed up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist snugly.

He took her on a circuit of the grounds, starting off low down, then gradually rising, eventually weaving in and out of the goal hoops on the quidditch pitch on the way, making her squeal with delight. He found himself grinning; he loved that despite her terrible flying, she wasn't afraid at all, even when he risked a small loop-the-loop she sounded as if she was having a whale of a time.

He almost didn't want to stop, but eventually he felt as if he didn't get indoors his fingers would freeze to the broom, so he descended on the grass in front of the entrance hall and skimmed to a stop.

Pansy stumbled off the broom and nearly fell over and Harry grabbed her hand to steady her.

"Your hands are frozen!" he exclaimed "You should have told me you were cold!"

"I didn't want to stop!" she replied, "It was fun, and anyway, I didn't really notice till we stopped. Can we do that again sometime?"Harry's heart thudded as he looked down at her and a thought occurred to him: why, exactly was he avoiding this? Somewhere along the line he'd forgotten…

He enjoyed being with Pansy, he missed her when she wasn't around, yet he still continued to try to defy Draco's predictions, and it was even more ridiculous when you added in all the hints she'd been giving.

He looked at her for another long moment.

"Are you alright?" she asked, looking puzzled

"Yeah." he mumbled, then decided to do it before the euphoria of flying wore off.

"I'd like to do that again." he answered her question and she smiled "But, I was wondering if…"

"If what?" she began to tug him towards the entrance hall, still holding his hand.

"If maybe you wanted to do it as my girlfriend?"

Pansy whirled around in the snow and stared up at him, her eyes lighting up "Honestly? You're asking me out?"

"If you want to…" Harry said, beginning to feel slightly foolish despite his hopes rising.

"Oh Harry! I'd love to!" she squealed, and then stepped forward, looking up at him. Harry grinned foolishly at her for a second and then she burst into giggles.

"What?" he asked confused, but she took his hand again and pulled him towards the steps. Still bewildered, Harry allowed her to position him at the foot of the stairs, and then she stepped onto the bottom step. For a moment he continued to stare at her like an idiot, but she simply smiled at him and then leant forward and pressed her lips to his.

Oh! he thought, mentally kicking himself, and then kissed her back.


"You can not refuse to help me! This is serious!" Hermione snapped frustratedly; Professor Binns had set his class the exercise of interviewing a pure-blood witch or wizard on their opinions of the importance of the changing role of goblins over the last century. No one else was likely to make the effort, but Hermione had never skipped homework before and she wasn't about to start. Completely against approaching Ron after the ball, and deciding to prove to herself that she wasn't going to let her fear of what happened between them dictate her life, Hermione had approached Draco just before curfew as he headed back to the Room of Requirement. She had agreed to take him the invisibility cloak before he went to the Room, which they kept doing just in case, despite there being no attacks on him in recent months. However he was ignoring her, clearly regretting that Harry hadn't accompanied him as usual.

"This is homework Granger, it's not a matter of life and death."

Hermione jogged to keep up with his pace' she decided to let it go soon; they were nearly at the Gryffindor tower in any case but she didn't want to look to eager for his help, especially when she could talk to Parvati Patil just as easily. She steeled herself, deciding to make sure he knew that she wasn't letting her fear of the cupboard incident rule her anymore.

"Malfoy, I realise you feel awkward about-"

"Shut up!" he wheeled around and began to whisper furiously "Don't you dare bring that up in public again!"

"We're in an empty corridor Mal-" Hermione whispered back angrily.

"I don't care! I refuse to speak of that -"

Hermione felt tears inexplicably spring to her eyes.

"I don't remember you complaining!" she spat furiously.

"It was a mistake," he hissed, "and you can chase after me all you want Granger, but it's never happening again!"

"Is that what you think this is about?" Hermione didn't bother keeping her voice down now "You think I want to do it again? You think I want YOU anywhere near me after - after"

"Sshhh!" Draco froze, grabbing her arm

"Why you - get your hands-" then she stopped, her eyes resting on the same point where Draco's remained frozen. Mrs Norris stood at the far end of the corridor. Then they heard the sound of running feet

"Run!" they both hissed simultaneously, and turning, they began sprinting down the corridor in the opposite direction

"In here!" Draco hissed as the rounded a corner, wrenching open a door. Hermione found herself dragged in, almost on top of him in the tiny space left in the broom cupboard, which mainly seemed to be full of cardboard boxes. The door clicked shut.

"Not here again Malfoy!" she whispered indignantly at very same moment Malfoy hissed "Keep quiet!" and they both realised how close they were.

Draco groaned. This was not happening. This cupboard was going to be the death of him. He felt Hermione's breath hitch; her chest was pressed uncomfortably against his. Suddenly a light flicked on inside his head. He was crushed into a closet with a beautiful girl who he liked; when had he ever stopped himself from getting what he wanted? No no…its Granger! he told himself, even as he felt his head turning I won't- not again -

And then suddenly their lips met.

It was mayhem. Chaos. Suddenly it didn't matter that they were in a tiny cupboard hiding from Filch, it didn't matter that they were prefects, it didn't even matter that if anyone found out they would never live it down. The cupboard, Hogwarts - it didn't exist.

Draco's hands were on Hermione's hot skin again, as if they had never left. It felt so right, and she was everywhere. Her mouth on his and it was all he could feel.

Hermione had her fingers in Draco's hair, sighing with pleasure - how much had she secretly dreamt of doing this again? Her hands slipped under his shirt and up his back and he groaned into her mouth, clutching her tightly. He lifted her up so that her legs circled his waist and-


The cupboard door burst open and dim light filled the small space. Draco and Hermione let go of each other as if they had been burnt, Hermione stumbling against the boxes as he dropped her. For a split second, their eyes fell on a trembling, white-faced first year, and then he was gone, the door swinging open by itself.

"Fernley! Is that you?" It was Professor McGonagall

Draco met Hermione's widened, terrified eyes, only to stifle a gasp as they heard Professor Snape's voice say

"Out of bed after hours - that'll be fifty points from Gryffindor!"

There was a whimpering noise from the first year as Hermione tugged something out of her pocket and whipped it over their heads. Draco's mind worked furiously as the silvery folds of an invisibility cloak settled over him. Where did she get that? Did she steal it from him again?

"Why is that cupboard door open?" Snape snapped

"There's someone inside!" Professor McGonagall said suddenly "He was going to hide inside - who is it Fernley?"

Hermione and Draco walked as fast as they could, hunched under the invisibility cloak and managed to get out of the way just in time, as McGonagall and Snape rushed over to the cupboard, only to find it empty.

"Who was it!?" demanded Snape, wheeling on tiny Fernley who looked ready to wet himself

"Sixth years" he squeaked "They were-" he stopped and gulped

"What were they doing?" McGonagall asked more gently

"Stuff" muttered the little boy, his face crimson "You know - stuff"

"Give me their names?" Snape pressed, his face like thunder

"I don't know!" the boy whimpered, backing away

"Come now, Fernley-" McGonagall began, only to be cut off by Snape

"Forty points from Gryffindor unless you describe them, Fernley!"


However this tack seemed to work "A Gryffindor - the girl with the frizzy hair, Harry Potter's friend-"

"Hermione Granger?!" McGonagall exclaimed, aghast as the boy nodded.

"And the boy - who was the boy?" an evil vindictive smile was spreading across Snape's face, and Hermione knew he was anticipating Harry's name, or Ron's.

The boy muttered something indecipherable

"Speak up!" Snape hissed

"Draco Malfoy."


Hermione paid no heed to where Draco was leading her, their feet clattering down numerous stairs and corridors as they sprinted. She felt hopeless. This would mean expulsion. Her friends would never speak to her again. He reputation-she couldn't even bear thinking about that.

Finally, as they stopped outside a gloomy stretch of dungeon wall, she mumbled

"Where are we?"

"Outside the Slytherin common room," Draco answered, stepping out from under the cloak

"What!" Hermione gasped, waking up "Why - how is that going to help?"

"I didn't know where else to go, but I have a plan now. Keep quiet and stay under the cloak." he ordered, whispering 'purity' to the wall, which melted away, forming an arched door.

Hermione had no choice but to follow his orders as he walked into the common room, leaving Hermione alone. She hurried along after him, still invisible under the cloak.

The Slytherin common room was dimly lit, green leather sofas dotted over the cold stone floor. The windows were black, but Hermione was sure she spotted something flit by outside the glass.

"Oy!" Malfoy shouted suddenly, making her jump. Two small first year girls shot to their feet, previously hidden by the backs of leather chairs. They looked nervously respectful at the sight of Malfoy.

"Fetch Pansy Parkinson immediately." Draco ordered "Tell her to bring her - um - special potions. And after that - don't let me find you out of your dormitories unless you want to die a seriously painful death."

The first years shot up the stairs, terrified. Hermione was too numb to feel sorry for them. They stood in silence for a few seconds before Pansy appeared.

"Draco, what's wrong?" Pansy's voice was serious, a tone, Hermione realised, which she had never heard from her. She stared at Pansy; her brown hair fell down her back, slightly tangled from sleep. She wore rather innocent looking pink pyjamas, but Hermione's musings were interrupted when Draco suddenly pulled off her invisibility cloak, leaving her standing there in her dressing gown and slippers. Pansy's eyes flitted between her and Draco, suspicions visibly forming in them.

"Pans we have a problem. We need an alibi - we can't be found together. Snape and McGonagall are probably on their way to find us now. I don't trust Hermione's lying ability."

Pansy hesitated for only a second, then nodded, but looking unconvinced. "Alright, but you'll owe me! If Slughorn finds out I stole this..." She pulled a bottle out of her pocket. "You'll explain later Draco. Give me one of your hairs, Granger."

Hermione's brow furrowed "What-" and then she yelped as she felt a sharp tug on her head and Draco turned and handed a handful of hairs to Pansy, who pulled a hair out of her own head and exchanged it for Draco's handful.

The other girl then used the lid of the bottle to measure out some liquid, and then added a hair before gulping it down. She shoved the bottle at Hermione "Give me the cloak" she said, her face already beginning to mutate. Hermione handed it over wordlessly, and then Pansy disappeared, and the common room door swung open and then shut again.

Draco then turned to Hermione, adding Pansy's hair to the potion before handing it to her.

"Drink it." he said urgently "You need to pretend to be Pansy. We haven't much time."

Hermione unthinkingly gulped down the liquorice flavoured liquid, and the gasped and choked as at the same time, Draco tugged her down onto an armchair onto his lap.

"Just try and act like Pansy when he gets here. I'll do the talking." and with that he closed her protesting mouth with his own, pulling her hand up so that it rested on his neck.

Hermione jumped and tried to free herself when, only seconds later, she hear footsteps crossing the common room from the entrance behind them, but Draco held her to him, his fingers tightening in warning on her hand. Act like Pansy. She thought furiously as a low, dangerous voice interrupted;

"When you've quite finished Mr Malfoy."

Hermione had to force herself not to freeze, or jump to her feet, but Draco took his time ending the kiss, finally stopping to look up at Snape who towered over them. Hermione uncomfortably realised that his hand was resting on her bottom and he showed no signs of moving it. She attempted to look up at Snape through her eyelashes in the way that Pansy usually did when trying to look innocent.

"What is it, Professor?" Malfoy answered, quite at ease, even going as far as to rest his other hand on Hermione's exposed leg.

"I have an eyewitness stating that not ten minutes ago you were ensconced in a cupboard with another student. " Snape's eyes flickered over Hermione, who felt a little surprised. Wasn't he going to say her name? Or did he actually have the decency not to attempt to ruin Draco and Pansy's relationship? If snogging Pansy behind Ginny's back (Snape wouldn't know about their recent break up) counted as a relationship.

Draco chuckled, squeezing her leg reassuringly

"Oh professor, I assure you Pansy and I are quite comfortable here. We've been here for some time."

Hermione quickly changed her expression of confusion to one of faked innocence, but with a mischievous upturn of the lip. She even reached out to stroke Draco's hair in the way she had seen Pansy doing so often.

"Whoever your informer is," Draco drawled, running his hand up Hermione's leg "he should have picked someone else to lay the blame on."

Snape's eyes rested on Draco's face for another moment as he spoke

"I suggest you both get to bed then."

And with that, he spun on his heel and left the common room.

There was a moment of silence.

"Well," Draco murmured "That went well."

"Are you sure?" Hermione whispered back

"It won't matter unless Pansy managed to get to Gryffindor in time." Draco looked worried

"But yes, we played our part well. He think's I'm up to something - but not with Hermione Granger." he gave Hermione a roguish grin.

Hermione blushed.

"You're starting to change back." he whispered looking at her face, and watching Pansy's smooth hair grow curly and bushy

Hermione felt her legs growing longer and watched her nails growing back into her fingers until Pansy's claws had changed back into neatly manicured nails. She felt her curves coming back - Pansy was terribly thin - and her breasts growing.

"Draco," she began, confusedly watching his smiling face as her snub-nose changed back into her normal one "we need to talk about this. What's happened between us."

Anxiety etched the boy's pale face "Tomorrow. "

"But last time-"

"Last time was different. I give my word we'll speak about this to-"

The common room door opened and a giggling couple stumbled through, stopping dead when they caught sight of Hermione in Draco's arms.

Hermione's mind raced. The couple were fifth years, she didn't know their names. Suddenly Draco voice came from behind her

"Imperio!" She jumped, heart racing. "Imperio!"

She started, turning to see Draco's forehead wrinkled in concentration. In horror she leapt to her feet, and Draco followed her, walking towards the couple who stood listlessly before him. He stood quietly, apparently thinking.

"Malfoy - Draco - what-?" she began, but Draco cut her off.

"Shh. Let me think." He massaged his eyelids with his fingers. After a long moment, his head snapped up.

"You will take this," he ordered the couple, holding out the Polyjuice bottle to the girl, who held out a hand unquestioningly "and get caught in Snape's stores. Pretend to be attempting to steal from his stock of Polyjuice."

Hermione watched the scene, mesmerised

"You will forget you saw me with Granger. Instead, when pressed, tell Snape that you have been using the potion to masquerade as various students. Tonight, you used a hair from Granger you took from her cloak this morning. You," he turned to the boy "took a hair from me yesterday, in quidditch practice. In the changing rooms. You will subtly give Snape the impression that you pretend to be other students in case you are caught having sex - and because you enjoy it."

Draco looked at both of them, saying "If anyone asks you if you have been imperuised, you will say no. You will use all your skills to make your story as plausible as possible. Go."

As soon as the couple had gone, Hermione turned on Draco

"You - how could you-!"

"Listen!" Draco snapped "We never asked for this to happen!"

"And they did?" she retorted, angry and confused

"Yes!" he began to plead with her "Hermione - they've been having sex all over the school since the beginning of term. Everyone in Slytherin knows it - they aren't discreet. At least we didn't mean it, and we were being secretive - those two - they didn't care about the example they set to younger students-"

"Don't act like you do!" Hermione retorted

"I don't but you do. They deserve it more than us."

"I can't believe you used an Unforgivable and I didn't stop you!" Hermione whispered, bringing her hands up to her face

"Listen Hermione," Draco said "If I hadn't, we would have been found out. Snape would have gone back to verify the story with that first year, Fernley. When he realised he'd been telling the truth, he'd come back. We'd both be expelled. They won't believe we weren't actually doing anything, the fact that we were caught by a first year is enough - we're prefects. Your reputation would be ruined - expelled from Hogwarts - you won't get a job in the wizarding world after an elxpulsion. And I - I would have nowhere to hide from the Dark Lord, and he now knows I'm against him. I did what needed to be done."

There was a silence as Hermione turned away from him, pinching her nose eyes closed. What had she done?

Both jumped as the common room door swung open and shut. Pansy appeared, tossing the cloak at Hermione.

"Job done." she said shortly, and they breathed a sigh of relief, but Pansy didn't relax.

Pansy then looked at Hermione "You friends Patil and Brown heard it all, what McGonagall was accusing.. I told them that you had been caught with Draco but managed to get away before anyone other than the first year saw you. I promised them more gossip when I got back from checking that Draco was alright. I said it looked like it was more than it was. Is that true?"

"It was, this time." Draco replied, as Hermione's face inevitably reddened

Pansy turned to Draco now

"You two have been shagging all over the castle?"

Hermione groaned with embarrassment

"No," Draco said quietly "Only once, and it was an accident."

Pansy rolled her eyes "An accident for who, I wonder?"

"Both of us!" Draco snapped "Pans - help me!"

At this, Pansy's cold expression warmed slightly but she said

"You made this mess Draco, you fix it. In any case, this will be all over school by tomorrow anyway, even if the teachers believe the story." Hermione closed her eyes.

"I imperuised Banner and MacDougal. They'll confess, and I'm sure Snape will believe it."

"Well done." Pansy looked relieved, and Hermione was appalled at the ease with which she accepted it "But what are you going to say to Harry and Ron?"

"We'll have to think of that tomorrow, see how they react to the rumours." Draco said heavily, and Pansy looked unhappy.

"I'm not going to lie if he asks me about it." she said quietly, not meeting his eyes.

Hermione walked back to Gryffindor under the cloak with Pansy, who had filled her in on her exact words with McGonagall, Lavender and Parvati.

"They'll be sitting up, waiting for details."

"No" Hermione whimpered "I can't tell them, not about this!"

"You don't have to." Pansy replied "You just need to give them details. Pretend that it was your first - er date. Be grateful to them" she advised "They went along with the story, said that all three of us had been sitting up all night gossiping."

At Hermione's surprised glance, she added "They're nice girls. For Gryffindors. You should give them a chance. Just because they're not geeks - just because they like gossiping and boys - it doesn't make them stupid."

When Harry arrived in Snapes classroom for his detention, he was surprised to see Pansy there as well.

"What are you doing here?" he asked confusedly after checking that Snape wasn't around. He settled down into the seat beside her. Pansy gave him a smirk and said in a playful voice

"Professor Snape gave me detention." she was looking at Harry through her eyelashes, and he gripped the table tighter to distract himself from a sudden surge of attraction.

Harry looked away. He just couldn't understand how Pansy did this to him, but he was certain she knew exactly what effect she had on him. He just wished she wouldn't do it in situations like this.

Their first few dates had been positively harrowing. One minute they could be talking and getting along like a house on fire, the next Pansy would make eyes at him or flirt lightly, and he'd be knock-kneed and red faced all over again. At first she found it hilarious, but now it was becoming a habit to see how worked up she could get him. He told her to stop, but it was getting harder and harder to do so.

And anyway, what self-respecting man could really say no to that sort of thing.

He tried to will away the sudden tightness in his trousers, and asked her the obvious question, resolving not to look at her this time.

"How come he gave you detention? I though he never gave his own house detention." he tired to keep his voice light and airy.

"Oh," Pansy replied "Well apparently he does." she laughed, and Harry smiled slightly; he loved her laugh. "What are you doing here?"

He explained about his detentions that he was still being forced to do since his explosion in class at the beginning of the year.

"…and the last one got postponed until today."

"That sucks." she said sympathetically "I'd forgotten about that day. If he wasn't my favorite teacher - don't pull that face! - I'd tell you it was the funniest thing I'd ever seen. Anyway, I forgot to do that essay - you know, the one on Dementors? Well," she continued, her voice slow and sultry "He told me I was a very bad girl…" she spoke each word slowly and deliberately, and Harry's jaw dropped slightly. He felt a definite increase in pressure in his trouser region

"…and that he wanted to see me later tonight."

Harry, incredulous and half horrified spun around in his seat to face her, only to see she was shaking with silent laughter at his expression.

"Oh come on!" Pansy spluttered through her laughter "I have better taste than that!"

Harry laughed weakly, folding his hands over his lap. Why is she doing this now?! Pansy had acted provocative before, but she'd never been so obvious, and in Snape's classroom of all places? If he had been dating anyone else, Harry would never have thought half the thoughts he had been thinking about her, but as it was Pansy he found it very hard to control the direction his mind wandered in. Especially at times like this.

"I can't see him ever making a proposition like that to anyone, never mind a student! Can you really imagine me and Professor Snape?" she giggled

"I don't want to, that's disgusting!" he replied, trying to grin, then had to suppress a grimace of horror and embarrassment at her next actions.

"Oh!" Pansy threw herself back in her chair in a mock faint, and Harry's eyes involuntarily focussed on her outthrust chest, where her Slytherin tie barely hid the strained buttons on her white shirt. "Oh Severus!" she gasped, thrashing around on her seat.

He felt his face burning and he saw a flash of skin and white lace through the gaps between her buttons, before forcing his eyes back up to her face only to regret it immediately.

Harry forgot whose name Pansy was gasping, he forgot that she was only joking, making fun of him in truth; he only saw the perfect 'o' that her mouth was making and the delicious way her pink lips were quivering.

The classroom door banged open and Snape swept in like a draught of cold air and, as Pansy snapped back upright, then collapsed in giggles, Harry was left gaping, red-faced, like a fish out of water.

"Contain yourself Miss Parkinson!" Snape snapped, and Pansy ceased her giggles and sat up straight again.

"Sorry professor." she said meekly, and proceeded to ignore Harry.

Harry barely concentrated as Snape slammed a long roll of parchment in front of either of them; he couldn't stop thinking about Pansy's little act.

So wrapped up in his thoughts, he didn't even bother replying when Snape made some snide remark to him before he swept out of the classroom again.

"Er - what was I supposed to be writing this time?" he finally asked Pansy after sitting in silence for a few moments. Pansy looked up from her parchment.

"I should not be rude and obnoxious." she said, "You should pay attention." she laughed "And it would probably help if you thought with your brain." she gave his lap a significant glance before turning back to her lines again with a smirk.

Harry could feel his stomach churning with embarrassment as he turned to his parchment, his face hot. She knows exactly what she's doing! he thought incredulously, then wondered why he was so surprised.

He turned to her, furious, then realised he had no idea what to say. He couldn't accuse her of - of winding him up. Especially not it that way. She would probably just make him blush and stammer by some kind of comment along the lines of 'Are you trying to tell me you don't enjoy it?' and he knew he wouldn't be able to answer that truthfully.

He returned to writing his lines, wishing he could sink through the floor and escape. He just couldn't take this, not with the threat of Snape appearing at any moment. He could just imagine the professor ridiculing him in front of the class for 'getting aroused in detention' or some such similar humiliating crime.

For a long time, the classroom was silent except for the scratching of quills on parchment. When Snape re-appeared, he left just as suddenly with a large pile of textbooks.

"Harry, are you in a mood with me?" Pansy said suddenly

"No." he replied "I just wish you wouldn't do this!"

"What?" she asked angelically

"Pansy!" he exclaimed, his face red

"What?" she said, trying and failing to look innocent "Oh all right, I know what you mean. But why? You feel like you like it."

Harry nearly jumped out of his chair when he felt her hand on his - well somewhere that it shouldn't be (at least not in the front row of Snape's class).

"Pansy!" he whispered furiously

"Well you do." she shrugged

"I'd prefer if you'd do it somewhere where we don't have to worry about getting caught!" he replied.

Pansy tried to hide her grin, but Harry saw it and felt his onw lips curling of their own accord.

"I didn't realise you wanted to tease me back, Harry." she laughed "Go ahead, nothing's stopping you." she fluttered her eyelashes

"Oh trust me I've had enough teasing to last me a lifetime," he said with feeling. Some daring words occurred to him and he almost decided against saying them, but then he realised that by no stretch of the imagination could he pretend that anything he could say was anywhere near as shocking as half the things Pansy came out with.

"No teasing?" Pansy said sadly, turning her lips down at the corners comically.

"No teasing." he said firmly "At least not if I'm never going to get some action." he hoped his face wasn't red again, but he thought it was about time that he spoke his mind freely - Pansy did it all the time.

However Pansy didn't reply, and when he looked over at her, he was surprised to see that her face was a little red too.

"Pan?" he asked, feeling self-conscious.

"Wow Harry." she replied, biting her lip and smiling a little "You know that's the first time you've ever said anything like that."

"You've corrupted me." he said jovially, wishing he could spend at lease five minutes in her presence with a normal skin tone rather than the standard furious red he wore currently.

Pansy tried to look remorseful "Draco did say I would corrupt you.." she confessed

"He also said I'd be the one begging you to go out with me … among other things." Harry replied, feeling a thrill of daring at being able to say things like this out loud.

"So Draco was right about everything?"

"Well…" Harry said doubtfully "If you ask me, you've not corrupted me nearly enough-" he fell silent as the classroom door clicked open and Snape came in again and seated himself at his desk.

Harry's heart, which had been racing at a hundred miles a minute, slowly returned back to its regular pace as he wrote out another line of 'I must not be rude and obnoxious'.

After several minutes, Pansy eventually stopped scratching out lines, and yawned and stretched. Once again Harry's eyes rested on her chest. He looked up to see that Pansy was smirking at him. He almost dropped his eyes and then remembered he didn't care.

He raised an eyebrow, as if to say 'Is that the best you can do?'and hoped in vain that he wasn't blushing again.

"Professor?" Pansy suddenly called out, making Harry jump and hurriedly return to his lines "Could you open a window? It's very hot in here." she pulled open the top button of her shirt and the temperature indeed rose; at least from Harry's point of view.

I should have just ignored her he thought ruefully

"Get back to your work!" Snape said irritably, but he flicked his wand at the window nearest to them and it opened a crack. For some reason, the world seemed to be following a script; one written by Pansy.

A sudden breeze caught her parchment and blew it halfway over their desk, and Pansy leant over the table to get it, lifting off her seat as she reached so that Harry was faced with an amply amount of thigh. Skirts that short definitely shouldn't be allowed he thought fervently as she sat back down, smirking. He gave her a weak smile, wondering what he was getting himself into.

Suddenly Snape stood up, and headed for the door, a piece of parchment clutched in his hand, muttering moodily, unaware that two pairs of eyes followed him until the door snapped shut.

This is it. Harry thought nervously, turning to Pansy, who now had her own eyebrow raised.

For a moment he couldn't speak, and her eyes wandered over his body, making him suddenly realise that he was sweating profusely.

Pansy stood up and turned to sit on the desk, smirking at him.

"You really want to be corrupted?" she smirked at him

"Definitely." He could think of nothing else to say, distracted as Pansy lifted her leg, shifting over on the table top so that she was sitting directly in front of him on the table, a leg on either side.

His heart rate increased and he involuntarily smirked as he tried to stop himself from grinning.

"I like that look." Pansy said, and moved down from the table and onto Harry's lap, causing his mind to spontaneously wipe itself blank. "You look positively naughty." she shifted slightly and he gasped involuntarily.

"And how exactly do you want me to corrupt you?" Pansy said playfully, but Harry's mind was still blank.


"Yeah?" she leaned close, so that her lips were centimetres from Harry's.

Oh shit! Draco was right! What I am I doing? What -

"You bitch." he said, suddenly deciding to tell her exactly what was on his mind "You're still winding me up. You're not going to do anything, are you?" he took a breath as Pansy leaned even closer.

"Oh really?" Pansy kissed him.

It was a gentle kiss, almost innocent, but then Harry had to suppress shivers from the way she was moving, very slowly back and forth on his lap. Finally Pansy stopped and pulled away.

"Don't you dare stop now!" Harry croaked, feeling punch-drunk.

"Sorry Harry." Pansy grinned unashamedly, slipping off his lap and back into her chair "I can't have you thinking I'm some kind of slut!"

Regrettably, Harry didn't have a chance to reply, as Snape entered the room again.


Hermione didn't think she'd ever see the day Lavender managed to keep her mouth shut about a juicy piece of gossip, especially such a dirty secret.

Of course, her dorm mates had no idea of exactly how low Hermione had sunk.

She still hadn't spoken to Draco properly since the other night, and days were crawling by at a snails pace.

Every night she lay awake wondering if Lavender and Parvati had told someone, whether right now the rumours were spreading that Hermione Granger had cheated on her boyfriend. But that was ridiculous, she told herself repeatedly, she and Ron were not seeing each other, they hadn't gone out since the Ball - they had almost been ignoring each other. But did Ron see things like that? Nevertheless, every morning she woke up thinking, is today going to be the day?

She had tried to speak to Draco, hurried moments, whispered conversations that seemed to go no further than agreeing they had a problem. Once, Hermione had broached the question of whether they should try to date publicly, at least for a week, so that if rumours ever did appear they wouldn't cause as much scandal, but Draco had shook his head furiously, citing that his parents would do something awful - or something like that, because they were interrupted by Pansy and Harry arriving hand in hand to see where they'd got to while they'd not so discreetly disappeared into an empty classroom.

If Harry and Pansy could go out in public, then what did it matter? Surely Pansy's parents would throw a fit?

But no, it seemed like either Pansy didn't care or people simply didn't have the ill will towards her to let them know about their daughter's relationship.

Draco was worried too. He had wanted to obliviate her dorm mates but he hadn't dared suggest it after Hermione's reaction to his Imperio. It was too late now anyway. The rumour would come out at one time or another, he knew, but how many people would listen to it was something else. He didn't know what to tell Hermione. He liked her, but he still hadn't told Harry the truth about the awful mission he'd been given, could he really form a relationship with someone else on a false foundation?

His only hope was to just tell Harry.

Either that or go ahead with the original plan.


Unfortunately for Harry, things continued in a similar vein with Pansy for some time; she continued to tease, except to a more daring degree. He half regretted that he sat next to her in most classes; one of the most traumatising experiences was trying to answer a question from Professor McGonagall with the eyes of the whole class on him as Pansy slowly stroked his cock through his trousers.

Luckily the only one who seemed to have a clue of what was going on was Draco, and Harry tried to ignore his friend shaking with silent laughter in every class where he noticed such things happening.

Things came to a head for Harry when he and Pansy were on the way to potions and she stopped to tie his shoelace for him in a most suggestive manner.

Groaning, he waited until she had finished and then grabbed her hand and pulled her into a secret passageway behind a tapestry.

"Harry - ?"

"Pan." He glared at her "You've got to stop teasing!"

She folded her arms challengingly "Uh huh. I'm very scared."

Harry tried not to smile, then prayed for patience as he noticed that Pansy was looking at him in that way; as if she was trying to think of how to torture him next.

"Don't even think about it!" he said as she opened her mouth.

His mouth went dry as Pansy moved closer, moving so that she rubbed against his erection.

"Well what do you want me to do Harry?" she kissed him, and then pulled back, waiting. When he didn't reply she prompted him: "Come on, tell me what you want or we'll be late for potions?"

Harry's mind raced.

"I'm serious." she continued "Name it and I'll do it, but I want you to ask."

Harry pulled her against him, running his hand up her body, over her breast. She gasped a little and for a moment he thought she'd pull away, but then her tongue traced slowly along his bottom lip.

When he tried to imitate her, however, she pulled away ever so slightly out of reach and repeated the action. Twice more this happened, until finally, frustrated, Harry pushed her against the wall and their mouths locked together furiously.

Perhaps it was because they were alone in a dark and little-known secret passageway, but their senses felt unusually heightened; every brush of skin against skin was like a shock, and Harry could feel the heat of her through her clothes as if it she was running a fever. Their kisses were deep, and they felt so erotic that Harry could feel blood pounding in certain parts of his body so hard that he felt like he would explode.

Harry didn't know how long they kissed, he didn't care that time was ticking by and that Professor Slughorn would be taking the register now. Knowing that Pansy wanted it, knowing she definitely wouldn't mind, allowed himself to do whatever felt right, daring himself to go further, and felt a thrill of adrenaline as he ran his hand up the back of Pansy's leg until he could feel that she wore a thong.

She moaned into his mouth, pulling him forward so that he pressed against her, and he kissed her furiously; he was full of sexual tension but had no idea where to direct it.

Suddenly he felt Pansy's hand on him, and he moaned even louder into her mouth as she rubbed him through his trousers.

Suddenly Pansy pushed him away and then dropped to her knees, and he suddenly felt an odd mixture of awkwardness and desire.



"Ask me right now or I leave."

Harry groaned. "Pansy. Blow me. Please."

"Okay then, but Harry?"

"Wha - what is it?" he breathed, as she fiddled with the catch on his trousers. He didn't understand; her regretful expression didn't match her actions at all.

"I'm about to ruin you, Harry Potter." she said solemnly, and then an evil smile lit on her face as her hand closed on his bare skin.

Harry sat in silence at dinner that night. Beside him, Ron tucked into his pudding with vigour, and Harry wondered if he should have shared the information of his exploits with him; isn't that what friends did?


At the moment Harry wanted to keep Pansy to himself; she was the best thing that had ever happened to him, as far as he was concerned.

Things had probably moved faster than they would have if he'd dated someone else perhaps, but he could never think of her as a slut, whatever she said about herself.

Not with the way she cuddled into his chest, or the way she looked at him when he held her hand, or told her how beautiful she was. Her cheeky comments which made him sweat, but well that was just Pansy. And he loved the way she acted, hated how she had thought, what everyone probably thought, that he could do 'better', as if he didn't have a right to have a say in the matter. So what if The Chosen One wanted a bad girl?

Harry tried and failed not to watch, mesmerised as Pansy sucked on an ice-lolly at the opposite end of the hall. In and out of her mouth it went. In and out. And then she whipped her tongue around it in a quick motion. Harry glared at her as she innocently dipped it in her ice-cream and gave him a cheeky smirk and repeated the process.

*** more blatant thievery from other people's fics

"Harmonium Nectare Passus." *** this is what Draco says in the HBP movie. I haven't bothered changing it