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Hermione caught Draco's eye quite by accident as she paused at the table to put her neatly folded sweater into her trunk. He'd come up to say goodbye quietly, though why he thought she'd want to see him was beyond her. He'd been lingering, leaning against the window frame, staring out into the grounds in silence for several minutes now and they had not spoken. It had not been an awkward silence; rather it was peaceful, although tinged with sadness. Hermione had been silently sympathising with Draco's predicament, imagining how he must feel, knowing he would be spending his summer holidays estranged from his friends and family, among strangers who would most likely treat him with suspicion. She had looked up, wondering if he was thinking the same thoughts, but of course Draco's face was emotionlessly blank. From experience, Hermione took this to mean he was certainly upset or worried about something. Noting her stillness, he had shifted his gaze back to the room and his eyes locked on Hermione's face, and then she had seen him register that she was staring back at him.

There was a split second of time when she could have made the choice to look away, and they would both have soon forgotten the moment. However something, perhaps curiosity, made her hold his gaze. She didn't think she had ever looked at him like this before; cold, grey and sad were his eyes, and his face pale, as if carved from marble. His hair was darkening to light gold in the sunlight which was beginning to fade, an ear, like some perfect piece of sculpted architecture, peeping out from between the locks. Dark eyelashes, dark eyebrows, dark pupilsā€¦Hermione couldn't tear her gaze away. She felt if she did awkwardness would descend, as it was she was sure that moment would approach when they would both smile embarrassedly and turn away, but for now this felt nice. It felt likeā€¦like in that moment, they were connected. She was sure in that moment they understood each other's moods perfectly, even though Hermione's mind was completely and blissfully blank for this first time in months. She felt an urge to move closer, but she didn't want to ruin the moment. Seconds passed and they still remained frozen, less than a foot away from each other.

Hermione felt the Moment approaching. The moment when someone would have to do something, say something. She felt her heart skip in anticipation, and wondered if Draco would have noticed it - could he tell? She was sure she saw something in his eyes, was sure she saw a decision form.

But she wasn't to find out what that decision was. Clattering footsteps were coming up the stairs. Her heart sinking, they both looked away and turned towards the door. Hermione inexplicably wanted to cry.