After Test time

Naruto had just drop Sakura off at her house and was on his way to Usagi when he felt strong voice call out to him, he keep on hearing this voice at first he though it was the Kyubi , but this voice was more female and it keep calling him. With that in mind he put Usagi on his shoulder and jump off to the east mountain. Naruto continue on his way as he felt the voice get louder and louder until he was standing in front of an old temple with a weird seal array on it arrogantly he ripped the seal off and was about to enter when he heard a voice saying more. Naruto felt he need to do this so deeper into the temple he went his temperamental static was going off the scale; his arm start to move fast and more farneted as he went and cut/slash or ripped away the seals.

Final Naruto made it to the last room and Usagi was still a sleep or so he though but in reality she was taking to the Kyubi and to blue hair girl that naruto was looking at. Naruto felt the voice had stop but the sword that look like it had been here for years called to him now. Naruto grab the sword and watch as it turn to dust in his hand the only think left was 3 marble that were left in his hands. Naruto look at the marble and with an quick flash a new sword appear in his hand.

The new hilt look alike round penis head and it was going up like an shaft, but in the middle of the shaft where the 3 marble, but they where now golden color instead of red. Naruto look over the weapon and just like that while light appear before him. Naruto look at the blue hair cronyism and nod "Goodbye...Ryoko..." Naruto walk away not seeing the hand move or the body raise form the ground but Naruto did hear the voice again and this time it said "I will always be with you..." Naruto smile and exit the cave and took Usagi to her home.

After That Naruto walk around town for a little bit but then he came across Yukina sitting on a bench enjoying the clouds. Naruto gave smirk as he snick up behind her and pit his arms around her waist. Her breath caught in her throat. She slowly turned and saw Naruto holding her. She blushed cherry red.

"What are you doing here Naruto-kun?" asked Yukina as she relaxed in Naruto's arms.

"I just came to talk to you, Saya, and Kira about my meeting with the hot sexy cumbucket, blowjob cunlicking, tight looking as teammates." Naruto responded. Yukina blushed at his choice of words and reprimanded him for using dirty words. After a while of looking for them they found Saya at an apartment complex. Naruto wondered why she was here but decided to ask her later. After telling her what they were going to do they went hunting for Kira. They found her at a dango shop. They all went to training ground 44. "So what did you guys talk about Naru-kun.?" Kira said.

So Naruto told them everything that happen today all the way up to when he got his sword and he also told them about how he had more then one bloodline and they would soon be waking up. "wow" they all said in awe. Each girl fingering themselves to his story of the day.

"there are two more things I have to tell you." Naruto the told them the story of when he was 5. where he ran, what he found, he told them about everything that led to him leaving the village for 5 years, how he lost half of his memory's and that he couldn't remember his first love, he including the kyuubi and how his mom loved the Blood Clone more then him and was probably are gone form the village. He also told them how the blood clone fall in loved with Sakura and how he and Usagi became friends. When he was done with the story they all had tears in their eyes and without warning they all tackled Naruto to the ground and started crying into his chest. He was shocked that they didn't run or try to kill him so he put his arms around them and whispered soothing words into their ears.

"you went through all that and you're still yourself?" questioned Saya with tears in her eyes. "I have an unbreakable will so I can pretty much go through anything." Naruto said. "I have 1 more thing to tell you guys and it could either make things good or make things very bad."

Naruto then told them about how the council put the C.R.A on him since he was the last of his clans. When he was done all 3 of them had a blush on their face that could put Hinata to shame.

Saya was the first to speak and she said," actually Naru-kun I'm bisexual so I wouldn't mind sharing." Yukina and Kira just nodded as they were to embarrassed to speak. It was Naruto's turn to have a tear in his eye. He found 3 girls who new his secrets and they still wanted to be with him. He then made 2 shadow clones and they all kissed them. One clone was with a tongue battle with Yukina who looked like she was in heaven.

The clone with Saya was also is tongue battle but the clone had a hand on the back of her head while the other hand was on her ass causing her to moan a bit. The real Naruto had yanked Kira's mask, and she had flawless skin too, and also started a very fierce kiss that was a little rough but it was gentle and full of love and Kira was in Heaven. 'is this what being in love feels like.' Was her only thought as she was completely dominated by Naruto.

After they all broke apart for air the only thing they could say was "Wow" and then they fainted from sensual overload. Naruto grinned as the 3 clones carried them back to his house.

When they got back to his house it was near nighttime as the sun just went down and it was now dark outside. When he got there he tucked them all in. when he put Kira to bed he lingered a little longer to look at her face. He noticed that she had perfect skin, a cute childlike nose and a perfect shaped mouth. He ran his fingers over cheek and gave her a small kiss to the cheek. She gave a small smile and Naruto smiled. He turned off the light, and went to his room for some sleep. 'this was the best day of my life.' Was the last thought that went through his head before he fell asleep.

The next morning Naruto stood in front of the red Orb and let the information enter into his mind as he knew it would. Naruto shock himself and knew he would never be with his mother again she loved an Vampire blood Clone. Naruto smile as he got an good idea of what the Clone would do and wish him well.

Few min later the girls where up and looking at Naruto as he stood there in his bath towel and llet it drop to the floor as all the girls look at his Ninja-Hood each girl gave him thumps up and past out as it got hard. Once the girl awaken they notice they were going to be late, So with that in mind an Naked Naruto grabs each girl and teleports away.

" Where were you last night young lady? " Anko said angrily. Kira was really scared now since her mother had never gotten this angry at her before, but thankfully Naruto came to the rescue, "actually Mrs. Hatake, Kira-chan was training with me, Saya-chan, and Yukina-chan. They trained to hard and passed out so I took them to my house where they stayed there the night. We didn't do anything last night I swear." Naruto said calmly not wavering in the slightest bit when he saw Anko's furious glare.

Anko then smiled and said "It not Hatake! Gaki just call me what you have always have Foxy... Anyway did you happen to see under her mask?" Naruto raised his eyebrow and said, " yes I did. I saw her face when I gave her some water to get some of her fluids back." Anko Smile as look at Naruto Junk and with sexy wink grab nice tight grip on it. Anko's grin got even bigger, "if that is true then you need to come the Hatake clan house later tonight."

Naruto sweat dropped, "ok I'll be there later tonight" Everyone else was confused. "all right it's now time for your real genin exam. All you have to do is find, capture and get these 3 bells from me." Anko said as she held up 3 bells and let go Naruto soldier and he flash away.

Later that day

After 5 minutes the room was packed with jonin. They were only missing Kakashi who showed up another 5 minutes later. The hokage threatened to ban him from the bookstore if he didn't show up in time. "All right let's hear which teams passed and which teams failed." Sarutobi announced

"Team 1, failed"

"Team 2, failed"

"Team 3, failed"

"Team 4 failed"

"Team 5 failed"

"Team 6 They blew the doors down and got it done"

"Team 7 passed barely"

That got everyone's attention since Kakashi never passes a team. Before questions can be asked the hokage said that they will finish first and then ask questions.

"Team 8 passed."

"Team 10 passed"

"Team 11 passed with flying colors"

"For all the teams that passed I would like you to explain how they passed." Sarutobi said.

Kurenai went first, "My team consists of Hinata Hyuga, Kiba Inuzuka, And Shino Aburame. As far as I can tell is that with a little work they can become a perfect tracking squad. Hinata, from what I read, was supposed to be shy and quiet, but she was very perceptive, and figured out the true meaning of the test immediately and got the other two to work with her. She has complete mastery over her byakugan and seems to have invented techniques of her own. If I had to guess she held back during the test and could be at least jonin level right now." Everyone had to pick to pick their jaws of the floor as they heard her description of Hinata. Kurenia continued: "Kiba is a loud, brash, and very arrogant boy. I'll have to work on that in the future. Shino is just like your typical Aburame; he is quiet, coolheaded and only talks when he needs to."

Asuma went next, " my team is just like the normal Ino-Shika-Cho trio. Ino is a typical fangirl, but she is making improvement. Shikamaru is like any other Nara. A lazy, non-motivated, cloud-watching boy. The same with Choji, he's your typical Akimichi. They have the potential to become a capture/interrogation squad."

Kakashi went next, "my team is made up of Sasuke Uchiha. Kusoippun, and Ami. They barely passed though. Kusoippun is the worst-case scenario of a fanboy. When Sasuke is anywhere near he. If me and Ami were dangling off a cliff and out of chakra, about to die and Sasuke had a scratch on him he would let us die. Sasuke has potential, but he is way to arrogant. He feels that if anyone has powerful techniques he doesn't know, being an Uchiha gives him the right to those techniques. Ami is different though. she made friends with me and if it was up to me I would have failed them and made Ami my apprentice, but the council forced me to pass him. If Sasuke and Kusoippun would learn to work with Ami they could become an assassination squad. With Sasuke's speed, Kusoippun's genjutsu and Ami for support." Kakashi smacks his lips behind his mask and rubs his legs together. The fuck nods his head and understand, He motioned for Anko to go.

"My team is probably the most advanced one. It consists of Kira Hatake, Saya Uchiha, Yukina Nara . My team is quite unique." Kaskashi look at Anko with fire in his eyes because of this snake he lost his daughter his weapon. "Yukina figured out the test as soon as it began. Yukina grabbed the other and teleported to a safer location. They came up with a brilliant plan. First Saya transformed to look like Kira and attacked me with a high-level wind jutsu. I tried to get out of there but Kira nicked me with a b-ranked fire jutsu. I got away but when I landed Yukina trapped me in her shadow jutsu and to make sure I couldn't escape, then Naruto appear and caught me in a sealing jutsu that slowly drained my chakra." Anko blush as she could still remember Naruto gotu in her minds eye. "He told me to give up or he would make the prison blow up. I told them that they cheat for having him help them, but they laugh at me and said 'Rules are made to be broken' If I had to guess that Yukina is low-chunin rank. Saya is high-chunin rank. I and trained Kira so I know that she is at least high-chunin. He was holding back a lot during the exam and I could tell that if he wanted to beat me, he could have done it in one move." Anko finished.

Kagura stood forward and smile at her enemy "I test Sakura Haruno Usagi Uchiha, and Naruto Uzumaki Yesterday. For Sakura she is going to be fighter or maybe assassin or genjutsu user. Yesterday I ask each one of my teammates to tell us one of there secret, each teammate told an secret and after that I thankfully told them to act on those secrets. Sakura Haruno Secret was she hates Sasuke and only did stuff for the fanclub now that she a ninja she will never talk about him again. Usagi Uchiha has unlock her Sexy red eyes and now is training to use them."

The Hokage eyes turn cold as ice as he look at Kagura wondering how Usagi unlock it when no women has in the past 15 years. Kagura goes on with her report "Usagi is strong and proud of herself she will be good for the time. Finally Naruto told a small one but it was because of this he got Usagi bloodline to awaken and he also got Sakura bloodline to awaken as well. I know what he said, but kids are kids let them be happy right Anko-chan?" Ankno smile at that nods, The hokage feels for the button at the bottom desk. "I would have to say that Sakura is Chuin level and that Usagi is low Genin and Naruto Is unknown but with his stamina he should be around Jonin level." Hokage nods his head and find the kill button and push it.

Deep in the Underground Roots lights starts to flash and one eye Danzo smiles at this his green light was an go.

Back in Hokage office.

Sarutobi cleared his throat, getting everyone's attention. "Thank you for this information. Team missions will begin tomorrow. Now if you will excuse me I have a council to raise hell upon." Sarutobi said with an evil laugh.

Everyone else sweat dropped. Anko then remembered something. "Kagura bring Sakura and Usagi over to my place to night okay." Anko said with sweet lust in her voice, The red eye women laugh and walks away knowing she would have house to watch. In the Hallway Kakashi march up to Anko and was about to punch her but when he saw to snake at his feet he stop. "I WILL GET HER BACK!" With that said he poof away, leaving smile Anko and a happy Kagura.

With Naruto

Naruto and Kira had just dropped Yukina and Saya off back at their homes. Naruto was gonna ask Saya why she lived in that run down apartment tomorrow. Right now Naruto and Kira were making their way to the Hatake clan compound. "Don't worry Naru-kun, mom can be a big softy once you get to know her." Kira said, as they got closer to the house. Naruto got a grin on his face that scarred Kira a bit.

"She's a softy eh? Do you think you're any tougher?" Naruto said with the grin still on his face. Kira slowly nodded. " Well then little miss toughie, are you tough enough to survive against this?" he questioned as he began to...Kiss her all over cloth body.

Naruto stopped his torture and once Kira regained her breath. She glared at Naruto but he just laughed. She then pouted. " That was mean Naru-kun." Though she secretly enjoyed it. "Yeah, here let me make it up to you." Naruto said as he pulled her mask down a bit to give her a small kiss on the mouth. Kira sighed into the kiss, but was disappointed when it ended.

"Come on, we have to get to your house." Naruto said. Kira nodded when the got to the Hatake clan house, Naruto took note of its size. It was smaller than most clan compounds. It looks to be the size of a normal oversized house. It was the color gray and it had about 2-3 sections to it.

They saw Anko out there to greet them. "Anko-sensei" Naruto called.

Anko looked towards the source of the voice and saw that it was Naruto. "Hey Naruto, Kira-chan."

"Hi mom" Kira called. Anko led them inside the compound and it looked like the inside of a normal house. As soon as the door close

Anko drop the genjutsu and there before Naruto eyes was an naked anko with an sign that read "enter into the family if you dare" Kira eyes widen as she look at Naruto manhood poke his pants. "Naruto I'm going to get food ready don't move okay..." Kira was shock her mom was trying to take her man...before sure could get to ask anything Sakura appear with an naked Usagi as well both there breast pointing out at naruto as Sakura breast drip sexy pink juices and Usagi was dripping black milk and it was black as ink. Kira try to get herself to understand, but she didn't get it. That was when Anko return with a piece of paper and told naruto to read it.

10 min's later

"Anko-chan he did the same to you..." Naruto ask and Anko nod and look at Kira "She is his daughter, but I will not give her back this place is call by his name because he abandon it, but once we finish tonight everything will be alright." Kira look at the letter and cried it was order for sexual Rape Attack Anko. Kira ripped her mask off and throw it into the open fire. Naruto smile at her and pull out a sex mask that had zip in the front so she could open it to eat and to keep her face hidden. Kira kiss Naruto on the mouth as Sakura still nude puts the salty sailed on the dinner table. "Naruto are you ready? Once you remove those Mask you are suppose to get marry, but since I never got married I though it would be find to start an new clan rule with you?" Naruto nod and listen..with hope in his eyes "Naruto we call this the Mitarashi Lust!" Anko climb into the salt bowl and spread her legs as Sakura and Usagi start to shoot there breastmilk onto Anko body.

Naruto look at the new food before him and found out that night would be as good as it was last night, he also found out this food would never compare to anything else ever again. Once those though hit his mind a shop on the other side of town blew up taking it too lovely owners with it. If only they would have live 5 more seconds they would have seen; a naked futa running down the street chase after golden cock piece.

"Naruto it time to make an new clan treat..." Anko winks at naruto as his pants drop and he dive bombs on boobland. Sakura, Usagi and Kira all look at each other and before you could say dam they where in the bowl going at it.

That was the scene that Kagura walk in on, she just walk over and start eating what they made and would join in once they where Chunin.

Chapter end