Chapter one Awakening

Dot Hack Net Sever

"Ow… what the hell? What happened to me?"

This was part of the thought process of one Uzumaki Naruto, who unwittingly got himself inside a video game that's multiplayer and connected to the whole world, without any clue as to how he did such a thing. Knowing that he wasn't completely an idiot the size of the Hokage Monument, he needed to make sure that nobody would make him regret putting on that bracelet in the first place. The place was a dark room with no sign of life anywhere…

"What is your username?"

Oops, spoke too soon. Well, on with the story. Shocked out of his wits ends, Naruto spins around and yells out, "WHO'S THERE?"

As if by a mysterious force that was related to Naruto's chakra, the bracelet on Naruto's wrist shined and gave the voice more than it's preprogrammed statements with it saying, "How rude! Can you at least turn your body around and fix your eyes forward?"

Naruto's bracelet decided to use that moment to shine with the necessary amount of chakra, so that the AI would get a chance to have a physical body that would make things a whole lot easier for Naruto, as a physical body is definitely needed at a time like this. When Naruto turned his body back to the position that he was in before, he decided that what he was witnessing was a weird sort of awakening to say the least. He was witnessing the creation of a woman that had the perfect combination of cream-colored and tan-colored skin, aquatic blue hair, golden eyes, had the height of 5'8", was wearing a Chinese battle dress, had a pair of High hill shoes that would make a traditional Chinese girl faint, and had the perfect hourglass figure that would make the majority of women back home jealous with a figure of 38-30-51 and a large 42F-cup rack to give her more of a boost in the sexiness department. All in all, a valuable asset to being a woman in such a place as this, though he didn't know that he was in a video game anyway.

Now, Naruto wasn't actually aware of this, but he ended up with a bit of a guardian that he couldn't get rid of like the Kyūbi no Yōkō that was in his stomach only there was a problem with this guardian: she wasn't supposed to even be seen, let alone exist in the real world. Naruto was still getting used to the fact that there was a hot woman in the "room" he was in when, all of a sudden, he remembered what he was asked by this woman. "Uh…" he started off with, while mentally, he was sweating bullets.

'Shit what is happening to me! WHERE AM I IS THIS WERID! I Don't know what going on' Naruto thinks to himself as he straightens himself out before losing it to darkness.

Naruto awaken in dark and cave with water everywhere he didn't understand what was going on as he start to walk. He hope there was a way out as he continue on, but he did notice that the wall has glowing pipers all different color he wonder what it meant but he didn't have time to he got too a big room with Cage in it.

He managed to get a closer look on what the woman looked like so that he could understand what he was seeing, and, wow! The woman was really a looker in so many ways, as she was able to put even his Oroike no Jutsu to shame with a figure of 45-36-45 and had a rack that was a 46F-Cup in size, which was ridiculous for at least a normal woman… unless that woman was a trained kunoichi that had to keep her figure at bay through advanced training that was enough to keep most women wanting to think that dieting was the answer to having a sexy body The kimono that she wore was a thing of absolute beauty that accentuated her curves, and her ass was shaped like an apple, and her fox tails… wait, hold on, FOX TAILS?

Naruto did a double take on what that person looked like, and then, putting two and two together, went wide-eyed and stuttered, "Y-y-y-you a-a-a-a-are th-th-th-the Kyūbi no Yōkō?" With that, he fainted… only to wake up two minutes after the fact.

Back out of his mind

"HEY! Are you awake yet?"

This gets Naruto out of his mindscape in a flash, as he didn't realize that something artificial would care if he was actually conscious of his surroundings and such. He then realizes that he needs a name to suit his new appearance in the worlds that he will be a part of.

"Oh, sorry, what can I do for you, Megami-sama? Oh, wait, that isn't your name at all. …Uh, what is your name?"

The AI blushed a considerable red hue at the comment, but regained her composure when asked for her name, because there would come a time when she would need a name to differentiate herself from the rest of the game. So, with uniqueness that was rare of an Artificial Intelligence, she said, "My name is Allegra. May I ask what your name is?"

"Naruto Uzumaki..." The woman smile as the two look at each... that was when the area start to flash and a group of metal men show up... Naruto growl as his arm glowed it seem the work had just started.

Five Months

Root Town Mac Anu

Naruto was having a headache the size of Russia thanks to this new issue that he had to deal with. First he had to learn the different countries and languages that the game was released in, then he had to fix the bugs that were left in the programming that C.C. Corporation had apparently forgotten to remove from the final release of the game, which included a Hell Gate that surprisingly made it's way into this world and a plague of data eating Bugs that had gotten their hands on the source code that was going through a rewrite at the time that occurred, which led to him needing a way to make the monsters appear in more natural ways and a way to prevent the death of data that was a part of the rewrites of the game that he decided to release, and then he had to redo the skills that were inside the characters from the get go whenever they had equipped certain items for their classes, which included him adding his own class to the list. Of course, he had added in that he was one of the only ones that could get this class, the class called a 'Master Class'. He also made a transfer link system that would allow players to use there skills outside in the real world. He mostly ask Allegra to do it and to set up the programming for it as he was studying languages. They couldn't to magic or nothing but fighting was link over to that person characters, it could also heal a person body in the real world by replication it self on damage participate fixing all wounds... That was just guest until he someone with no legs start walking he would never know.

It was easy to make this class after he learn everything he about the world with his Kage Bushin. His class was an rare class and only he had it and he could only give it to anyone he trust.

The second thing he did was learn to talk to the Kyubi whom smile and told him her history and what it meant to have her blood in his veins... He ask her to teach him something and she kiss him, and said time we have time...

He start off small and did little hunts in weak areas, which was smart thing as he got kill the first 3 times... He still didn't get how he was trap in the game but as long as he didn't have people trying to kill him it was okay... Naruto look around the city and notice it was pack today which was normal for most people. Naruto look down and notice the ground was cracking and fix it with one zap to his finger. "I just don't get it..." Naruto walk over to the the gate and smile... "Home..." Naruto body vanish as he appear in a blue room and walk over to a bed that appear... "I'll take a nap since I got nothing to do... DAM IT... I don't even know anything with Chakra... Movie time..." that was 4 clone pop up... "Go train in something... just learn it..." The other 4 clones left as Naruto start to watch Net TV which was mostly Torrents.

For next 3 days Naruto watch movies as he left the Hardcore stuff to his partner... he only knew the worlds was code a little and player ID, something even for him was to much... As he though about the players ID he got a great idea he would add on more color, skin, and body modification... so far everyone look the same he could make them different... He smile a bit... he could also add the changes to there real bodies... He would put a warning on new Custom Modification statements like... Body Mod's might happen in the real world or do you to modifiy your body to match your The World Character...

Naruto jump up and rush out the room and to the computer and start to type in code numbers... he really didn't get it but Custom codes was one of the things he could understand with easy... As he was doing this some of clone memories return to him. He smile at that few of his clone learn that you could charge wind to weapons and shield yourself... Not bad start as he finish the code and hit the activities button... Naruto didn't know it but he just made Immortal possible with few key codes.


A woman dress in white dresses heard a beeping going off and check her e-mail on the Custom Mod's. She slowly study the information and smile at what she read... she knew he was smart but not that smart he just got lucky... she would show him how lucky later on...

Same-time in a cave

A woman got the same E-mail and blush up a storm and walk off.

In Cc Corps building

A smoking woman was reading the email and didn't know why but felt like scream as she put out her smokes and went back inside to get some work done.

Back with Naruto he had just finish the other codes decide to make a shield to keep users save form ultimate weapons... He saw few knights had them so he would make the Ultimate shield to keep user save. That was when Allegra appear her big boobs bouncing around... "Guest what it seem that The World will be getting more people then usual..." Naruto look up at her with wonder... "YAP IT SEEM WE MIGHT HIT A 300,000 download number..." Naruto eyes at this...

Allegra smile and dance around as he wonder what the future would hold as he finish the new code and exit computer. "Well I'm going to go train be careful and I'll see you soon..." Naruto walk off to train he would figure out how to get stronger after all he did watch some ninja movies.

CC Corporation HQ

"It seem we have a new Hacker in the game..."

"Should we delete him..."

"NO... he seem to be only doing modification on the user Custom selection screen we will see how this goes..."