Characters bumping

One year later

Naruto was walking down a dark path when 3 knight jump before him and two form behind him... "Stop are under-arrest for being a Hacker how do you plead..." A knight said in blue armor... "Delete..." The guards eyes widen as the turn into dust and the wind blew them away. Naruto smile as he was little taller now and he's outfit had turn Red as the mark on his cheeks... On his back was a short Nodchi with glowing purple lights on it.

Naruto walk on as he few people talking... "I heard the Knights are going after Hackers and AI..." Naruto continue on walking... "I know I heard that the Crimson Knight are helping out a bit it seem there more of the good guys then the other they at least don't delete characters." Naruto pull up there character files and gave them expands on there powers and keep on walking.

Just as he turn the corn he could CC corporation guards walking around, he turn and went the other way passing by all the people as he keep on walking he start to think maybe it wasn't a good idea to come out here.

That was he dodge a sword form behind... and swing his blade he took out two PKK's that some how hack the city and turn off the weapon laws... he decide to leave off and walk off not carrying about the two bodies on the ground.

Naruto enter into the Food stand, this is something he came up with to keep player on the game longer... Food that heal your characters but that wasn't all, he made it so that a person in the real world get fool also... Once start to read more about soul/mind he slap himself it just like Ino techniques and then he really got the realization of the The World and what it was trying to do...

Naruto watch as the name gave him some rice, chicken and pizza... so some reason he start to lick pizza more then anything else. Naruto grab his hood and put it on his head and start to eat he made that rule characters had to show respect to game by covering there face to eat.

Soon some Knights went by as he keep on eating... Hacking like it was bad... he only boast characters it not like Infinite health or stamina... even though he has thought about it.

He had just finish eating when his watch goes off... He smile at as he got up and pay bill. Mod thank him as he walk on looking at the Guards dragging some guy away. That was when he notice the Jugglers out in the area. He decide to watch the show since nothing was bad with this.

20 Min's later

Naruto was now heading home to his Net Castle most wouldn't know it but his home was connect to main network shaft... which means he can see all of the net form outside his window so pretty too. He really didn't any plans he did go on few quest but nothing big sense he now at high level.

Naruto return to see his Clone trying to stand on Cement water as the other keep it hot with fire chakra something that made him tried to use.

Naruto enter into his room and decide to watch Anime cartoons he did love the old First of the North star and GI Joe...

Naruto would practice what he watch for hours not knowing it was training he was doing and even making some of the move real...but to day something different was going to happen. Allegra in her sexy cream-colored and tan-colored skin, aquatic blue hair, golden eyes, had the height of 5'8", was wearing a Chinese battle dress... "Naruto-kun... I got a show you might like..." Naruto look at Allegra and smile... "What's the name of this show..."

Allegra was smiling she had been looking at lot of stuff on the net... "Black Bible...Origins..." Naruto smile not really no much about regicide in this world nod his head and she join him on the bed. She was thinking to herself 'glad I update my female frame hehehe...'

Few hours later

Naruto was sleeping on top of Allegra as he came way to many times to count. Allegra count 5026 times for him and 17000 for her... They tried every they saw in the movie but the gore stuff... After that Naruto had his clone go work on the Custom Selection screen... So much boobs and so little time.

Allegra was glad she did this is show Naruto what else he could do for the world as she knew at it would only get worst for her people later on...

The Next day

Naruto was deep inside a cave in that was unstable he heard rumors that this place had great treasure which he didn't need but just want to do he walk he saw a blonde, bushy-haired Long Arm that wears white, green, and gold armor over a matching battle dress. Her red eyes white tattoos under each often gaze warm and she almost never lose is on her last leg, with a sexy smiles on her face, although she seems to be able to hold on it was now time for him to show up to save the day.

"I'll save you!" A voice call out as three look to see a man around the age 15 appear he was in Red/black Sweater Jacket that was opening showing off fishnet shirt and black pants. The girls eyes widen as he dive at the monster a long sword appear in his hand they gasp as they saw a red and gold cut the monster in half... As it turn into data dust.

A little girl run up and start to thank him... "No problem just passing by seem this programming is little bad... I got to go..." As he walk away the little girl ask for his name... "Naruto...Uzumaki..." Both girls eyes widen as gate warp... "Could it be... CMK..." The other woman look at her "CMK" The young girl smile... "Mimika don't you know... Custom Master King... I don't you ready the Custom Selection... He like Big guy everyone wants... It all over the Net... He's mod are even rumor to cure the sick... He's a legend on the Net every time some meets him he just vanish..." Mimika laughs at that... "I see well maybe one day you will see him again..." The little nod as they leave the Cave behind.

Aqua City

Town Δ Mac Anu

Naruto appear and walk off to get something to eat since his body was still growing he wonder should he stop it but that could damage his body. As he was no looking where he was going he walk right into the Crimson Knights whom were about to attack when a voice told them to stop... Naruto look around to see if there was reason why they wouldn't attack and then he saw her a woman dress in blue dress with white wings on her back. "Hello there are you CMK..." Naruto smile at that... "My name is Naruto... so what can I get you..." The woman smile at his kindness he might do as she ask... "I was wondering could you answer my questions..." Naruto look at the woman and guest it wouldn't hurt... "I guest so, but don't as to many CC Corp doesn't like there stuff being out in the open..."

The woman smile at that... "I see... Well first Question... Why did you alter the CS screen..."

Naruto smile at the Question... "It was to simple so I add on to figures and give it more options... that's all..." The woman didn't believe was it that simple... "I also was wondering are you... AI..." Naruto smile at that one... "Nope I'm human mostly..." The woman look at him funny...

"Mostly..." She said and he smile... "Not to sure... I heard people evolve next question..."

She start to think... "How old are you and do you know what your doing to the world..." She looks him in the eye. "Easy 15 and... yes I know what I doing to the The World... after all you skill, Item, Boast are better then before... CC Corps should on there knee for what I did... but I know they won't do that..." The woman gasp at his words... "I see... Where do you live..."

"The outer net... a place where no man or woman could ever reach..." The Knights didn't even believe that for a second... "Can I go now..." The woman stood her ground... "No we want you to logoff and stop Hacking the game..."

Naruto laugh at that... "Log-off that not going to happen also you should tell me your name..." The woman blush at that... "It Subaru and taken him boys..." Naruto wave his hand as a whip appear and before she knew it all her men were gone... "Like it... I got it form the Fragment of the game... It can kick anyone offline with one hit... Bye Subaru..." Subaru eyes widen as she woke up in the real world and had to take a deep breath.

Naruto wrap back home to get some sleep he had a nice day Just as Naruto was about to wrap when his arm starts to glow and he start to black out... he didn't know what was happening.

Naruto appear in golden light and looked around he was back in Konoha and look at his watch it was same time that he left... he smile at that and went back to reading the scroll to see what else it had... That was great fun he had... maybe he would be able to go back again. Naruto decide to activities a illusions spell to keep what he really look like a secret.

Few min's later

Iruka spotted the blonde sat in the forest clearing with the scroll slung across his back, after landing next to Him, he knew something was wrong. "Awww, you found me already! I only got to learn one technique… It's cool though!" Stated the Blonde young man. Iruka's jaw suddenly found it had an engagement to the ground.

Soon as the two figure out what was going on Mizuki attack only to be block by a shield...

"Sorry I also lied about learn just one Jutsu... heheh..." Then before anyone could blink Hundreds of Naruto appear and attack Mizuki.

"Good job naruto..."

One year later

Naruto Uzumaki was dodging attacks left and right as his Master Ryoko was flying over him in her black and red suit firing demon beam at him. He concentrate as he continue to dodge, that was when Red Cord come form the ground and start to attack him.

All of the sudden, a sharp pain started to throb in his right hand causing Naruto to holler out. A Red glow appeared on his right hand. Then suddenly, tentacles lashed out, one of them slicing through the cord while the others stabbed into Ryoko Shield.

Naruto quickly got to his feet and then began to clutch his right hand in pain as the Red light began to grow even brighter. The wind all around him started to pick up and was violently twisting around him in whirlwind. Red strips appeared on his neck and ran up and across his cheeks while his eyes went from sky blue to black with red irises. Naruto's hair turned a much lighter shade of Red and grew slightly longer and more spiked.

His body began to change as Red colored armor began to form around the waist it cover his balls and slide down his dick and cover int armor as it went, under his balls and over his asshole and up back; to his neck. His legs start to get cover at the knee going down to his feet which ended in long female boots with claws tip on the end. Above the knee he had four red lines two Red lines hook to the balls area as the other went up the sides to his sexy 8pac and start to form Red armor on his torso sides.

More armor formed completely over his arms from the shoulders down to his hands which also ended in long, sharp claws. When the transformation was complete, Naruto silently stood up straight with both arms at his side. His eyes had a savage look in them and his mouth was now stretched into a menacing grin.

"So you final actives the Kyubi Witchblade... GOOD NOW I WILL SHOW HOW A DEMON FIGHTS!" Ryoko said as the sky around them turns red...

Outside the battle two people could bee seen laying on the ground one was man with white hair whom had blood on his clothes, the second was woman with dark skin and green hair. Her skin look broken as she had burnt seal on her stomach she had shock look on her face Naruto stomach glows with 3 different colors.

So the battle rages on...