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"That was fun!" the Huntress said happily, bouncing towards the locker rooms, the Fighter close behind her.

"I gotta admit, that was not as bad as I thought it would be," Theresa said, smiling at the teenage boys rubbing their sore shoulders, arms, legs, etc…

"Easy for you two to say," Odie grumbled, "You were on a role today…"

"We were, weren't we?" Atlanta said, high fiving her best friend who gave the boys a cheeky grin. Theresa's long red haired, tied up in a ponytail for training, bounced as she hopped to the locker rooms. The heroes had practiced hand-to-hand combat and Theresa and Atlanta had kicked everyone's asses (A/N: girls rule). Ares, despite his previous opinions of females in combat, was thoroughly impressed by the girls also stating that the boys were "a disgrace to the male gender"…

"Whatever. Meet by the fountain alright?" Archie grumbled before entering the boy's locker room.

"Yeah, yeah. Nice change of topic Arch!" Atlanta shouted after him, getting angry, muffled cursing as a reply. The girls laughed and skipped into the change rooms.

The girls chatted happily as they changed; reliving their victories and laughing at the lame attempts the boys made to beat them.

"What would they do without us, huh?" Atlanta asked the older redhead.

"You know, I don't think they'd make it!" Theresa laughed, buttoning up her jeans. Atlanta pulled her shirt down over her head and smoothed it out.

"Thank Zeus there are some girls on the team, or else Cronus would be ruling the world by now!" The Fighter and the Huntress continued laughing as they packed their bags. Theresa went over to the sink, quickly looked herself over in the mirror, and turned the tap on. Her fingertips felt tingly and she thought that washing them would stop the sensation. She was part way through washing her hands when she noticed it.

She paused for a brief moment, analyzing her fingertips before calling the spunky redhead over. A second later, Atlanta was at her side, a confused and concerned expression on her face.

"What's wrong?" Theresa held her fingers up to Atlanta so she could see. The Huntress' eyes widened before narrowing in confusion. She took the older girl's hands in her own and studied the black veins forming at Theresa's fingertips (A/N: Omg Theresa, you are such a buzzkill).

"Wh-what is that?" Atlanta asked looking into the eyes of her best friend. Theresa shrugged and glanced down at her own hands.

"I dunno…it's…it doesn't look right…." Atlanta grabbed Theresa by the wrist, pulling her out of the change room.

"We'll find the others and talk to the gods. Maybe they'll know what it is."

"Know what what is?" The girls turned to face the boys, Jay in front with a worried look on his face. Theresa and Atlanta glanced at each other before looking down at Theresa's hands. Her long sleeve shirt covered her palms, but they noticed that the black veins had taken over her hand, not just the tips of her fingers. Theresa pulled her sleeve up and Atlanta gasped. The black veins had snaked down to her wrists, as had the tingling sensation.

"What is that?" Jay asked, the worry evident in his voice. He stepped forward and took Theresa's hand in his. He examined it as he gently traced over the dark lines with his fingers. "Let's find Hera."

"What are you all still doing here?" the loud voice of the god of War caused all the heroes' heads to snap around. They all looked at him, unsure of what to say. "What's the matter with all of you, you look-" Ares stopped when he looked at the small hand held in the Leader's grasp. He stared for a moment, making sure that what he saw was true, and then he turned to Atlanta.

"Get Persephone. Now." The second the order escaped Ares' lips, Atlanta was gone.

"Ares…what is this?" Herry asked, gesturing to Theresa's hands. She gently pulled her hand out of Jay's and rolled up her sleeves even further. It had moved down, covering part of her forearms.

"I'm not sure I'm the best one to explain that…Damnit, where is Persephone!" Not a moment later, the Queen of the Underworld and the Huntress burst through the doors. Persephone hurried to her student and grabbed Theresa's wrists, pulling them out in front of her.

"Oh Theresa…" she whispered, a solemn look on her face.

"What? What is it? What's going on?" Theresa frantically asked.

"We have to hurry." Persephone turned to Atlanta, "Find Chiron and tell him we're taking Theresa to the room." Atlanta disappeared again and before anyone could say anything else, Persephone turned to Archie and said, "Find Hera. Tell her that we're taking Theresa there now." Archie nodded before disappearing through the doors. Persephone glided through the halls, pulling Theresa, who had to run to keep up with the goddess, behind her. The rest of the heroes followed, still confused about what was happening.

"Persephone, what is happening?" Theresa asked, this time more demanding. Persephone did not look back, but sighed heavily.

"I'll explain everything when we get there. We don't have time now."

The five heroes, plus Ares and Persephone, reached a decrepit wooden door in a part of the school the heroes had never been to. Ares pushed the door open and the mysterious room was revealed.

It appeared to be a storage room of sorts, for weapons mostly. The weapons were piled up on one side of the room and boxes were scattered around the base of the pile. A stone table was in the center, about the size of a single bed. The room looked cold and uninviting, especially with the rock table and the pile of dark metal pushed to the side. Persephone dragged Theresa towards the table.

"You need to lie down Theresa." Theresa glanced at the table before looking at Persephone with a confused and terrified look. "Now." Theresa lay down on the table and looked at her mentor who was refusing to make eye contact.

"Persephone, please tell me what's going on," the Fighter whispered. Persephone looked at her student for a brief moment.

"I'm sorry…" Persephone's voice broke and Theresa opened her mouth to speak, but lost her voice when she felt something clamp down tightly around her wrists. Her friends, now joined by Atlanta and Archie who had returned with Hera and Chiron, were appalled by the restraint of their friend.

"What are you doing?" Jay shouted, trying to get to Theresa, but Ares had held out his arm, stopping the young heroes from proceeding. Jay looked frantically from Ares to Persephone to Theresa whose ankles were now strapped to the table as well.

"Persephone…?" Theresa said, confused as to why her mentor was doing this to her. Persephone took her student's face into her hand and spoke softly, but forcefully to her.

"Now Theresa, there is much I need to tell you but I might not have time to say it all." Theresa's eyes widened, assuming that Persephone meant Theresa would not have…much longer. Persephone sensed this and rushed to continue. "You will survive, there is no need to worry about that. We caught it in time." Everyone's shoulders (even the gods') relaxed.

"Caught what in time? What is…this?" Persephone sighed and continued.

"Everyone who has magical powers has both good and evil magic within them. For most mortals, at some point these powers will come into conflict with each other, usually when the evil is being fueled by certain emotions and feelings such as anger, depression, stress." Theresa swallowed, avoiding the eyes of her friends and only looking at Persephone. "But we also think that your relation to Cronus made you more susceptible…The dark side is trying to take over and if you are not restrained, you would have attacked all of us." Theresa gawked at Persephone who kept on speaking. "These attacks would give the dark side more…ammunition if you will. If this happened, dark side would have taken over completely and there would be no turning back. We would have to…kill you to stop your rampage."

Everyone's jaws, with the exception of the gods, were practically hitting the floor.

"Wh-what?" Theresa stuttered, choosing to ignore the tingling feeling crawling up her arms and now her legs. Persephone let her hands fall from Theresa's face and she turned around so as to avoid her student's gaze. She could not bear to look at her, knowing the pain she'd soon be experiencing.

"I should also warn you… this will be excruciatingly painful," Persephone let her head hang. "We have tried to find ways to ease the pain, but I'm afraid it cannot be done."

"How-how long w-will…?" Theresa stuttered, fearful of the near future.

"It will be over by Monday morning."

"Monday! That's two days away!" Jay exclaimed. Persephone glanced at the Leader, but quickly looked away.

"I know. I am terribly sorry. We will do anything we can to help you Theresa. We will be right here, but I'm afraid you children must leave." Jay stared at the goddess open-mouthed.

"N-no! We're a team! We always look out for each other!" Theresa, now beginning to feel drowsy, felt like someone was pricking her shoulders with a bunch of tiny pins.

Atlanta gasped. The others looked at her so she pointed at Theresa. "It's spreading even more!" The black lines had inched across her shoulders, slowly making their way across her chest and to the base of her neck. Theresa swallowed thickly, slipping out of consciousness, but she managed to choke out a few words.

"I…I can't…" Theresa's mouth barely moved as she whispered the words, her droopy eyes now fell completely shut. The others stared at her, obviously alarmed.

"Can't what? Persephone what's happening now?" The goddess did not respond to Jay's comment but took the young Fighter's face in her hands.

"Persephone, it's almost at her heart…" Hera said. Persephone looked from Theresa to the others.

"You need to leave children."


"Yes! You must!" Jay was about to speak when he noticed Theresa's hands were clenched into fists. Persephone glanced at her student before whipping her head around to face the others. "You must leave now." Theresa groaned and she began tugging on her restraints, although it didn't seem like she was conscious.

"What's –" Jay began, but he was interrupted when Theresa shot up only being held back by her restraints. Jay and the others stared in astonishment as Theresa's beautiful face was now engulfed by the black veins. Her eyes had turned black as well and she…hissed at them? Jay called out her name but she did not respond, but she growled and thrashed around in her restraints. He didn't even object when Ares pushed the six of them out of the room. They all stared blankly as the door was shut in their faces.

Jay felt a hand land on his shoulders and turned to look at Herry who had a grim expression on his face. "Come on man. Let's go home…" Jay, still in a stupor, nodded and followed the others, the six of them stopping only when they heard the soul-shattering scream of their friend rip through the air.

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