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Just a few remarks about the story timeline: it takes place two years after the events of Midori no Hibi (or Midori Days, in English) and some time after School Rumble 2nd term. On MnH side, the base will be the manga (as it is more complete than the 13-episodes anime). On SR side, it'll follow the anime (as the 2nd term was the last aired season. I hope they continue it).

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It was a calm spring evening in the Kasugano mansion. The air was still a bit chilly from the past winter days, but not such a deal. The trees in the vast front garden were still bare, soon to grow brand new leaves.

Inside the two-story estate, however, was much cozier. One room especially was particularly bright.

It was one of the building's many office rooms, which consisted of a few bookshelves, a lit fireplace to keep it warm and a medium sized table at the center. Sat around the table, two figures were focused on reading the pile of books and papers on it. One of the figures was a somewhat well-built, blond young man. The other was a petite-framed, green-haired girl, roughly the same age.

The entire place was in absolute silence, only the crack of fire piercing through it now and then. The two people seemed completely absorbed in the books, until the blond one sighed loudly and dropped his forehead onto the table.

"Aaaahhnnn!" moaned the young man, almost crying. "It's no good, Midori! I can't get any of this!"

"Don't give up, Seiji-kun!" interjected the girl kindly, looking up from her book. "You just need to concentrate a little more. You can do it!"

"No, I can't." Seiji said in a defeated tone, closing and putting his book aside. "I don't even know why I'm doing this. What the hell did I have in mind when I decided to go to college?"

"Seiji-kun!" Midori scolded him, although not in an angry voice.

"But it's true! I don't understand a damn thing out of these damn books!" the blond retorted, exasperated. "I'm simply not fit for this kind of life."

"That's not true!" she replied. "If you weren't, you wouldn't have gotten that scholarship to the local college."

"Yeah, a scholarship that I'm about to lose thanks to my poor grades in the last exams," he sulked, crossing his arms and lowering his eyes. "I shouldn't have ever done that. Maybe I'd be better off working in my sister's gang, or in the underground fights, or..."

That was then he lifted his gaze toward Midori and saw a heart-breaking view. She was staring at him, with a truly sad face, her eyes welling up with tears.

"Hey, hey, Midori," he spoke in a gentler tone, trying to console her. Seiji always felt bad for making a girl cry. "No need to cry, okay? I wasn't talking seriously about that last part."

Midori sniffed and wiped off a tear with her finger. "You're much more than a delinquent, Seiji-kun. You're better than that. I know you are."

Seiji was aware of that. She never stopped trusting him. And she felt hurt every time he depreciated himself like this. If there was one thing that became crystal clear from the long days he had spent with her as his right hand (literally!), it was that.

He recalled the nostalgic days when they had been strangely fused in a single body. It had happened only a little more than two years ago, however now it felt like decades. Whereas almost every person in school, heck in the entire town, had regarded him as nothing but a thug, Midori had always managed to find something good about him. She always saw beyond that tough shell of his, admiring the noble soul he possessed. She always put his needs before her own. Damn, she even managed to fall in love with someone like him. A love that many times he thought he was unworthy of.

And it was that selfless, unbending kindness of her that made him change... for the best.


"You'll be graduating this year, won't you, Seiji-kun?" Midori commented, as she and Seiji walked from school.

"Yeah... time sure flies, huh?" he replied in a light mood. Ever since Midori had returned to her actual body, walking home together, holding hands with her was one of the things he enjoyed the most. It brought him back memories of the old days.

Even if she didn't remember it.

"What do you plan to do after graduation?"

"Hmm, I don't know yet..." he replied. "Maybe I could become a motorcycle mechanic. I always had a thing for bikes, you know."

Midori couldn't help but be a bit disappointed at his choice of profession. She was kind of expecting him to aim higher in life. Not that she was ambitious or anything, but she thought he could accomplish more than that.

"Really? You never considered going to college?"

"College?" he repeated. "Uh, I'm not sure. My grades kind of suck. Besides, it's very expensive... and surely I won't allow you to pay for my tuition." He answered, keeping that last phrase to himself.

"You could apply for a scholarship. And there's still a whole year to make up for your grades."

Seiji remained in silence for a few moments. He was pondering about what his girlfriend said. During all his existence, he had never considered about his future. For a delinquent, there was only the present and nothing else. But now those days were over. He had made up his mind to spend the rest of his life with Midori. Consequently, he'd have to start considering other options if he wanted to be a good boyfriend (and futurely a good husband) to her.

Midori also stayed quiet for some time, until she shyly voiced her opinion. "Uh, if you want, Seiji-kun... I can help you to study. I have done prep courses in my school."

The young man's eyes widened in surprise. "What? You've just entered second year and already did prep courses?"

She smiled and nodded. "Yes, Ogurabashi High prepares its students for college ever since their first year."

Seiji was pretty much astonished at the standards set by Midori's school. Indeed the snotty rich school was something. But then, remembering his study nights with 'miniature' Midori and how she knew all the stuff (despite it being one year ahead of hers), it shouldn't have come as a surprise.

"Are you sure, Midori?" he expressed his concerns. "I don't wanna drag you behind on your studies."

She promptly shook her head. "You'd never be a bother to me, Seiji-kun. I'll always be happy, as long as I'm with you."

As these words sank, she blushed deeply and looked away, too embarrassed to face him. Unknown to her, Seiji's face was also tinged in a bright shade of red.


Going to college, studying to keep a scholarship. Those were things the old 'Mad Dog' Sawamura would have never considered doing. It still amazed him how much he had changed thanks to her.

"Alright, alright." Seiji conceded, opening the once cast aside book again. "Let's go back to studying, okay?"

Midori's dejected face immediately brightened up with his words. "Okay!"

Seiji couldn't help but sometimes keep up his anti-social habits just to stay true to himself and have Midori pick him up for the sake of it. There was still his old pride that wanted to prevent her from knowing that she had such an impact on him. Nonetheless, even if Seiji didn't notice, he was becoming more and more like her.

Therefore, doing his best was the least he could do to repay all the trust she'd deposited onto him.

In fact, this was his reason for being at the mansion. Normally, study sessions were carried out in Seiji's house, but Midori had insisted to do it here for two reasons: one, he wouldn't have to worry about cooking dinner, as her maid Makie would be in charge of it. Two, they wouldn't have to worry about it getting too late, thus Seiji wouldn't need to escort his girlfriend home. And if he happened to lose the last night train, he could always sleep in one of the mansion's spare rooms. Everything was in order to help him stay focused on his studies and better his grades. Seiji couldn't be more grateful for that.

Suddenly, the phone in the hallway rang. The green-haired girl stood up and went to answer it, since their room was closer and Makie was probably busy preparing dinner.

Seiji remained at the table, struggling against the evil book in his hands. He could hear his girlfriend's footsteps outside the room, approaching the annoying noise source. Said noise stopped at the same time as the receiver was pulled out of the cradle.

"Moshi moshi," he could hear Midori's voice answering, so silent was the mansion. The employees probably had already left for the day, only the loyal maid Makie remaining.

"Ah, hi Aunt Natsumi!" she said out in a delighted tone. She sounded happy to hear again of this aunt of hers. Then she continued, alternating her talk with the person on the other side of the call.

"Yes, it's been a while... I'm fine now... No, really, I'm fine. You don't have to worry about it... so, how's Karen and Kousuke doing?"

A long pause fell afterwards, lasting almost two minutes. It seemed like her aunt was taking her time speaking about these people Midori mentioned. It went on until his girlfriend abruptly raised her voice.

"What? Karen's what?" her tone now denoting shock.

By now, Seiji had looked up from the book and turned his gaze toward the door, as if he could listen better to the conversation that way.

"It can't be!" she resumed, now expressing concern. The talk continued on for several more seconds. "Sorry, Auntie, but Mom's not here right now. She's on a business trip and will be back only next week. It's just me and..." she was about to mention her boyfriend, yet decided not to for now. "My maid, Makie-san."

After all, a man and a woman alone in a house while the woman's mother was away could be easily taken in the wrong way. So far, only her mom, her childhood friend Kouta and the house staff (for the sake of letting him in the estate) knew of her relationship with Seiji.

More minutes of tense silence passed until Midori spoke again, her voice still worried. "Well, I think I can help somehow... Yes, I don't have school tomorrow, I can come over... I'll be there in the morning... Oh, it's nothing, Auntie... Okay, bye-bye then."

There came the hanging up sound, followed by the pounding of footsteps coming closer to the door.

As soon as Midori came into view, Seiji immediately noticed her apprehensive face. She must have received some really bad news.

"What's going on?" the blond asked, out of concern too.

"It's my cousin, Karen," she barely whispered. "Auntie said she fell into a coma."

Moshi moshi = hello (on the phone)

I shall be using some Japanese expressions, just as the honorifics used in the manga/anime. I feel like they give a closer feeling to the story.

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