Hello there, FanFictioners! So, this is a series of 10 drabbles listing what I think are the top teen ways for someone to figure out that you're a girl. This is number ten. I chose by confession as number ten because honestly, this is the least awesome way. PLEASE REVIEW! YOU SHALL EARN A MENTAL KITTEN IF YOU DO SO! AND WHO DOSEN'T LOVE KITTENS? I hope you enjoy this!

Disclaimer: I have never nor will ever own Leviathan. Scott does. Seriously.

#10 By Confession

"Alek, can I talk to you?'' Deryn asked, hoping that she didn't sound as nervous as she felt.
"Sure," Alek said, stepping to the side, letting a crewmember pass.
"In private."
Alek blinked like the clueless prince he was. "Oh. Of course."

Once they were safely in Deryn's cabin, Deryn was forced to look Alek in the eye. "Alek, I-I've been lying to you."
"About what?"
Deryn took him by the shoulders, trying to literally shake some sense into him. "I'm a girl you dummkopf!"

Yeah. There's number ten. Yes I know that the drabble wasn't that great... Review please! And no flames!