A.N.: E/O challenge, WOW: ease, spoilers for S7 finale. Trying my hand at Crowley after reading Dizzo's drabble 'One man and his dog' (it's good, check it out :D) hope all who read enjoy.

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He can feel at ease again, for the first time since those inbred mouthy bastards first tried to move in on his planet.

He might be king of Hell, but really, who wants to spend all their time keeping fallen souls in line?


The job had become dull. He'd attempted retreating top side, falling back into old, nasty habits.

Then he heard about Dick.

He'd tried his hand at a friendly rapport with the slimy asshole, but Dick felt he was above him.

Crowley smirked, crushing the head of one the Leviathans under his foot.

"Who's above who now?"