The Circumstances of Crossing Paths


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It was around midnight in the Potter house when there was a very urgent knock at the door. Harry groaned, rolling over in bed to see where Ginny was. She wasn't there, so he assumed she was with Albus. He had been born a little over 2 months before and was a beautiful, bouncing, brown-haired, baby boy. The last time they had seen Hermione, just a few days before, she had been very pregnant. She was nearing her due date and Fred had been getting considerably nervous.

There was another knock. Harry mumbled in his half asleep state and stumbled out of bed toward the front door. Ginny was asleep on the couch with baby Albus in her arms, their breathing even and peaceful. Harry opened the door quietly. Fred was standing in the doorway, looking very white.

"Fred," Harry said, surprised. "What are you doing here?" He pulled him inside. "Is Hermione okay? Is the baby okay?"

Fred nodded, "Yes, she's in the hospital now. Having labor pains. Wanted to tell you myself. Actually I wanted to send an owl, but I couldn't find an owl. Or a quill. Or some parchment, for that matter. I apparated here, I have to get beck, I just wanted to let you know. She isn't doing too well, taking too long to dilate. The healers can't do anything about it until she's at least 7 centimeters."

Harry rubbed Fred on the back lightly. "Would you like some tea, anything?"

Fred shook his head no. "I have to get back," He said again. "I just wanted to tell you."

He looked toward the door. "Will you come in the morning?"

"As soon as Ginny gets up."

Fred nodded again, turning to leave. He looked back at Harry, his eyes scared and sad. "I hope she'll be okay." He whispered more for himself than for Harry.

Five hours later the Potters popped into the lobby of St. Mungo's. It was a bustling morning, and there were a lot of injured people milling about. A group of men with what seemed to be pots permanently stuck to their heads were huddled in one corner. Another group of witches that had nasty purple boils sprouting from their arms and face were huddled in another. Ginny tugged Harry's hand toward the reception desk.

"Hello." The lady said, coolly. "How may I help you?"

"Maternity?" Harry said, unsure as to exactly where Hermione and Fred would be.

She pointed at the map on the wall. "6th floor, third wing. Next."

The family approached the lift and Albus fussed a little bit in Harry's arms. He wasn't overly fond of apparition, but he seemed to be doing better today.

They walked through the third wing, asking a healer for directions, until they came to Hermione's room.

They knocked and entered. Hermione was situated on the bed with a little bundle in her arms, and another in a baby cart right next to her. She looked tired, and there were bags under her eyes, but otherwise she looked happy.

"Hi!" She whispered. "Fred's just gone out for a coffee. Come meet Rose and Daisy."

Ginny and Harry went around to the side of the bed, where Hermione handed Ginny her new baby girl. She had a face very much like Hermione's, but with a mop of curly red hair like Fred. Daisy looked exactly the same, but she was awake and had shocking blue eyes.

A few minutes later the three were visiting and cooing over their babies, when Fred walked in with a tray of coffees.

"Hello, everyone." He looked much better.

Ginny smiled, getting up to hug him. "Congratulations." She whispered, kissing him on the cheek.

"Thank you." He handed her one of the drinks.

"Yes," Hermione said, sipping on her decaf tea. "We're very happy with our little girls. They're very beautiful, aren't they?"

The group nodded.

"In fact," She said with a sly glance toward Fred, "We're very excited to have more. Maybe six or seven. What do you say, Fred? Would you like 3 more sets of twins?"

"Hey," He said, laughing, "It's up to you, Mione'. I'm not the one that has to go through a labor like that, again."

She laughed, throwing a napkin at him.

"Well," Harry piped up, "I hear there's a new study going on about having men carry the baby to term. Didn't you hear about that, too, Ginny?"

Ginny nodded, grinning.

"Well," Fred said, "I'd be happy to carry those babies. But goodness knows they probably won't be as tough as these two."

"Oh, I don't know. What if we have boys?" Hermione grinned at him. "Second generation Fred and George?"

Fred laughed. "Well, twins do run in the family."

The End

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