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Banner propped his back on the wall and listened carefully to the speech being given. He spotted Rogers sitting stiffly in the front row, Banner could imagine Rogers wanting to be standing with the rest of the guard. He would want to have one of the adorned rifles in his hands and give the mournful salute with the rest of the guard. There was Miss Potts, she had her head bowed and was twisting a napkin in her hand. The pain in her eyes was evident, a few tears escaped her napkin. Banner quickly bowed away from the dark canopy, clutching the watch in his pocket.

A willow became his refuge, the long tendrils swept the grass and dirt. He crouched there, feeling the bubbling and frothing from the other guy teem towards the surface of his skin. Not here, grimly he clutched at the watch and concentrated on the rough edges of the etched silver. A laser would have prevented the roughened edges. It would have created perfectly smooth concentric circles and...

The other guy heeled onto his haunches and gazed at him balefully, but still ready to leap. Banner let out his breath in a gust. A branch caught him and he somehow managed to get entangled in it. Finally, he simply snapped the stalk and unwound the thin willow's branch from his neck. If only it had been that easy, thought Banner ruefully; the other guy growled threateningly and Banner let the branch fall into a coil at his feet.

A murmur of voices swelled behind him, Banner saw a procession of people leaving the tent. There was a whole squadron of officers who must've been his coworkers, friends...

Banner sighed, the willow rustled its leaves. The wind picked up again and they viciously whipped him in the face. "Alright, I'm going," Geez, not even the trees like being near me.

"Banner! You're going to get left behind and be late. Not that it would be a problem, you could just get mad and then everyone would have to make room for you at the dinner table." He couldn't help it, Banner chuckled softly and wound his way through the people towards the dark red car; most of the people gave him a wide berth. That kind of behavior no longer stung him; you wouldn't see a zebra foal chumming it up with a hungry crocodile would you? "I'm coming, is there even any room for me in that sport's car of yours?"

"Eeehhh, Miss Potts can just walk. And as long as you don't turn angsty." Miss Potts gave Banner a tearful smile and shook her head at the man she was in love with. Sometimes he can be so cruel without meaning to, but she measured the smile he directed towards Bruce and just shook her head at his grinning face. "There's room for all of us, hop in, Bruce." Banner marveled at how easily she allowed him to climb into the tiny car and sit behind her. Most people would have cringed at the notion. He sat sideways on the plush pleather seat and buckled himself in when the car revved onto the dirt drive.

Banner looked back, few people were still standing under the tent. A woman, a couple of men, Rogers, and Fury. The soil had been neatly patted down and a score of white, red and blue wreaths lay on the ground. "It's best not to look back too often Banner. It's no good for the future." Of course it wasn't, he'd been battling with his past and never won, "Doesn't mean the past isn't bewitching. Funny thing is that the past always seems to be changing, depending on what you're looking for or who's telling the story. It always seems to change itself through the mere fact that we're trying to understand it."