Author's Rant Space: I don't really have any more ideas for these random one-shots so if you'd like to see more of these, please offer ideas. As always, critiques are welcome. Enjoy :)

A small clinking sound woke him.

"Drink up, we're not done yet."

Banner rubbed his face, the edge of the computer slate had dug into his cheek and he could feel a small groove. "What time is it?" He slurped the coffee, pleased to taste the hazelnut and dark chocolate. He sighed in relief when the warm coffee hit his stomach. "Maybe we should stop for now. We can work on it tomorrow, Tony."

Stark glanced at him in surprise and turned back to digging around one of the cabinets, "It's already tomorrow. You've already wasted four hours of it with sleeping. Ah, here we go. A little pick me up to the caffeine." Tony took his mug and splashed some brown pungent liquid into it until it almost overflowed, "Here. Drink. Don't ask what it is because I bought it off the black market and it might just be vinegar."

"I can't imagine you walking around a black market. " He took a cautious sip and found the alcohol, or whatever it was, made him break out into a sweat. Tony took a giant gulp of his coffee and spat most of it out, "Jesus! I think we just drank gasoline."

Banner ignored him and walked over to one of the monitors. He enlarged a graph and absently slurped more of the coffee concoction, "Is this from the park?"

Tony scrutinized the graph, "Yeah. See that hitch? Must've been when they left." Banner shook his head, "But they left weeks ago." Tony opened his mouth, took a sip and tossed the rest of the coffee-gasoline into the sink," You mean this one is recent? When was it taken"

Banner enlarged the axis," Couple hours ago. And why would the energy residues still be hanging around even if it wasn't so recent? It's a public park. The initial readings that Ms. Foster recorded in New Mexico showed that the...rainbow road's..." he winced at the terminology," energy dissipated within twelve hours. And that place is a desert. The park shouldn't hold residues for any longer than, say, three hours. "

Tony squinted at the graph a moment longer, and a terrible thought wormed its way into his thoughts.

Slate in hand, Tony flung the graph onto the main frame and lay the most recent graph over the original one when they took the tesseract away, "Shit."

Banner took a giant gulp of his coffee and felt it burn into his stomach, "Should we call up Director Fury now or at a decent hour?"

Ton grimaced, "Naw. Let Pirate Pete catch his Zzz's, we can trace this by ourselves. Maybe if we root this thing out they'll let us back into headquarters."

Humming, Banner approached a screen with a map of the Earth, a smattering of blue dots covered the surface "Are these the locations of the different tears? " Tony nodded and continued typing away at a computer, forehead scrunched.

"Maybe we should tell S.H.I.E.L.D. about these, it would help us get back into their labs and we could use some of their scientists, I don't think we should mess around with anything that's come back through. At least, not alone."

Tony snorted, "You know perfectly well that none of those people," he waved around a small green thing that appeared to be a screw driver but which Banner knew perfectly well could just as well be a tiny death laser, " are no match for us. We could- I don't know, walk into their lab and in twenty minutes have the mainframe under our- Oh."

Bruce smiled from behind his coffee mug, " I'll send Director Fury an e-mail later, meanwhile let's work out where the energy residues lead."