A/N... Let's see what Sarge has to say about the nice care package that Bella sent. Note the date because it takes almost two weeks for mail to get to him.

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March 18, 2010

Dear Miss Swan,

First of all, I must start by sending an enormous thank you. Jasper speaks most highly of you, and for you to take the time to put together such a thoughtful gift means more than I can say.

That being said... If you heard about my ex, then I must apologize. I'm not normally so vindictive. However, I'd given her the option of her freedom prior to my shipping out, but she declined, stating that she was perfectly fine with the separation. Her first letter was fine, her second letter didn't come for a month, and her third asked for her picture back. Perhaps sending 55 pictures of different women along with hers and asking her to return the rest was a bit excessive and immature. In retrospect, of course.

I can already tell that you are unlike Tanya, though my ex has a category all her own. All she's missing are the striped socks and a house on top of her, and she'd be a perfect fit for Oz – the fantasy novel, not the prison on TV.

Speaking of novels, thank you. All reading materials are welcomed, if your question about sending more was serious. I especially appreciate the classics, such as Sherlock Holmes.

In fact, everything you sent was put to use immediately. No one thinks that common, everyday hygiene products are needed, but they are, and I was able to share with a member of my squad who didn't have much to begin with. However, I didn't share a single cookie. Not one single crumb escaped.

The music was the best part, and yet, the worst. It was nice hearing new songs, songs that I hadn't heard in some time, and it seems we have the same taste in music. It also made me miss composing my own music. A piano isn't exactly easy to find in the desert.

If you're serious about requests... I would blow up a building for peppermints! But if I never hear from you again, Miss Swan, which I completely understand...again, thank you.

Sergeant Edward Anthony Masen

P.S. Perhaps email would be better or easier? It's certainly quicker. I use freemail with a combination of my initials and last name: EAMasen.


A/N... My favorite part about writing this fic with Jen was the next several chapters...the beginning. I hope you enjoy getting to know Sarge the same way Bella is about to, because there were times that we didn't know what the other would say. Our characters really got to know each other. :D

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