Disclaimer: Sherlock, Doctor Who and its respective characters belong to BBC.

Summary: Emilee comes home from work to find something unexpected waiting for her.

Chronology: None.

Pairings: None.

Author's Note: This is an AU where Mrs. Hudson is a timelord. This was also written for Emilee, so this is mostly a crack fic.

Type 221B

Emilee fumbled with the keys to her flat, her hands tired from the long day at work. Granted she liked working at the art studio and she was working on starting her own, but sometimes the days just got to her. Her keys were making so much noise that she worried that someone from the hall would come out and ask if she was drunk. The thought alone hurried Emilee's hands and the key shoved itself into the lock. The door opened and Emilee practically threw herself inside. She locked the door, threw her coat on the armchair in the corner and kicked off her shoes. Her keys she put in a mini fish bowl that she had picked up at a flea market. She turned the fridge and was about to make herself a snack when something caught her eye. It had been there the whole time, but she had been so busy unwinding that she had missed it. She slowly turned around, blinking rapidly to make sure what she was seeing was real. There in her living room, beside the comfy armchair and the tea table was a TARDIS. But the familiar Police Box form that Emilee had seen before (but the story of Emilee and the Doctor is for another time) had taken a slightly different turn. The door seemed to be a bit darker and looked like, well, a door. There was a door knocker on it as well as a 221B in gold lettering. Emilee slowly approached the TARDIS. She tenderly reached up and pulled the door knocker down with a loud THUD. She debated knocking again when she heard footsteps coming from inside. She took a precautious step back. The door creaked open and the light from inside the TARDIS gave a heavenly glow to the figure that appeared.

"Oh dear, I seemed to have misjudged again." A sweet voice said. The figure stepped out of the door to reveal a small elderly lady wearing a blue floral print dress with a beige shrug over top. "Hello, I'm Mrs. Hudson. The boys were looking for The Doctor. I can never seem to find him when I look."

Emilee took a couple of shaky breaths. "I've met him."

"What honey?"

"The Doctor. I've met him. Maybe I can help."

"Oh would you? That would be splendid! I'll fix us some tea." And with that Mrs. Hudson vanished back into the TARDIS. Emilee looked around took a deep breath and entered the Type 221B TARDIS.