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The Sleeping Habits of the Boy's Love Human

Human Beings from the planet Earth are funny little creatures that are in need of constant study. Each one has his or her own personal style of living and dying. This is why it is necessary to return to Planet Earth and investigate at varying intervals; to ensure all data is catalogued for future use.

For this specific report, the sleeping habits of the Boy's Love human has been studied. A masculine couple has been researched for the sake of improving the mind. The following report is meant for research purposes and may not be copied, sold, or otherwise used in any way. Thank you for your cooperation.

Akihiko Usami (31) and Misaki Takahashi (21)

Akihiko Usami is a collector by trade. He collects everything from stuffed versions of bears with the name Suzuki-san, to rare algae balls, to eels. When he cannot think of something to collect he writes various works of fiction he lets other humans read for enjoyment. The one thing this man wanted he couldn't have.

That one thing was an encaser. Akihiko is an encased individual who prefers to allow his reproductive organ to be encased within the rectum of another human being of the same gender. This is popular on Planet Earth by those who do not wish to help with the overpopulation problem. He had chosen an encaser while still in high school. The problem; that encaser wasn't actually an encaser, but an encased, so Akihiko was up poop creek.

Lucky for him the younger brother of the one chosen was an encaser, so the older brother handed him over to allow Akihiko to become encased. Misaki Takahashi was just about to enter one of Earth's higher learning establishments when he was given to Akihiko. As he is the younger of the pair, it makes him special to be the Alpha Male in the pack. Normally the Alpha Male is the older, but if the older is an encased then he immediately relinquishes the title of Alpha Male to the one who is the encaser.

Thanks to Misaki's older brother's inability to properly say his surname correctly, Akihiko tends to go by the name Usagi-san. Misaki calls him this name to show the older man that HE is in charge. Usagi-san must call Misaki by his first name or he is not allowed to become encased.

Akihiko is made to sleep naked when his younger encaser sleeps in the same room. This is so his reproductive organ is always on display for the encaser. Since the encaser is in charge in the relationship the encaser does not need to sleep naked. So Misaki chooses to sleep with clothes on.

Part of the benefits of being an encaser is having the reproductive organ sucked on by the encased. This is to show dominance in the relationship. During this time the encaser usually tells the other man, 'no' which translates to, 'keep sucking you moron, I like to feel good!'.

Here is one such interaction: (The scene took place in the bedroom. Misaki was leaning against the headboard on the comfortable pillows of the bed. His pants were already gone, but his shirt remained on his torso. Akihiko was kneeling down to show submission and getting ready to put Misaki's reproductive organ into his mouth.)

"No, Usagi-san!"

"Do you want me to use my hand or my mouth?" (Akihiko was so excited about being able to suck his encaser he had a grin on his face.)

(Misaki turned red, which is the customary answer of: mouth.)

(Akihiko placed his mouth over Misaki's reproductive organ and blew lightly, which caused Misaki to shiver.)

"Stop (keep going you idiot!) Usagi-san!"

(Akihiko then put his mouth onto the phallus of his encaser's reproductive organ and started to suck and bob his head up and down. This feeling stimulates the nerve endings in the encaser's penis. As this happens, the encaser shoots his reproductive fluid into the encased's mouth as a token of appreciation for the stimulation.)

"Hold on, Usagi-san, I am going to come!"

(He shoots! He scores! After he comes he is tired and it is the perfect time for the encased to slip his reproductive organ into the rectum of the encaser.)

"Don't move so fast, Usagi-san!"

(During this time the encased is not allowed to speak, so he just grunts like a primitive ape-man.)

"Usa-Usagi-san. I'm going to come again!"

(The encaser erupts like a geyser, while the encased shoots his own reproductive fluid inside. This act is to say "thank you for allowing me to taste and swallow your reproductive fluid".)

After such an encounter, which happens quite a bit because the Alpha Male is always saying "no", the two like to fall asleep on the older male's bed. Usually the older male will hold the younger male to his chest, with his arms draped over him. This is to keep him from rolling off the bed. Misaki likes the feel of falling asleep within Akihiko's arms because he is always moving and being trapped keeps him from moving too much. Such movement makes sleep virtually impossible.

At times Misaki will choose to sleep in his own room. This is to remain in the dominant position and teach the older encased how to live and sleep without him. The encased must be treated more like a lower life form in many cases because he is a lower life form. Akihiko is unable to function without Misaki to help around the house. Because of Akihiko's inability to learn new domestic ways he is often punished by not being allowed to sleep with his younger encaser.

When a period of time happens where the encased is unable to sleep with his encaser he goes through withdraw until his encaser allows him to be encased again. Akihiko must be encased a certain number of times each week to ensure he is in top running condition. Also, he must partake of Misaki's reproductive fluid in order to ensure he is showing his appreciation.

Misaki likes to play with his encased. He is what is known on Earth as a tease. This is allowed because of his younger nature and being an encaser. He is also a special type of encaser; one who was not touched before. So rare is it to find someone who was not touched before, Akihiko feels it is only necessary to show his appreciation as many times as possible. This is why he follows Misaki around and asks to be encased numerous times throughout the day.

Sometimes this is tiring for Misaki, who is also trying to attend Earth's form of education institution, that he punishes Akihiko by making him wear clothes to bed. This type of punishment is so degrading that the older man can do nothing but hold onto a large Suzuki-san to keep from crying. It is necessary to train an encased though, so Misaki is well within his rights.

Because of his higher status within the couple Misaki rarely tells Akihiko he loves him. This term is degrading to the male ego and must not be said at any time. To show his submission, Akihiko is required to say these words throughout the day. Only when he has been a good boy does Misaki share those words as well.

Based on Earth standards, this couple does love one another. Both are happy with their arrangement and how things within their arrangement work. This is why they have been together for over three years.

Amendment to Aforementioned Information

It was discovered though that Akihiko and Misaki were not a normal couple. So in order to get well rounded information other couples have also been chosen. Their reports will follow after more data is collected about the sleeping habits of the Boy's Love human.


Author's note –

This story mirrors a movie called, "The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human". This movie is done documentary style and is narrated by an alien who is discussing how an Earth couple meets, lives, and creates a child. The movie is comedic because the alien gets everything about the couple wrong. I have done that in this story as well. It is meant to be wrong to be funny. I hope it was amusing.

Encaser – Uke

Encased – Seme

Hope you enjoyed this little parody.