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The Sleeping Habits of the Boys Love Human

It has come to our attention that certain individuals may be in need of more clarification. So this report will continue, albeit in a sporadic manner. Please keep in mind that our scientists are very busy solving the equations of the universe and thus, updates to the report may not be contributed in a timely manner. Also, while the bulk of individuals in the study are known throughout the universe thus far, more obscure couples will be popping up from time to time from the vast reaches of the planet Earth. If you'd like to know more about a certain couple then please contact an administrator who will gladly direct you to the proper literature. Instant answers are not predicted however, so please be patient. The name of the report will also change to allow for a wider range of specimens.

Onodera Ritsu and Takano Masamune

For one Onodera Ritsu, literature is a way of life. It was how he managed to ensnare his encased at the incredibly early age of fifteen. (After some careful examination of the human penile member, it is known for certain that said organ is smaller when a person is in their teens, and even smaller still before the human hits a time called 'acne all over the face'. Thus, the male reproductive organ is directly related to the size of the hole in which it will be encased.) While he was of such a tender age he had a great deal of control over his encased, thus making him the youngest encaser in our findings. He will be affixed into the Hall of Encaser Fame, next to Takatsuki Shinobu. (A comparison between the two will be written up and filed under a special report at another time.)

After an unannounced ten-year hiatus, Onodera managed to find his wayward encased and demand retribution for the decade of missed pleasure. Let's just say that the encaser was not happy in the least. If an encased disappears and doesn't pay the piper with the cum currency, then the encaser is free to find another with which to dominate. However, Onodera is a benevolent human being and he waited (even though it appears his encased did not (please see notes on an encased trying to be an encaser and failing miserably in The Idiot's Guide to Encasement, chapter seven, Trying to be Something You're Not) and even tried to swing the other way) for a chance to find his encased. Luckily for him, fate was on his side, and he now works in the same department as Takano and is able to keep closer tabs on him as they live right next door to one another.

Takano Masamune is the traditional encased who likes to have his organ inside his encaser as often as possible. He has learned the art of 'sweet talking' his encaser with colorful words like 'love' and 'I need you'. These translate to "my organ will shrivel and die if not within your booty (please see definition of booty in the Intergalactic Dictionary of Ridiculous Terms)" and "if we are not connected, then my life is over", respectively.

Our scouts have learned that Takano would like nothing more than to quit his job, and allow his penis to be encased forever within the caverns of his encased's ass. This surgery has been perfected on Soxetine Prime, but is not currently available for Earth humans. Said giving of oneself is the greatest sacrifice an encased can bequeath to his encaser. Unfortunately Onodera is not completely happy with his encased, so even if the surgery was available it wouldn't happen any time soon.

One thing is for certain about this couple, they like to go at it like rabbits. This term refers to how often the two jump one another, since rabbits (a furry rodent-like creature with long ears and a cotton tail) jump all over the place. There isn't a day that goes by when Onodera is telling his encased 'no' (or, as the translation goes, 'get your flagpole ready to be encased') and demanding that Takano partake of his fluids.

The juices that emanate from within the scrotum of the human male could be considered a type of payment. Each squirt holds microscopic creatures that are worth lots of dough and are left at the bank (a place where humans save their valuables). Human males are always depositing their cum at the bank where women can pick it up, that is how valuable the product is.

Takano knows how valuable his encaser's cum is, and thus hungrily laps it up as often as he can. He knows he did wrong by swaying and disappearing for ten years, so he is attempting to make it up to his encaser in the only way he is allowed; by being encased as often as possible. This needs to go on record as an encased who knows how to show humility, even in the diarist of circumstances.

Onodera's opening is always primed to receive his encased's organ. He is constantly telling the other 'no' or 'not so fast', which we know to translate to 'hurry up and become encased' and 'I'd better come from this round or you'll be sucking me dry for the next month'. This manga editor (someone who reads many books on the subject of female encasers and their male encased counterparts) knows how to punish his encased and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Those who write the female encasers know exactly how to speak to the male encaser who prefers the male encased, thus these writers are speaking to the human boys rather than the girls. (For information on human females and their hierarchy, please see the log called We're So Advanced, We Don't Need Encasers or Encased. This document is only available from the hours of 0830 and 0840 as what is contained within has been known to cause readers' minds to collapse.)

We will now offer a snippet in the life of Onodera and Takano, who will now go by the mashed term of Ritsmune. Please be advised that the following is intended for the adult reader and is not appropriate for young children.

"Onodera, get this to the copier, now!"

"Yes, Takano-san!"

Let us take a moment to clear our heads of such inappropriate goings-on within the human work place. We had no idea they were both such a type of individual and are sorry if anyone found the aforementioned comments offensive. Let us instead show you something approved for all ages of reader in hopes that no complaints will be filed.

"Onodera, you're sucking me in, relax a little."

"Easy…for…you…to…say! You're not…the…ahhhhhhhhh…one who is…going to have a back…ache tomorrowwwww…ungh!"

"Can I come inside? Huff, huff, huff…Ritsu?"

"You'd better no…kiss, kiss, kiss. Takano-san…feels…good."

"I love you, Ritsu."

(At this time they both released their sperm, and Takano did a good job of reading between the lines and coated the insides of Onodera's rectum with his payment of cum.)

Now, that was a much more appropriate conversation between the two. We hope that this has made you forget the vulgar words from before. It is time to wrap up the case of Onodera Ritsu and Takano Masamune as they are now having more vulgar words one another and this report was supposed to remain G-Rated for all readers. Another report will follow once information has been compiled.