ok i don't own Prototype or Warriors I only own The name Bladeheart and the Character)

Then Alex Mercer looks at bladeheart said "Firestar who's the new warrior?"

Then Firestar said" he is Bladeheart and if your woundering yes he is the reason why were used to your type of stange beacuse he is a mutant from a two leg area that made him who he is now and he is't new. he is a old warrior and he had to leave to help a freind"

The Bladeheart showed his powers and his claws looked like Alex Mercers Claw mode and his back was covered in razor sharp blades on his back.

Then Mercer said "That is intresting"

Then Firestar said "Ok Bladeheart you and Mercerfur will go to the Blacklightclan truff and take their camp by storm"