Whoa, it's been over a year since I updated this.

A brief explanation to why I hadn't updated this for so long is that about this time last year the medications I had been taking were stopped so an expert on medications could recommend better medications than the ones I was taking. Both of them had negative side effects but one of them had one I wasn't going to tolerate any more. It was causing me to have buildups of rage. From December of 2012 to February 2013 I went from fearful that my medications weren't working to wishing a parent would burn in Hell to wanting to stab a sibling with a fork over onions on all the home made pizzas.

The first medication I tried after my old medications were out of my system enough that we could get good results for the trial run left me with little to no energy during the day and in the end lead me to staying up until passed three-thirty in the morning once.

Than I had some writer's block and I have recently decided to just finish this along with 'The Chosen One'.

It's good to be back working on this.


Anakin hid quietly among the various things in the cargo section of the ship his mother and her friends were using for their mission. He had wanted to go on a mission with his mother, Han and Luke and this was the perfect opportunity. He wasn't sure what they were doing but if they were going to break into an Imperial Base than he could help them hotwire doors or he, his mom and Han could pretend to need help in order to get into the base. The Imperials would be less suspicious of a couple with a child.

Not long ago he had learned how to hide his Presence with the Force and was pretty good at it. Mace and Ahsoka were the only ones besides his mother that could find him consistently when he was hiding his Presence; his mother could always find him given enough time.

Anakin was pretty sure that he wouldn't be missed at the Rebel Fleet. Those with the Fleet would just think he was on one of the first two ships to leave and the pilots of those transports would think he was back at the Fleet it wouldn't be until all the children arrived at the safe house would they discover he wasn't with them or on any of the ships in the Fleet.

He hoped his mother wouldn't discover him since she knew his unique way to insure he stayed hidden. He made himself small and used the Force to get other beings to think he wasn't worthy of any kind of notice. It was really effective on many people; he had done it one many occasions in plain sight and those that were not Force Sensitive wouldn't notice him even when they were looking for him specifically.

Finally he felt the ship exit hyperspace and travel through space. Anakin was getting a little impatient for the ship to land so he wouldn't have to sit in a dark space anymore. He would admit that it had been a bad idea to sneak aboard in a crate but how was he supposed to know that nearly everything was going to be stored in a small cargo hold?

Anakin shifted a little in an effort to get just a little more comfortable in the confined space. He was considering crawling to the hatch that would lead to the rest of the ship and be discovered just so he wouldn't have different things threatening to dig into him if he moved too much.


Darth Sidious was meditating on the future; he was confident that the Rebel Leaders would be more than willing to walk right into his trap. They reminded him of the Jedi Council and how the Jedi had played right into his trap. He had no doubt that the Rebellion would be delivered a crushing blow.

He could Sense that the Rebel strike team had arrived in the system; he could Sense their confidence and worry that the codes they had would or wouldn't work. Oh they would be let through and-

Sidious paused.

He Sensed something familiar with the Rebels; actually it was someone using a technique with the Force that he had only seen in a few individuals but the one he knew the best for doing it so well was Vader before his formal Jedi Training. Now and then he had Sensed the boy using it however Vader now used a modified version of the technique since he was hard to miss and ignore.

Curious he reached out to the Force Sensitive and touched his mind. The mind was young but familiar in surprising way. The young boy pulled away from him in shock and fear but Sidious continued his quest to discover what the boy was. Suddenly the young boy blocked him rather effectively but Sidious recognized the boy's power; power that was equal to a young Anakin Skywalker.

Sidious laughed softly as all the pieces fell into place. He had known about the clones of other Jedi that the Rebellion and knew who they all were. However he had never heard about a clone of Anakin Skywalker. He wondered if only a handful of Rebels knew about the clone since none of his spies had discovered that tidbit of information or if it was just a well-kept secret. He did know that the former princess of Alderaan had a son named Anakin Skywalker but had thought that she was just naming her child after her hero.

He did wonder for a moment why the child was here before he remembered that some children liked to be with their parents and he wouldn't put it passed the clone to have snuck onto the captured shuttle in order to spend time with it's 'mother'.

Maybe the clone would prove to be a promising replacement for Vader if Luke couldn't be swayed to the Dark Side. Or maybe he should just use the clone anyway.

He would have to meditate on it.


Han had tried not to show just how nervous he had been and still was as he piloted the stolen shuttle towards the heavily forested moon below. It did remind him faintly of Yavin IV but at least this planetary body promised not to be a humid torture pit. It didn't help that Luke had claimed that Vader had been on the command ship that had contacted them. Even though Han hadn't turned to look at Leia he just knew that she knew it too.

It didn't sit well with Han but he prayed to whatever higher being that might exist and care for their plight that they would succeed in their mission. He might not be particularly religious but even before he met Luke, Leia and little Anakin he had at times silently asked some unknown and unseen entity for either protection or that a job would go well.

As they got closer to the surface he started to search for a good place to land that was close to the shield generator but far enough away so that they wouldn't draw too much attention. In the end they ended up landing further away than any of them would have liked. It would be a long hike and Han would bet his tool kit that they would have to dodge patrols the whole way. They were lucky that the Empire had chosen a place where there were lots of other life forms to build their newest Death Star so that their life signs wouldn't stand out.

Finally the shuttle finished powering down and everyone started to undo their safety restraints.

"All right everyone we need to clear out of here quickly just to be on the safe side. We have no idea if we are being monitored or anything so grab what we need and then we need to disappear into the forest." Han announced to everyone as he checked the power levels of his blaster again.

"I'll help get the supplies out of the cargo areas." Luke told Han as the Jedi Knight stood and headed for the back.

"I will go with him." Chewie rumbled.

"Wait for us Master Luke!" 3PO called out as the droids left the cockpit leaving Han and Leia alone.

Han wondered for a moment if this had been some sort of plot to get him and Leia alone. They hadn't had a lot of time to speak let alone talk about how they felt for each other.

"Han," Leia began softly, "when this is over will you go on an extended leave with Anakin and I to Naboo?"

Han smiled gently. "I would go somewhere with you and little Anakin." He replied. "All the beautiful places on Naboo should be lovely this time of year."

"I've been on a few occasions but it will be nice to share it with an older Anakin and you." Leia said moving to the co-pilot seat.

Slowly and hesitantly Han reached out with his right hand and placed it on Leia's left leg just above her knee. He let out a breath he didn't realize he was holding when Leia set her left hand on top of his.

"Leia," Han began softly, "I l-"

A sudden noise in the back had both Han and Leia jumping up and hurrying into the passenger area before Han could finish telling Leia how he felt about her.

Finally they reached the back of the passenger area where one could than access what was in the cargo areas. Every member of strike team had gathered in the back and seemed shocked.

"What is going on?" Han asked, worried that something had been discovered that could disrupt their mission in the worst possible way: an Imperial Beacon alerting any Imperial that scanned the shuttle know it was stolen.

The group parted to reveal a small figure that Han recognized all too well.

"Anakin Luke Skywalker what are you doing here!?" Leia demanded; everything about her spoke volumes to just how angry she was.


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