AN: So, I had a strange dream last night about humanoid bunnies taking over the world and it got me thinking about dystopian worlds and figured a post-Sky High story would be sweet. I don't really have much planned out so this chapter was written on a whim and is kind of short, but let me know what you think.


The Resistance

Chapter 1

Everything had gone to shit five years after Warren Peace had graduated from Sky High. The world as he had know it no longer existed. The new world was just a burning shell of the old one.

More than half the people he had know in his 23 years were either dead, captured, or broken.

The great Stronghold family was gone. Steve and Josie Stronghold were killed and Will Stronghold had gone insane at the sight of his mother's body. Will now had to be kept in an underground room that neutralized his powers, much like Sky High's detention room.

Layla was missing. Taken by them, Warren supposed.

Magenta was stuck as a guinea pig.

Zack constantly flickered, as if his internal bulb wasn't screwed in properly.

Out of their group, only Warren and Ethan survived the pulse unaffected. Ethan was always with Commander Jensen, trying to figure out a way to counteract the pulse's affects. Warren had not seen him in nearly two months.

As he laid on his hard cot, Warren thought back to the day that the pulse had changed their lives.

It was a sunny day, much like most of the days in Maxville. It was 9:00 in the morning and Warren was clocking out from his overnight shift at the firehouse. The night had held a small fire at a local grocery store, faulty wiring. His face and hands were covers with drywall and dust from breaking down a wall. He had placed his timecard back in his slot and stripped before entering the firehouse shower. He was nearly finished his shower and was just letting the hot water wash over his body when he heard a giant bang, followed by a volume of screams that Warren had never expected possible.

He learned days later that the pulse was engineered and released by a coalition of villains. It didn't affect anyone that was touching water or had a water based power, so Ethan and Warren had been safe. It neutralized some, while freezing others, or driving some mad.

The streets were flooded with chaos. Everyone, super and civilian alike, were screaming, running, crying. The looting began soon after. Martial law was declared at sundown. Gunshots became the norm. Three straight hours of sleep became a luxury after that day.

No one knew how the first group formed, but groups of supers that still possessed their powers went underground, both literally and figuratively. Warren himself was hiding in a bus station in downtown Maxville when he was attacked by a lesser villain and was forced to use his powers. Just as he set the villain on fire, a gunshot ripped through the boy's body and he dropped, leaving Warren to see a group of four men in army fatigues standing in the entrance, each brandishing a machine gun. It was then that Warren was taken into custody. Once he was in front of Commander Jensen, he was informed that he would be useful. A fire based power in a world full of water based villains was extremely important and rare.

Since that night, Warren had been trained in the art of combat with a rigor that made gym class at Sky High look like a preschool game.

No one knew who the head villain was, but they did know that all the prisons were empty. His father was somewhere out there. Warren now had an excuse to kill the man that had ruined his life.

Tomorrow, Warren would go on his first mission. He felt ready. He swallowed the tiny amount of fear that was itching his consciousness and rolled over, quickly falling into a light sleep.