A/N: Hi folks, I know its been a while but it was really hard to find a way to make this work without the lemon. So forgive me for not just reposting as soon as I realized. This story, as I have found needs the one act to make everything come together, at least in my mind. Thanks for bearing with me. And here it is once again:

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Estranged Hero

Gods' bashing Rated M

Luke was leading Percy deep into the woods. Percy was shaking with anticipation. She knew that this was her chance to show what he meant to her. They stopped in a small clearing, a small break in the trees overhead showing the night sky.

Luke turned around for a moment to compose himself, when he heard the sound of clothes rustling. Spinning around, his eyes bulged. Percy had just finished undoing her pants and was in the process of dropping them to the floor. His eyes tracked them as they fell. She stepped out of them, legs bare. He was shocked; here he was, about to kill her, and she was taking her clothes off like they were last year's fashion. While he was thinking this, Percy had proceeded to grab her shirt by the hem and pulled it over her head and dropped it the ground by her jeans. It was while she was undoing her bra that he snapped out of it. She was shivering when he grabbed her hands, stopping them from taking it off.

"What are you doing, Percy?" he hissed.

She smiled coyly at him, cocking her head to the side, "Taking my clothes off, silly. Can't you see me?"

Luke narrowed his eyes, "You know very well what I meant Perseas. I meant why are you doing this?"

She giggled, "So you can fuck me of course. Can't very well do that with my clothes on now, can you?"

He was floored; he honestly hadn't been expecting that one. Sure he knew she was beautiful, many of the guys and a few of the girls had expressed interest in her. But he never realized that she liked him in that way. Taking advantage of the moment, Percy pried her hands loose and took her bra off the rest of the way, dropping it on the pile. When her breasts met the air, she shivered again, her nipples hardening. Luke stared at them hungrily. His pants were suddenly very constricting. Sure he was going to kill her, but that didn't mean he couldn't have a little fun before she died.

Percy smirked, she had him where she wanted, and now all that exercise was going to pay off. Sure, she was thirteen, but she knew what she wanted and what she wanted was Luke.

She was about to lower her panties to the ground when Luke stopped her. She looked up at him questioningly. He smiled, "Let's leave those on for now."

She nodded hesitantly. She had never done this before, so she had thought guys likes their girls naked from the start. Guess not.


He lifted his hands and started kneading her breasts, earning a moan from his soon-to-be victim. He crashed his lips onto hers, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She tasted of water and seaweed, go figure. He broke off the kiss getting a whine in reply. He smirked and placed his lips against her neck and started suckling.

He rolled her nipples between his fingers, Pervy cried out in pleasure. Her panties were getting soaked from his ministrations. Leaving her neck, he latched onto her right breast, sucking it for a little bit before drawing her nipple into his mouth. He put it between his teeth, nipping at it and sucking on it. She moaned loudly. Reaching down with his free hand, he pushed it inside her underwear and stroked her clitoris. She arched into his hand, urging contact. He stuck his middle finger in and started pumping. Percy tried to match his movements. He stopped after a bit of this, earning a pout. Taking off his jacket, he placed it on the ground, and laid her on it. He took off his shirt and pants and laid them to the side. She started running her hands on his chest loving the feel of his muscles under her fingers. She leaned up and kissed him on the mouth as passionately as she could. He reached down and pulled her now dripping panties off, dropping them off to the side.

When he turned back to her, she said, "I hate my father you know."

He froze, "What do you mean?"

She ran her hands up and down his back, "He abandoned me as a baby. Never a word to me, and the only thing that he tells my mom regarding me is that I have to come here. Now don't get me wrong, I love this place, but it required my mom leaving me and I can never forgive him for that. Perhaps I should have listened to Grandpa when I had the chance. Now I'm stuck as the bloody 'chosen one' and it's fucking stupid. They say they're not supposed to interfere in our lives yet they force me to do their dirty work for them. I hope they rot in Tartarus."

Luke couldn't believe his luck, here was Persephone Jackson, daughter of Poseidon, the chosen one of prophecy, champion of the gods, and she couldn't care less about them.

He was going to have to approach this very carefully. But, deciding he would put it off for now, he lowered himself between her legs and licked her pussy. She shuddered. He reached up and fondled her breasts. He sucked on her clit, and Percy arched her back. He stuck his tongue into her pussy and it was too much. Percy screamed as she experienced her first orgasm, cumming right onto Luke's face.

As she came down, Luke decided that he was tired of foreplay and took off his boxers. Seeing what he was doing, she parted her legs. He positioned himself at her entrance with his weeping cock and slowly pushed the head into her cunt. Percy's body was wracked with pain. He was so big, it felt like he was tearing her apart. She wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him closer. He pushed deeper until he came to her hymen.

He smirked, if he played his cards right, he would be the only one to fuck her. After all, she had offered herself to him and more than likely would join him in his crusade to destroy the Gods who decided to mess with their kid's lives.

He pushed forward, breaking it, and, she cried out in pain. Luke leaned over and kissed her hard, waiting until the pain was gone, and then proceeded to pump into and out of her, reveling in the feeling her enveloping him. This was the good life. He couldn't wait until they got out of here. Without their chosen one, the Gods would fall apart, or be forced to interfere, or probably have another prophecy made and have a new chosen one appear.

"Luke!" Percy cried as she had her second orgasm.

He kept thrusting until he met his peak, and with a final push he spilled his seed inside her, shooting straight into her womb.

"Percy!" he cried in his release.

:Lemon end:

Exhausted, he lay down beside her and pulled her into his arms. Their bodies glistened with sweat, the air filled with the smell of sex.

Luke decided that he would ask her now, "So Percy, I was wondering something."

In a sleepy voice she replied, "Yeah?"

"What you say if I asked you to help me destroy the Gods who destroyed our lives?"

He didn't get a reply, he smiled softly as he saw her gently breathing in his arms.

He wanted to lay there forever with her in his arms, but it seemed fate had other plans as Luke heard loud voices coming in their direction. He growled, this was not how it was supposed to happen. Getting up quickly, his heart broke as he saw Percy reach out for him in her sleep. Putting his clothes on quickly, he grabbed his sword and cut up hers, pocketing her underwear still wet with cum. With a deep breath, he made small cuts on her body. Being exhausted from the love-making, she didn't wake up, only whimpered. But he had no time. Sheathing his sword, he gave her one final kiss before racing back to camp, going around the search party.

When they found her, she was lying on the ground naked with her clothes in tatters off to the side and blood all over her from cut marks and dried blood on her legs from her torn hymen.

Chiron couldn't believe his eye. Here was Persephone Jackson, daughter of Poseidon, lying on the ground unconscious after having been obviously raped, and no one in sight. A Satyr sniffed the air and snorted angrily, "We just missed the perpetrator. I can't believe I didn't see it coming. We passed him on the way here."

"Who?" Chiron asked warily.

"Luke Castellan," he spat.

Chiron paled. Turning back to the party he said, "I need the warriors to come with me, it seems we have a traitor in our midst. We must make haste back to the camp. Grover, I need you to take Percy back to camp. But be careful, she will be in pain. Quickly now! We must stop Luke before he causes more harm."

With that the warriors rushed back the way they came, leaving Grover to wrap Percy in a jacket and lift her into his arms. Luckily for him she was very light. She clutched at him in her sleep, crying Luke's name over and over again, as if sensing he had left her. Grover looked at her sadly.

Back at camp, people were rushing everywhere. Hephaestus' descendants were running about using their inventions to spray water on the fires. By the time Grover got back, the cabins were little more than wooden frames, save for Hephaestus', as it had protections put all over it to prevent such things from happening. Poseidon's, even if it had been set on fire, would have died out instantly anyway, seeing as the Sea God would never let a fire burn down his cabin, it would ruin his image.

Grover hobbled over to the infirmary and placed Percy gently onto an empty bed, forgoing the cots as they wouldn't have been conducive for a rape victim's recovery.

It was while she lay sleeping that they discovered something that made them downright furious: Luke had gotten her pregnant. Mr. D. seemed to be of the opinion that Luke had intended to kill her after violating her but they screwed up his plan by showing up, forcing him to speed up his main one.

When she woke up the next day, the sun was already out and the infirmary was almost empty, the only other person being a burn victim who still had a little ways to go before he was let out.

Percy looked around in apprehension, trying to see if Luke was hiding somewhere.

"Luke? Are you there?" She got no answer, only the occasional moan of son of Apollo in the other bed, "Luke?" she asked again feebly, "Are you there?"

Again, no response, she started crying into her hands, wishing that her Luke was with her. It was at that moment she realized she was sore between her legs, Of course, I just had sex with the sexiest man alive. Why wouldn't I be? I mean, the way he filled me up was simply heavenly. But why isn't he here? I know he was trying to ask me something last night but fell asleep before I could hear the question. I wonder what it was he wanted to ask?

At that moment, she heard the sound of footsteps and hooves making their way toward her. When they came around the corner, all she saw were looks of pity. Even Mr. D looked at her sadly.

She yawned, still tired from last night's love making, and winced at the pain between her legs.

Annabeth noticed and rushed to get some cream to ease the soreness.

Chiron looked down at her pityingly, "How are you feeling, Percy?"

She shivered, even though it was hot out, being naked in the middle of the night in the woods was bound to give you shivers.

Dionysus summoned a blanket from a nearby bed and wrapped it around my shoulders, I smiled at him appreciatively.

She swallowed, "F-fine," she said weakly.

Chiron shook his head sadly, "You don't need to lie to us, Percy. We already know what happened."

Annabeth chose that moment to come back with the cream and asked the men to turn around.

"Why should I?" Mr. D. said haughtily.

"Because," Annabeth said with a cruel gleam in her eyes, "If you don't I will tell Poseidon about how you were ogling his daughter."

"You don't have the guts to do it," he said confidently.

"Ya wanna bet?"

He gulped, "Fine, fine, don't get your panties in a knot."

When they had their backs to the girls, Annabeth pulled the blanket around her legs off and moved the hospital gown up her legs, revealing the red skin from where Luke had rammed into her over and over again. Anna winced in sympathy and stuck her hand in the jar of cream.

"This is going to feel cold, but I don't think that should be too much of a problem."

Percy nodded slowly, still tired from last night's ordeal. Athena's daughter gently rubbed the cold concoction against her red skin. Percy tensed for a moment but sighed in relief as the chafed skin was covered. When Annabeth was done she put the lid back on the jar and was just rearranging the sheets and gown when Percy hugged her. And then, for whatever reason, she started crying.

Annabeth was shocked for a moment and then hesitantly wrapped her arms around the weeping Daughter of the Sea.

Mr. D. and Chiron kept their backs to them respectfully until Percy had calmed down.

Wiping the tears from her eyes, she said weakly, "Sorry, I don't know what came over me."

The three around her bed shook their heads sadly. Chiron steeled himself for what he was about to say.

"Percy, I know this might be hard, but we need to know if Luke said anything to you before or after he..." he took a deep breath, "raped you."

Poseidon's offspring looked at them with wide eyes. They thought her Luke raped her? She looked down and hugged her chest, wincing at the cuts still not healed. Maybe Luke needed a way to give her an alibi, make sure she was safe until he could come back for her. He said he loved her, after all. Thinking quickly, she tried to come up with a sob story.

She shook her head, "N-no, L-Luke n-never said anything. He just took me into the forest and. . . and," She covered her face with her hands, tears rolling down her face. The tears weren't fake; they just weren't because of the story. It was because he left her behind, without a final word.

Mr. D. nodded at Chiron and left the infirmary.

Clearing his throat to get her attention, Percy looked up at him with tear-filled eyes.

"Percy, there is something that happened afterward. When Luke returned to camp he set fire to it, only your cabin and Hephaestus' remains. There were many injured from this. And that is not all."

Persephone looked up into his eyes and saw intense sorrow, "W-what is it?"

He took a deep breath and said, "Percy, you're pregnant."

Her eyes widened and she paled, "P-pr-pregnant!" she looked up at him, hoping he was joking.

He nodded his head stiffly, "I'm afraid so. We will have to keep you here past summer's end. Your scent plus the baby's would draw monsters like moths to a flame. There is no other way. I am sorry. We would suggest getting rid of it, but there aren't any cases of Poseidon's children getting into this situation and we don't know what would happen, the sea being what it is, and with all of his children being male. I wish you well Percy Jackson."

Squeezing her shoulder in a show of support, Chiron trotted out, leaving Annabeth and Percy alone.

Annabeth looked at Percy sadly. Someone who she had thought she had a crush on had turned out to be a rapist and arsonist. Her heart went out to Percy. She was used by someone she called friend, and, if she read the signs correctly, crush. Still on the bed, she pulled the trembling demi-god into her arms and whispered sweet nothings into her ears as she rubbed circles on Percy's back. It wasn't long before she felt tears soaking her shirt as Percy pressed her face into her chest.

"I'm t-too y-young to be a m-mother," she cried, sniffing pathetically.

"Sh, sh, everything will be alright. We'll take care of you," she cooed while fighting her own tears. She thought Luke was a good man, but he left her, just like her father. Okay, bad comparison, her father simply ignored her, Luke destroyed the only place she had ever felt at home and raped her best friend. If they met again, she would kill him. She would get revenge for Percy.

Meanwhile Percy was couldn't help the tears flowing down her face. She was only thirteen and already destined to be a mother by fourteen years of age. Granted the kid was born of her love for Luke, but he wasn't even here to hear the good news, if it was. What would he think? Would he hate her? Spurn her? Accept her? The questions and what ifs flying around her head. She wished Luke was here, he would know what to do.

Far away, racing toward his dark master, Luke couldn't but feel guilty for leaving Percy behind. After all, he just took her virginity and couldn't be bothered to greet her when she woke up. She must hate him right now. He only hoped their love would last long enough for him to rescue her from the Gods' clutches. They wouldn't do anything while they thought she was still their pawn, but if she made one wrong move (and she most likely would, she is quite impulsive, as last night had shown him) they would either kill her or twist her mind until she was little more than a puppet. He was ashamed that he had been one for a time, but thanked his lucky stars that his master had saved him from their manipulating ways.