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"No, stop!"

"I'll stop as soon as you tell me what I want to know." The voice was calm, so very calm.

He hears rather than sees the hit, hit again. Another one. A kick this time. He can't take much more of this, not the watcher or the receiver.

"I can't tell you what I don't know. I just don't know. They don't tell me things like this." The watcher tries again, if he tells he commits treason and even though he cares for the person on the floor, he is not prepared to do it. The watcher's heart breaks as he looks at the receiver – there is little to no response and way too much blood.

The voice speaks again and this time there is a hint of annoyance behind the strange accent. "Then his blood" he points to the receiver "is on your hands and the loss of his life on your conscience." The owner of the voice turns around and speaks to another burly man in another language. With all his experience the watcher has never heard this language – it had pronounced r's and a kind of throat clearing sound that appeared quite often and for some reason it sounded like Dutch or German but not quite. His muddled brain doesn't want to think anymore.

The receiver is picked up from the floor and is dragged from the centre to the cage they have been calling home for…how long? Two or three days? He wasn't sure. Next the watcher is untied and also dragged back to the same cage. If he had the strength he would have fought but struggling with the restraints together with no food or water has taken its toll. He is dumped on the floor next to the receiver and the door is locked behind them. Not hiding the evil laughter he has come to hate.

The watcher drags himself over to the receiver who has not made a move or a sound in the last couple of minutes. The watcher turns the receiver over on his back and doesn't miss the hiss of pain suddenly escaping the lips of the man who received the punishment. He takes a piece of his dirty shirt and rips the material apart. He then takes the strip and tries to wipe the blood from the other man's face but with no effect. "I'm going to tell them, everything. I can't watch them do this to you again. The team will never forgive me." The watcher jumps as the receiver suddenly makes a sound.

The single word "no" is spoken softly barely a whisper but it has the effect of a shout. The man speaks again "the team will find us – we just have to trust them." The watcher sighs, he already feels guilty and this is not going to get any easier. "OK, I won't say anything – for now." The other man is once again silent and the confidence and strength in the handsome face is replaced by lines of pain. The hair has changed colour to red almost pink.

"Just hold on Gibbs, please" Vance begs.

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