Title: Unidentified Flying Object

Author: Kyehshia Myrical

Continuity: G1

"Hey Screamer, got any fives?" Skywarp asked, sitting in that ever so adorable criss-crossed position.

"Grrr! Stupid!" Starscream threw every one of his cards at Skywarp. "You cheated!" Starscream yelled.

"How?" Skywarp asked with a suspicious smirk outlining his lips.

"You used Insectosaurus, that's how!" Starscream yelled once more.

"Man Insecto, guess you gotta go, just 'cause Screamer wants to be dumb." Skywarp said sadly because of Insecto having to leave. Then Thundercracker cut in.

"When is it going to be my move? We're wasting time with this idiot Insecto!"

"So! He makes me win!" the black jet retorted.

Starscream rolled his optics in aggravation, got up with an attitude and kicked the card. "Frag this!" Starscream yelled, moving his arms up and down in a stupid looking gesture. Thundercracker and Skywarp just looked up at him like he was a fool.

"Man, Screamer never wants to have fun!"

"Yeah, let's make him laugh!" Thundercracker rumbled as he and Skywarp tackled their brother to the floor, tickling him in his well known sensitive spots.

"Come on guys, you know I'm ticklish!" Starscream laughed while squirming on the floor.

"Hey, I think Screamer's getting hot!" Skywarp pointed out.

"Yeah, um, tickling gets me overcharged*." Starscream managed to say between bursts of laughter.

"What are you fools doing in here; we're already on Earth!" Megatron yelled, walking into living quarters on board the Nemesis. Thundercracker and Skywarp just ignored him and helped their trineleader up and exited the ship, leaving a puddle of lubricant on the floor along with the scattering of cards.

Now who's going to clean up this mess? Megatron wondered, knowing that it most definitely would not be himself. "Hmm…Reflector! Get in here!"

Reflector walked into the quarters, thinking I hate my fragging life! but was interrupted by the Slag Maker's voice. "Clean this mess up!" Megatron ordered.

"Yes, sir." While Reflector cleaned up the Command Trine's mess, he thought to himself, Frag you, Megatron! Frag you!

_End of One-shot_

* Note: Overcharging, as it is used in this text, does not represent the over energizing of the TF's systems through high grade energon, but is sort of like getting hot, hence the bodily production of lubricant.