Chp 1

*Nusa POV*

The sound of the noisy alarm that was placed on the table next to the bed woke me up. You know, instead of the normal sound, I manage to get it different. I manage to change it to "WAKE UP YOU PIECE OF SHIIIIT! IT'S TIME FOR SCHOOL!"…I know. I overdid it. And I get it to repeat 3 times…just in case. Anyway, my name is Nusa Suhendra. You would probably notice that it is an Indonesian name…well it is! My father and mother is both Indonesian. I'm going to enroll in Hetalia World High school…in scholarship. You could say that I am kind of poor. My father and I are the only ones who support the family.

Anyway, enough about me. I looked at the clock and it was 7 am. School won't start until 9 so I have 2 hour. My home is just behind the school so I'll go at 8:50. I need to cook breakfast for my dad, mom, little bros and sis, clean the house (since last night my dad and I decide to get…'drunk'), get the vegetables from the garden then finally get ready for school. I got up from my bed and tied my hair and went to the kitchen. Passing the living room, I found one of my little bro (just by 1 year younger) playing Dj Hero. "Who told you to play this early?" I ask. "I'll be clean. Shower later. No school anyway'' he said. "ugh, fine. But if you make a mess, I'll kick your ass" I continued to the kitchen. Soon, in the middle of my cooking, a little boy with short black hair came to me. Raising his hand….which means he wants to be carried. "Minta gendong, kak! Laper! Mau makan! (Carry me, sis! Hungry! Want to eat!)" He said. I sigh and smile. Propping him in my back, he hung like a koala. I finished making the food and next, house cleaning.

Our house was enough for us. It's not large or small. Just medium. I need to sleep with my siblings though. The only place I need to clean was my/our room. Since most of us planned plans there. Form studying to hardcore pranking. Anyway, after cleaning, the little cute bro is still on my back. "Kakak mau petik buah-buahan sama sayuran? (Sis, you're going to pluck the fruits and vegetable?)" He asks. "Ya, mau ikut? (Yes, wanna come?)" I ask. "Hm….nggak lah. Mau ke ruang tamu (no, wanna go to living room)" he said. I went to the living room and put him down beside my other brother and went to the garden. We grow corn, guava, watermelon, peas, lettuce, apples and other vegetables and fruits that I'm too lazy to write. Gardening is my worst hobby. So after I harvest all the plants, which was very many, I put them in a basket and put them inside. My father had already got up.

"Ah, nusa, bapak pergi kerja yah. (Oh, nusa, dad is going to work, ok?)" He said. "Yah, hati – hati, yah (yeah, be careful, ok?)" I replied and he went out of the door. I got out to the door to see him walked away. I found the old lady that always visits us. "Ah! Nusa! How are you?" she asks. "nenek! I have some leftover food and some fruit and vegetables for you. I hope it's fine!" I gave her the bag full of food. "Ah, terima kasih! (Thank you!)". "Here's some money to buy medicine also! Please use it wisely!" I gave her some money and she thank me and left. I got ready for school and said "DON'T WRECKED THE HOUSE!" before I leave.

When I arrived…..THIS SCHOOL IS HUGE!...I already missed my only friend. I made this group for 2 of my best friend and me in my old school. It's called 'CIAO'. Full form: Center Independent Associative Origin. One of my buddies came up with it though. Anyway, in this school, I was getting lost. So I approach the nearest person, which was a guy with black haired.