"I got it! I GOT IT!" Kimiko screamed, racing through the temple. Clay Chuckled as Kimiko approached him.

"Got what, little lady?" Clay asked, nudging his hat up.

"I figured out!" Kimiko Rushed.

"What did you figure out?" Clay inquired.

"Howtodefeatchaseyoung!" Kimiko Rushed.

"Say that again partner? Try that a little slower." Clay probed.

"I figured out… how to defeat… CHASE YOUNG!" Kimiko Squealed. Clay smiled.

"Well let's hear this marvelous idea of yours." Clay exclaimed.

"Chase drinks this soup that makes him immortal, but evil right?" Kimiko asked. " If we tampered with his soup he will no longer be immortal, and in theory, no longer evil, and thus we have defeated one of the greatest evils in the world." Clay nodded, listening.

"That's not a half bad Idea. We should Tell Raimondo and Master Fung. But how do you plan on tampering with his soup?" Clay asked.

"According to Dojo, Chase has a huge supply of the soups. If we take one and 'replicate' it without using the proper ingredients, but seemingly the same and putting the can back." Kimiko answered, walking with Clay to the mediation Temple where they knew Master Fung was doing his mid-day Mediation, where Raimundo often joined him. They walked in to see the two sitting side by side.

"So tell me Kim, what did you get? The latest Fashionable hat? A new Video game?" Riamundo asked from his Mediation spot, without opening his eyes.

"Neither. I Figured out how to defeat Chase Young." Kimiko answered, trying to remain calm. Raimundo opened an eye with a raised eyebrow.


"Yes. I am pretty sure it will work." Kimiko answered. Raimundo nodded, opening both his eyes.

"So what is it?"

"His soup." Riamundo looked confused. " Chase Yong has to have his soup in order to remain immortal and powerful. And that is what makes him evil."

"And where are you going with this?" Raimundo asked.

"If we tamper with his soup, it no longer works. He is no longer immortal and thus no longer evil. In theory, but even if he is still evil he is no longer high powerful and immortal." Kimiko answered. Master Fung opened his eyes as Raimundo looked thoughtful.

"Okay, I'm down. How do you propose we do this?" Raimundo asked, nodding his head. Kimiko grinned.

"Researching the soup to start, finding the magic behind it. A dragon is used to make the soup. If we find something that tastes like dragon but isn't dragon, we've created a replica, he'll never know, and we've played with the magic that makes him who he is."Kimiko answered.

"OR as simply as adding other ingredients to the soup. If it has to have those exact measurements and only those ingredients, simply adding something as simply as a little bit of salt, could disrupt the magic." Clay added.

"Brilliant. How do we go about this?" Raimundo asked. Kimiko smiled.

"Easy. We sneak in and get a can or so of it. We remove its contents and put in our decoy. And then we wait."


So it was deiced. Our four warriors had recon to do. Kimiko used her computer to research the soup, even went as far as finding a recipe for the soup and then a substitute for dragon meat. As it turned out the soup didn't need a specific type of dragon to it, that a Komodo Dragon would work, but not a bearded dragon, as the bearded Dragon was really just a lizard. As for the Dragon substitute, all you needed was a reptile, the Nile crocodile. Clay got to wrangle up the crocodile with help from Dojo and Omi. Kimiko Researched the internet and a few scrolls and Raimundo, snuck into Chase's lair and stole four cans of the soup.


"Is the soup ready?" Raimundo asked as Kimiko stirred it.

"Not yet. Have you emptied the cans?"

"Used the Yin-Yang Yoyos to dump it. No need to effect something here." Raimundo answered.

"Smart. Just a few more minutes." Kimiko answered. Raimundo peered over her shoulder in to the pot, or the caldron as he had been joking about for days, taking a whiff of her hair at the same time.

"That looks nasty." Raimundo answered, looking at the dark sludge of the soup, as a bubble grew really big and popped, almost splashing them.

"That's the sign that it's almost done. It will won't look so nasty when it's done." Kimiko answered, as yet another big bubble grew.

"I hope not. Otherwise our plan just fell through the cracks." Raimundo answered. He kissed the side of Kimiko's Head. "Good job with this Kimi! I know you've been up all night taking care of this."

"It's all for the better good. I'd do it again. Though I'd like to find a way that I'm not holding it for 3 hours before someone comes along to take over for a few." Kimiko answered. Raimundo chuckled.

"Next time we'll have regular intervals where you aren't the one doing it." Raimundo answered. Kimiko smiled before the bubble poped and splashed her with the hot liquid, making her shriek in brief pain.

"AH! HOT!" Kimiko shrieked, almost knocking Raimundo over. He grabbed a cloth and soaked it in cool water and gentle wiped away the hot liquid to find Kimiko's skin bright red underneath.

"Kimi, does it need to be that hot? You are going to burn yourself." Raimundo cooed, gently massaging Kimiko's burnt skin.

"It does. And it's also some of the spices in there that I'm allergic to. So my skin gets even more sensitive to the soup." Kimiko explained.

"I'm sorry, Kimi. I didn't know. It's in a volatile state at the moment, I'll take over." Raimundo stated. Kimiko took note of the fact that a gentle breeze was blowing and the spoon was still stirring the soup.

"Rai, I'm the most familiar with the recipe. I studied it for hours, researching all the loop holes and such. I need to keep watching it!" Kimiko answered.

"Then you can keep me company. I can keep stirring it and be nowhere near it." Raimundo explained.

"Because you are cheating, and using your element." Kimiko teased, giggling after her statement.

"Oh and you weren't in keeping it that hot?" Raimundo teased right back. "How much longer until it's done?"

"Once it starts to lighten, 5 to 10 minutes. But it will lighten on its own. In the mean time, any time now." Kimiko answered. Raimundo nodded and pulled Kimiko over to a counter near by where he lifted her up to sit on it.

"Rai, what are you doing?" She asked.

"Making sure you can see the soup and be far away from it. Your skin is raging." Raimundo answered, pointing out the skin that got plashed by the soup, to see it was bubbling slightly. Raimundo winced at how it bubbling and got some ice to put on it.

"You're supposed to run it under cold water." Kimiko stated. Raimundo snapped his fingers and disappeared for a moment before returning with two buckets and the orb of tsunami. Kimiko giggled at Raimundo as he but the bucket under her and used the orb of tsunami to rush water down her burnt skin until the bucket was full and then dumped that over her to fill the other bucket. Kimiko looked at the soup to see it was lighter.

"Rai, it's almost done!" Kimiko exclaimed. " Quick, go get the cans. We have not a moment to lose!"

Raimundo dashed through the temple and returned shortly with the cans. Kimiko darted across the kitchen and grabbed a ladle and waited a few moments for the soup to turn into a murky brown before ladling it into the cans.

"Hand me the glue over there!" Kimiko pointed to the other counter. On it was a canning adhesive. Raimundo used the wind to fly it over to where Kim lined the edges of the cans with it before putting the lids on to let it cool. " Let it cool ten minutes and we can take it back."

"I'll take care of it." Raimundo stated.

"No, I want to." Kimiko said.

"We can both do it but that increases the chances of us getting caught. It's best if only one of us goes. I use the wind to make me lighter. Trust me. I can do it." Raimundo answered. He looked deep into kims eyes. "Besides, you have been working on this soup for the last 18 hours. Go sleep. Master Fung will understand why you are not training with the others."

"Alright. Be careful." Kimiko stood on her toes and kiss Raimundo on the cheek. "I expect to see you back at dinner."

"I will kimi. I promise." Ten minutes later, he and the soup were gone, along with a few shen gon wu that he took with him, including the shroud of shadows. He returned many hours later.

"The deed is done." Raimundo exclaimed. A sleepy Kimiko smiled.

"And now we wait." Kimiko stated.

"And now we wait." Raimundo agreed.


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