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"Did you not wonder why things were silent around here? That I had not come and attacked? It was because I was preparing. And planning. I was going to rip this temple apart piece by piece. I was going to scatter you dragons all across the globe, putting you each into a prison where you would be slowly tortured until you died. Expect for one. I was going to take one to become my apprentice. To rule by my side. And the plans on how to turn you Evil, Young Dragon, were not pretty. The every thought of all that you would have to go through, churns my stomach. "Chase explained. " My dear dragon of fire, you were going to die and become my apprentice. "

"But, I am the best dragon of all time!" Omi interrupted. " I am smart, powerful, and most amazing. I do not see how I was not a more proper candidate."

"While you believe, Omi, that Kimiko is almost as good a dragon as you are, she is the best FEMALE dragon of all time. Surpassing Dragon Vonya, the dragon of water from the Greek island of bellus, the home to Aphrodite's Fountain.

"Vonya was a girl? But but… he was my most favorite Dragon of All time. Right after Grand Master Dashi."

"Vonya was a girl. A woman. Her daughter was the Dragon the Fire, Hikate." Chase continued. " Kimiko is better than the both of them put together."

"butbutbutbut… I am the best dragon of all time."Omi pleaded.

"That may be so, but females are far superior to men." Chase answered.


"Enough Omi. You will understand one day." Chase answered.


"If only she knew the whole story." Chase murmured. He walked toward the wall of the temple and looked out at the view of China. AS the whole temple slept that night he crept into Kimiko's room and left a note tucked under her pillow, brushing a kiss against her hair, and then sneaking out of the temple, and walked away from the dragons, for the very last time.


Kimiko stretched and yawned, rubbing her eyes as she awoke the next morning. The sunlight stretching into her room, creeping through the window pane, the light shining upon dust motes who danced to the music of the chirping birds. She sighed as she watched the sun peak over the mountains in the distance. As she got up to begin her day, she heard a rustling of paper fluttering . She turned and saw an envelope on the floor. She scooped it up and saw her name on the front. She opened it up to find perfect calligraphy and form on the most wonderful of papers.

'Dearest Kimiko,

I am writing to you because, I cannot stay here. And there is so much to explain, to tell you. I am leaving everything that had been in my possession to you. Go to my palace. There is much there to explain to you.

I have been trapped for so long. I have witnessed things that no one should ever know. Things that should never have been done. Everything one day will make sense, just go to my palace, your palace now. There is a library far grander than the great Alexandria Library. Far greater and grander. There you will find everything. There is a shelf next to the fire place, that on one end are scrolls and folds of paper, and on the other, books, slowly progressing through the way the world evolved. There is a scroll with a red, gold, and pink, yes pink, tassel hanging off it. Though a grand part of it makes me cringe, there is a part of it you must read. Though perhaps you should read the scroll with the pink, green, blue, and black tassels on the shelf above it first. That one is my family tree.

While I was trapped, there were females who caught my eyes. And Sadly, I did not always get them willingly. But as such, I sowed my seed. I have many descents. You see little Kimiko, I remember them all. From the looks in their eyes be it wild with passion or tinged with tears and fright, to the screams from their lips of either pleasure or pain. From the way their hair gleamed in the fire light to the way they panted gasping breath, some for better reasons than others. But there was only one that I ever tracked, and watched as she grew. One who ever actually cried for me to come back to her as I left her lying in bed. One who swore she wait for me to return to her bed. Only one who was pure as snow.

Her name was Kiki Zoe Matsui. And she birthed Sakura Syri Matsui. Your grandmother.'

Kimiko gasped and stopped reading thinking it through and over. That made… Chase young her great grandfather.

"MY grandfather." She murmured. She stared out the window and at the sun for a moment before looking back down to continue reading.

'Somehow, I broke through and followed her every movement, watched as she grew and married and Birthed Kagome and Keiko, and how Kagome had you. This why I became good again. Because I wanted to protect you. I broke through. I had enough time between the soups I could have corrected the error. But I knew the consequences on you. And so, I became good.

Dearest little Kimiko, my Granddaughter. You seemed to be the only light in my darkness. And so I went into the light. I wish I could have made things right, but at least you were no product of the horrible things I've none. Quite the opposite, I dare say you would be the product of the most wonderful things I've done.

But things are right now. By the time you read this, I will be long gone. I have left my legacy, the horrible and the good to you. You are the strongest Dragon there ever was, because you are mine. You came from the purest form I could ever give, and so you have all the power I had, you only need to harness it.

I wish I could have stayed, to truly know you, to truly love you as your grandfather should, but it would not be right. But I promise you this, I will always be with you. If there is a heaven or a hell, I promise to always guard you no matter the wings I get.

I love you, little Kimiko. As I should have loved your mother and grandmother. My little Angel, your wings will be whiter than the rest of them. Your family is quite proud. Now it is time for you continue with your life, and I to continue onto death. I should have died thousands of years ago. Death will be quite happy to see me. And I shall speak kindly to him or her.

Fare well, little Kimiko,

I love you,

Your Great Grandfather,

Chase Young'

"I don't believe it." Kimiko ran from her room and stopped in from of the spare room only to find it empty and neat. " He's gone."

"He left last night little dragon." Master Fung informed her, appearing out of nowhere. " He wanted to do what should have happened."

"And you didn't stop him?" Kimiko asked. Master Fung shook his head. " But… he was my family."

"Your Great Grandfather. He told me. He said he wanted to do what was right for you. Death comes for us all, he evaded death for so long, that death was hunting for him. Little Dragon, he did it out of the purest of forms anyone can do. He did it out of love." Master Fung told her. Kimiko wiped away a stray tear, mildly amazed how a sudden love for the man grew all over the fact they were family. Raimundo walked up to them.

"So whats on the schedule for today?" Raimundo's voice suddenly changed at the sight of Kimiko. "Kimiko, what's wrong? Did Chase hurt you? I'll kill the bastard."

"No Rai, Chase… Left. And he left me a note." Kimiko answered.

"Why would he leave you a note? Did he hurt you?" Raimundo asked. Kimiko started laughing.

"Only in the fact knowing I'll never truly know my great-grandfather. I never knew any of my grandfathers, and suddenly I have one, and he left." Raimundo stared at her in confusion.

"My Great grandmother Kiki, fell in love a very long time ago. She always told us that he was a great man, although not the kindest but she loved him. She spent one night with him in the greatest of passions, never to see him again. Only months after that night she birthed my grandmother Sakura. And the line continued. Chase Young was my great-grandmother's lover. And he left in the night." Kimiko answered.


Chase Young stood looking over a cliff, looking at the sunrise, pure beauty of it. The fiery ball only reminded him of the reason he was doing this. Death was looking for him, so why not just find death. He smiled and wished hard, for Kimiko's love and happiness. With one deep breath of the mountain air, the scent of Sakura flowers and vanilla wrapping around him. IT smelled like Kiki. And with that he leapt off the cliff looking for death.

He expected the impact of the jagged rock many hundreds of feet below to kill him instantly. But in fact he only felt sever pain. He could feel the blood trickle from his wounds but his heart kept beating. He lay there for a few moments trying to figure out what had happened, what went wrong. When suddenly a shadow passed over him. He looked up at the figure blocking the sun to see a figure in black robes and light grey angel wings. The figure leaned on a scythe, peering down at him.

"Chase Young, I have been hunting you for years. Thousands, and then just suddenly you drop into my lap. What gives old man?" The figure says, the voice male and masculine, but not unkind.

"Hello death." Chase greeted. The figure chuckled before standing up tall and pushing the hood back to reveal a handsome male face.

"Funny how everyone calls us death. We are the angels of death yes. But we are not death. Only the ones who carry you on to your next destination." He said, dropping to one knee, laying the scythe down next to Chase. " So what gives. Why do you just suddenly drop in my lap? That Soup finally make you go mental?"

"No. Quite the opposite. I gained much sense from that soup."

"Really, doesn't look like it from where I'm standing."

"Well death,-"

"Call me Greg. "

"They named you greg?"

"No, not really. But no one speaks the language in which my original name was so in these modern times I took a new name. Greg. Continue." Chase chuckled at 'Greg's' response.

"Well, I'm no longer under the soups influence thanks to my great granddaughter's efforts."

"Dragon of Fire?"

"That would be the one." Chase answered.

"Very nice girl. Kieli was cranky. She almost got to carry that girl on to heaven. She refused to do it. She was getting very cranky until she got better."

"Kieli?" Chase asked, his eyebrow raised.

"Another Angel of Death. She was assigned to Kimiko. Keili is a huge fan of her. She was appointed as her guardian angel as well. I think their theory is she'll be there to take her soul to where it belongs when it happens rather than evil get its hands on her and use her."

"Well she is powerful." Chase muttered.

"No thanks to you." Greg retorted. Chase looked startled.

"But she inherited my power." Chase stammered.

"She did. Only because of love. Kiki loved you like no other. She was the only one who you ever had feelings for. That was the reason why you tracked her down, followed the line. That's why you killed Kagome!"

"She was suffering!" Chase defended himself.

"I know. She wouldn't have survived. She was suffering so bad, she asked to be killed. And you did, swiftly, quickly, and painlessly. I know, I carried Kagome away. She was very pleased. She convinced me not to catch up to you right then and there."

"That's why you didn't claim me. I injured myself quite gravely in despair. I came through with that." Chase murmured.

"Yep. You impaled yourself with a knife. She begged me to let you live, so you could watch over her baby. The promise she extracted from your lips."

"The promise of love and protection for her little one." Chase murmured.

"Indeed. So, you dropped into my lap because you are no longer under the influence of the soup." Greg inquired.

"Yes. It was right. I should have died years ago." Chase answered.

"Centuries ago. That's not what the fates had in store for you. WE angels of death know that when fate catches up to you it will. We just never know when, only who." Greg responded.

"Well, I'm here now to right the wrongs I did."

"You are funny. To write the wrongs you think death will do it? Right." Greg answered. Chase glared at him.

"What was I supposed to do? Everyone I wronged is dead!" Chase snapped. Greg smiled.

"I'll make you a deal. You'll live for another 48 hours. I will give you 5 gifts. The first one will transport you to anyone, dead or alive, in this life or the next or the afterlife. The second will allow you to be invisible, the third will allow you to hear anything, the third is a list of everything you have ever done wrong and the final is a knife. Stab yourself with it should you give up. I will take you straight to hell. After 48 hours, no matter you have done, where you are, what you do or are doing, you will appear back here in the condition you are in. If you have righted all of your wrongs, I will take you to your after life to heaven or onto reincarnation. If you haven't, well, it speaks for itself. Your task begins now. but first, a 20 minute time period so you can deiced what to do. I'd start with a letter. " And with that Greg slide his scythe over Chase's chest and a cold feeling swept through him. He then disappeared. Chase stood up, marveling at how he felt. He picked up the knife that lay next to him and turned to find a piece of paper and a pen laying on a rock.

"Start with a letter. Perhaps to little Kimiko."


"Kimiko, you have mail!" Clay declared, dropping a letter in front of Kimiko. Kimiko put down her toast and started to open it only to stare at the hand writing inside.

"It's from Chase." She declared.

"Well read it!" Raimundo exclaimed.

'Dearest Kimiko,

I hope my sudden departure didn't upset you too much. in reflection it probably did. I'm sorry. But I had to do what was right. I thought death would eagerly take me away. In fact, Death is an angel. Mine is named Greg. At least that's what he calls himself.Kimiko Giggled at that.

So, 'Greg', struck a deal with me. Though I am beginning to wonder if it's a trick. I have 48 hours to right every wrong I did and I'll go to heaven. If I don't well, we know what will happen. However, I have too long a list to even begin. He left me a scroll that is to be honest far longer than I can hope to correction in 10,000 years. I do not stand a chance. But I dare not use the final gift he gave me. A knife, a white flag of surrender, should I give up. He'll take me straight to hell.

I'm going to hell no matter what. And I accept that and its eternal burning flames. But, I want to use this time to it's fullest and right as many of them as I can. Maybe then I'll be allowed to see you everyone once and a while. I doubt it, but who says hell can't be gracious.

I love you little Dragon. While I hope to see you again, I hope to never see you where I'm going. Take care yourself, and wish me luck. I'm going to visit all the people I have wronged. I'll start with Sakura, Kagome, and Kiki. I'll tell them you said hello. I'll tell them of the marvelous things you have done. Though I'm sure they know already.

This might be my last fare well. If I'm lucky, I'll be able to write to you often in hell, but I doubt such luck is on my side.

I love you!


Your Great grandfather ( I think I'm going to drop that great)

Chase young'

"Would you look at that. The old fox got away." Raimundo laughed. Kimiko smiled.

"I think he'll be set for a while. Greg might have tricked him, but he'll have a marvelous chance to right his wrongs. It's what he wants. And I could not be happier for him." Kimiko answered.


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