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`E-Esrith? Is that you?`

Everybody in the throne room paused and stared at Merlin. Wasn't he the lowly serving boy who followed the prince around? The ridiculously cheerful boy who seemed to brighten the mood of everyone around him? Did he really think he could interrupt the council?

Most of them didn't really care however as they had just sat through a long and tedious council meeting that most thought was a waste of their precious time. They were curious as to what would happen next, and didn't have to wait long to find out.

The three guests where shocked, staring at Merlin as if he were some all powerful being (none in the city but the dragon himself really knew how true this notion was) The girl in the middle stood straighter and took a wobbly step closer to him ignoring the whispered protests of her friends.

`Merlin?!` she said as if not believing it was true, but desperately hoping it was. The whole room seemed to be holding its breath.

`How are you alive!?` the two exclaimed simultaneously. Arthur was looking between them in confusion. How would Merlin, his manservant from the little village of Ealdor, possibly know this girl from a village on the other side of Camelot?

`what do you mean how am I alive? You were taken by those slave traders, I had thought I would never see you again!`

`Me? What about you! That man had clubbed you on the head so hard it split your skull, I'm sure , and you were knocked unconscious! They had aimed to take both of us but even they though they had killed you! Did I really have any hope of believing otherwise?` She said as her voice cracked.

Merlin stepped closer allowing her to through herself into his arms. ` Well I am fine now... I missed you so much Esrith.`

`And I you, Merlin` They stayed like this for a minute or two, entirely oblivious to the fact that there were others in the room. Suddenly the sound of someone clearing their throat rang through the room, coming from the direction of the thrones. As if on instinct, Merlin stepped protectively in front of Esrith.

A sarcastic `mind introducing her Merlin?` came from Arthur followed by a slightly ticked off and confused `What is the meaning of this!?`from Uther.

Merlin looked around the room as if only just realizing they were not alone. he turned to the thrones sheepishly as he explained. `This-This is Esrith. And she is my younger sister.`

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