Why Freya Hated Water

Just a short one-shot that I had the idea for on holiday in a water park in England. It does involve some slight cat related humour but also explains why Freya is cursed :) Hope you guys enjoy and don't forget to review!

Freya had always loved water. As a druid, she had lived near a huge lake and so had learnt to swim at an early age. She loved swimming – it made her feel weightless and free away from the prejudice of Uther Pendragon and his laws. She loved being so close to the fish and plants there, they were her friends, and she could feel the pulse of the rivers flowing into the centre of the lake.

That all changed once she was cursed. Suddenly water lost its appeal to her, and the very thought of bathing set all her hair on end. The fish she had once played with became her prey, and all her friends didn't understand her. As for at night, when she transformed, she would avoid the lake entirely, choosing to hunt her prey on land instead.

After being kicked out of the druid lands, Freya travelled around, trying to avoid human contact to prevent them getting hurt by her. One day she walked passed a lake similar to the one she grew up near, and she peered over the edge, disgusted and full of self-loathing at what she saw the figure in that blasted liquid..

The face reflected back at her was feral, smeared in the blood of her latest kill, its hair knotted too many times to count. The face frowned, clearly disgusted at something, then it rippled as Freya threw a pebble at it. Why I did kill that sorcerer? she thought to herself. I didn't mean to, it was only self-defence.

Freya thought back to that day. She had been out by the water, collecting some herbs for her mother, when he had appeared. She had been scared when he tried to grab her and force her to give in to him, and her magic had instinctively, throwing the man into the river. How was I to know he couldn't swim?

Then his mother had come one night. Freya tried to explain to the angry woman what had happened, how her son had tried to assault Freya, how her magic had acted before she did, how she had tried to save the drowning man, but the mother wouldn't listen.

"You have killed my son murderess, and now you will carry on killing until the day you die!"

Snapping out of her thoughts, Freya plunged her face in the water, clearing of the blood, and then washed her hair out as best she could. Somehow the water comforted her, like it had when she was younger. She looked back at her reflection, and smiled when she saw less of a monster in it.

Many years later, as Freya lay dying in Merlin's arms, she watched as the young boy tried to save her. She was so overjoyed to find someone who truly loved her, no matter what she was, and it was sad to see him look so crushed. She, on the other hand, although sad, felt free for the first time in years, and as she was laid into the boat onto the lake where she had grown up, she couldn't help thinking that maybe she didn't hate the water after all.

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