She's Back

Chapter 1

The Reason Why

"Rory," Kevin Hayden yelled up the stairs of the Hartford mansion. Tapping his foot impatiently he glared up the stairs. Already dressed in his Chilton uniform – a blue blazer with the Chilton crest on and gray slacks; paired with a blue tie – Kevin shifted around as he waited for his twin.

"Coming, I'm coming," Rory informed him as she rushed down the stairs. She was wearing her Chilton regulation uniform like her brother. However, her outfit consisted of a blue pleated skirt and white button down shirt with the Chilton crest on it. To complete her ensemble, she had snatched one of her brother's ties. Her long, curly hair was flowing down her back and her sapphire blue yes shone with excitement.

"It's the last day of 8th grade, Ror. I don't want to be late," he cheerfully informed her – his enthusiasm having nothing to do with school. Today Kevin and his friends were going to pull something on his sister and his cousin, Paris Gellar, because they were too uptight. Rory snorted.

"God, whenever are you excited about school?" She asked him sarcastically. "Where are mom and dad?"

"They had to go to the office," He said with a shrug. Their father, Christopher Hayden, had taken over their grandfather's law firm and their mother, Lorelai Gilmore-Hayden, was the CEO of the Gilmore Group.

"Okay, let's go then," she said as she headed out the door to their car and driver. "Hello, Martin," she greeted their longtime driver.

"Miss. Hayden, Mr. Hayden," he said as the two teenagers got in the car.

When the pair got out, Kevin went in one direction and Rory in another. Kevin joined his friends – Logan Huntzberger, Tristan DuGrey, and Colin McCrae. Rory on the other hand went into the school to find her cousin/best friend, Paris Gellar, and her two other friends, Louise Grant and Madeline Lynn. All of these kids, no teenagers, were rich heirs and heiresses that could rule the world if they wanted to, as they had the money and the power to do it.

"Paris," Rory greeted her best friend as she hugged her. Rory greeted, "Maddy, Louise," as she hugged her other two friends. "I have some big news," she said as her excitement lit her face up.

"What is it?" Madeline asked with her own excitement shining through.

"I finally convinced Mom and Dad to send me to boarding school," she happily informed them.

The girls' faces showed the sadness that was felt. The three hugged her again.

"Ror, I'm going to miss you," Madeline said as tear began to fill up her eyes.

"Don't worry, Maddy. We'll see each other sometimes," Rory promised her.

"Hayden, I'm spending every holiday with you at the school or here, I don't care. You're my family and I know that Lorelai, Christopher, and Kevin won't bother to," Paris spat bitterly. She didn't even bother hiding her dislike for her aunt, uncle, and other cousin. Rory was basically her only family, as her parents were never around either.

"I know, Par," Rory agreed as she hugged her again. "We'll be together every summer, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Spring Break – I promise."

"I'm holding you to that," Paris said laughing, wiping away the lone tear that escaped.

"You girls okay?" Kevin asked with a smirk as he came up behind them.

"Yeah, we're fine," Rory said before any of the girls could say anything. She quickly gave them a look that said 'stay quiet, he doesn't know anything about it', so they did just that.

"Good, we're going to be late for class," Kevin snapped and then headed off with the guys to their first period history class.

"He doesn't know," Paris questioned as the group started toward their first class.

"No, I leave in three months, but you and Grandma Emily, and I are spending the summer in Europe, so he'll know when I don't come back," Rory said with a shrug. She really didn't like her brother either; he was never nice to her.

"Well, honey, you have it better than some of us," Louise informed her.

"What do you mean?" Rory asked confused.

"Honey, your dad loves you," Paris said with a roll of her eyes. "I can actually stand him now because he treated you better than the other two."

"And your grandparents absolutely adore you," Madeline added, grinning.

"We should go to class," Rory mumbled with a slight blush. "I know they do, but Mom and Kevin don't, that's the problem," she muttered, putting up a wall so that they couldn't tell what she was feeling.

"Rory, honey – just let it go," Paris said, rubbing her back. "The day is almost over and you won't have to see Kevin or your Mom for a few years."

"You're right, Par," Rory said walking into class, and having no idea what was in store for her and Paris.