disclaimer: P3P mine? I wish.
notes: I'M BACK. And I love Junpei and Chidori so much and I feel like I could have done so much with this.
But honestly, this was harder to write. And I swear, the heat's getting to me.
First P3P fanfiction, I hope you all aren't disappointed.
I just need to play the game now, and go over a few things character wise.

summer haze
—maybe the heat's getting to your head, maybe it's just your wishful thinking, or maybe she really does like you.


"You know Junpei, you really are cool." She says so offhandedly, so casually— her voice softer than usual that you had to strain your ears to hear it.

"Ehh, what?"

"Nothing, Junpei." She says, and you know she definatley said something. "Really now, I'm sure I just heard you tell me that I'm cool?" You smile widely, and this time you didn't subtly drape your arm on her shoulders(like you do in group dates, with random pretty girls in the hallway), but instead you just watched her. Watched for the twitch of her lips, a fleeting display of emotion, something, anything.

"If you knew what I said, why did you ask?" She counters standing, the second you mustered up courage to initiate contact, and you berate yourself for being so fucking scared because she's just a girl.

An incredibly pretty girl. (But there have been incredibly pretty girls in your life, there's Minako, Yuka-tan, Fuuka-chan, Mitsuru-senpai and Aigis, but then again Aigis is a robot- an incredibly hot robot that you met on a beach, but still).

And it's silent for a moment— and it's silent and strange that despite your the one lounging on a bench and she's just standing up, that you feel more like the pauper in company of the princess.

And you think that you wouldn't mind being a knight for this girl.

Maybe even a prince.

You spent so much of your life being overshadowed by others, you were always the idiot, the perverted one(they, especially Yuka-tan, didn't understand that you were something to a connoisseur of the opposite sex)— but with her, you think you could be so much more.