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At the sound of the gate opening, Shinpachi's sister rushed out to greet them, "Shin-chan, what took you so long? Your sister has been worried sick!" She pointed her naginata at the Shinsengumi and growled, "And what are they doing here?"

"The job was an ambush." Ignoring the sharp gasp, Shinpachi continued, "Sis, Kagura will be staying with us for a while. Gin's…out of commission; these three money-suckers are just following us home, isn't that right?" The three nodded enthusiastically, completely terrified of 'anego'.

Otae stared long and hard to find the meaning behind his words, "He's not having adventures in the sky, is he?" What does she think this is? Laputa? Her eyes held a deep concern, but kept up a demure smile, something Hajime taught them as a coping mechanism.

Kondo spoke up, "He should be fine, Otae-san." He went to go make a move on her, hopefully to break the heavy atmosphere and one too many concussions. She instinctively slammed the pommel of the naginata into his face sending him catapulting over the gate.

"Sis, can we come in?" he asked irritated that people couldn't read the atmosphere.

"Oh sorry- come in." She moved away from the door letting the five walk/be dragged inside.

Shinpachi showed Kagura to a spare bedroom across the hall from his. He opened the sliding door and couldn't help but notice how empty it was, apparently Kagura noticed too. She stared dejectedly into the sparse room.

"Kagura-chan, I'll go and get your things…"He made motion to leave, but she grabbed his sleeve, she was crying again "…don't leave me alone. Please." Shinpachi gave his china-girl and tight hug. "Don't worry I won't take long, I'll pick up some dinner on the way back okay?" The look she gave him a look that said she didn't like that idea.

"Okay…do you want to come with me?" She brightened considerably. She stood up and struck a pose, "Let's go!" she grabbed his hand and ran out the door.

"Sis, we're picking up dinner and Kagura's things. We will back later!" Shinpachi yelled through the door.

Once the two were gone Otae looked back to the table, she let her walls crumble. She laid her head on the table stressed from the day's events. "That idiot." That idiot was one of the only people that can make Shin-chan happy—and, if she were honest with herself, her too. His annoying behavior wriggled under their skin until the Shimuras couldn't stand it if he left.

Kondo, who had been napping in the closet, heard the sniffling coming from Otae. It hurt him to admit it; she had always seemed so much closer to Gin—even if it meant just barely tolerable—than she had been with him. However, it hurt more, to see her cry. He couldn't stand to see her not smile.

He resorted to being himself, flying out of the closet he blubbered, "Otae-sa~n! Don't cry! Gin-san will be all right. We'll make your lover come back to you, I promise it." She looked at him with wide eyes and completely confused.

"Gori-san…thanks for your concern about Gin-san, but I don't love him that way. He's an annoying older brother." She laughed quietly behind her hand. Kondo, in return blushed bright red, completely embarrassed.

"W-well, I'd better get going, being commander of Shinsengumi and all." Kondo waved his hand around nonchalantly, and walked to the sliding door.

"If you need anything, just call on me, you know I'll be there." He glanced over his shoulder and gave a large grin. Otae rolled her eyes, but nodded slightly giving him a warm smile.

"Thank you, again. Kondo-san" She sent him off with a small wave. He strutted out the door like a rooster; he grabbed the ever-fighting duo and left the premises.

Kagura and Shinpachi

The two had run into the Yorozuya shop, Gin forgot to lock the door before they left. Sadaharu had pawed open the door and had been waiting in the doorframe. His tail waggled at the sight of the two young'uns, but couldn't suppress the depressing atmosphere without the silver-permed face of his master.

The two passed by him, patting him lightly on the head. Kagura went over to her closet/room, slipped out of her torn china dress, and put on her red and white training outfit. She wanted to be as comfortable as possible, 'cause she was going to sneak in and visit Gin-chan after everyone went to bed. She changed her hair from its normal two buns to one bun on the back of her head, leaving the hair ornaments on Gin's pillow. It was a weird gesture, but it didn't feel right to wear them without him being there. She filled a sack with her belongings, and headed downstairs.

Shinpachi had grab a few possessions from Gin's room and was already in the snack shop on the main floor, talking to the landlady, and gave the censored version of their ordeal on the ship and mentioned the rent was probably going to be paid within the next few months. Otose waved him off, saying they hadn't paid her since the beginning of the year, so it didn't matter anymore. Honestly though, she never intended to kick Gin and the gang out. That brat had turned into a son, a blasted stay at home mooch.

It was rather early for the store to get a customer, but a slender man in western style clothing brushed the curtains. It was like staring at Gin's doppelganger or a ghost, seeing as Shinpachi had no idea what doppelganger meant. However, the man had straight silver hair and one green eye. He kept the other one closed like Kakashio on that one show Swirly Fish Cake (Naruto).

His voice was rather melodic, sounding like the low notes of a wind-chime, "Hello, do you allow smoking?" Otose seemed to recognize the man. Then again, that woman knew everyone there is to know in Kabuki-chou. She gave a hearty laugh and told him to get his ass in there and introduce himself to the young'uns. So he did.

"Yo. The name is Ginko..." Shinpachi's face was comical to say the least; Ginko mused but carried on, "I'm a friend of Gintoki's-Very nice to meet you all." He finished off with a drawl; this man had spent plenty of time in the countryside, but had that confident walk as if he belonged in the city.

Otose called to Tama to serve the man, and so she booted up and sat next to the mister. He was fascinated that such a humanoid automaton, something quite rare, even in the city, was serving him his meal.

"Can I serve you an alcoholic beverage?" Tama asked the silver hair man, he looked back at her, gently poking her face.

"Sure" And she poured a beer into glass, she gauged the man while swatting away his hands. He was guarded, that much she knew, but he also seemed very honest and kind.

"How do you know Gin-san?"

"Hm? We saved each other back during the Amanto invasion…how do we put this?" He scratched his head as if looking for an appropriate answer to explain why he was there, "I happened to be in the area, when an old friend called, Dr. Ishida Takao—I believe you know who I'm talking about—and told me what happened to Gintoki. I believe I can be of assistance." Kagura nearly jumped and tackled the man in glee.

Ginko lent forward, very seriously, and lowly rumbled, "I need you to tell me, word for word, what happened on that ship? Any detail left out could mean his death." The two were taken aback by the sudden shift in their new companion, but Shinpachi filled in the details. At one point in the conversation, Ginko palled dramatically (if that were possible) and made motion to leave quickly. He slammed down a 1000-yen bill and told them to keep the change. He ran out of the shop motioning the kids to come with him.

"Ginko-san, why did you run off!?" the man was fast, really fast. Keeping was a slight chore, though Sadaharu seeing the two Yorozuya kids taking off again decided to tag along as well—it made for a convenient ride.

"…Shinpachi, Kagura, it's time I fill you in on what's going on. From what you've described to me, it seems that the Harusame injected with an organism called a mushi. It predates the Amanto coming to earth, but they are hardly ever visible to the naked eye." Ginko was fighting a rage that was getting harder to control, "this particular mushi is called a Jōgishi (a ruling bug). This mushi needs hosts in order to survive, however their host become an 'Oni', a predatorily conscienceless being-" He was interrupted by Shinpachi, "But Gedomaru-san was an oni, and she had morals."

"You should really listen all the way through before interrupting someone. I haven't met this Gedomaru, but more than likely she's just a shikigami designed to replicate the hosts of the Jōgishi without the consequences. This will turn bloody if we don't do something quickly."

"This thing will kill Gin-chan, yes?" Kagura hollered from atop Sadaharu, Ginko grimaced and replied, "Not if I can help it."