Random Gir Shot

Prompt: I Can Haz

Zim was in his lab, working on a new invention- an antimatter cheeseburger. He would pass these cheeseburgers out to the general populace, and when the humans ate them, their heads would explode from the reaction!

Suddenly, Gir came sliding down the tube and, running forward, picked up the cheeseburger and stuffed it in his mouth. His head exploded, and then a new one grew back in. "I can haz cheezburger!" he said happily.

"Gir, you just ruined my anti-cheeseburger experiment!" Zim yelled angrily.

Gir proceeded to lick his head, Zim screaming at the residue of Earth food burning him. "You haz flavur!" Gir said proudly, and ran off, leaving Zim to seethe.