A/N: So, summer break is here and I can now write again! Did you miss me? Well, to start of my return to writing I decided to upload this. It's just a little bit of background on the characters, to show their relationships before Welcome to Hogwarts started. I hope you enjoy.
A/N 2: Also, I would like to note that I thought this up before Cooper was introduced, so Blaine has no brother.

I Don't Wanna Grow Up

Marissa POV

Given how big the Weasley family was after the war, one would expect dozens of little Weasley grandchildren running around. In reality there were four. Two were cousins, descended from Hugo Weasley. Marissa von Bleicken was the youngest, the one that faded into the background of all her amazing family. Joey Weasley lived up to the Weasley name, a prankster who could get a laugh out of anyone. He was two years older than Marissa, and the closest thing she ever had to a brother. The other two descended from Albus Potter. The Anderson siblings, Skye and Blaine, could do no wrong. Blaine was only a year older than Marissa, but it didn't always feel like it. He was the adults' favorite; there was just something about him that made people love him. He was mature and polite and perfect and everything Marissa couldn't be. Skye was a prodigy, by the time she was ten she was a better witch than most thrice her age. She was the oldest, one year older than Joey, and Marissa worshiped her unconditionally.

It was tough for Marissa, being the youngest. Blaine and Joey, being the only boys and just one year apart, were naturally drawn to each other. Blaine was Joey's voice of reason and Joey kept Blaine from growing up too quickly. Marissa and Skye had no such relationship. Skye was three years older and infinitely more mature. Marissa just wanted to hurry and grow up so she could be on the other girl's level.

Still, despite the differences, Skye was never unkind. She would help Marissa with homework, defend her from the boys, and, when Marissa was sorted into Revenclaw, Skye welcomed her as the second Weasley in who-knows-how-long not to be in Gryffindor. During her first year at Hogwarts, Skye was Marissa's best friend.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Marissa always knew Skye would leave; she was too good for Hogwarts. There was no point in a student who could do more advanced magic than any of the teachers. Skye was meant to be doing something good, not wasting away at a school she didn't need. It was no surprise when, the summer before second year, while they were all at the Burrow, she came to visit Marissa in the middle of the night.

"You're leaving," Marissa said. It wasn't a question.

Skye sighed. "I'm sorry Mars, but I need to do this. I've already taken care of everything. It'll be like I never even existed."

"Blaine and I will need you," Marissa told her, surprisingly calm given her world was ending.

"No you won't," the older girl reassured her, "you two are perfectly capable-"

"No." It was the first time Marissa had ever argued with her idol. "We will."

Skye must have sensed the truth in her cousin's words, because she handed over the earrings she was wearing, muttering a spell under her breath. "Here, these will help you find me. The spell only works once, so chose when to use them wisely. I need to go now, but I love you Mars. Goodbye." With that she disappeared.

Marissa looked down at the earrings in her hand. They were the bananas she got Skye for her birthday. It was then that it sunk in, Skye was gone. She ran into Blaine's room, knowing he was still awake. "Skye…"she trailed off, not knowing what else to say.

Blaine hugged her. "I know," he whispered and just held her, letting her sob into his shoulder. They stayed like that the entire night.

The next morning Marissa was still wiping her eyes as she came down for breakfast.

"What's wrong Honey?" her mother asked, concern evident in her voice.

"It's Skye," she sobbed, "she's gone."

"Oh," her mother sounded relieved, "that's okay. You're growing up; you have no need for imaginary friends."

It was meant to reassure her. It didn't. That was when Marissa decided; she didn't want to grow up, not if it meant losing Skye.

A/N: I hope this didn't turn out to angsty. What I was trying to convey was Marissa's dependence on people. Because she was a lonely kid she needs people around her, first it was Skye now it's Quinn. The funny thing about my Marissa is: she's the protagonist but not the hero. Harry Potter could have done everything alone because that's what type of hero he is; if Marissa was left alone in this she would do absolutely nothing, even forming ORGY wasn't her idea, it was a combination effort of Harry, Quinn, and Jesse. She didn't have a bad childhood, by any means, but she saw how close Joey and Blaine were and the fact that she didn't have that made everything seem worse than it actually was. Also, this story is under Jesse and Quinn because they're the closest thing to a couple there's going to be. After all, this is them as kids.

OC Alert!: So, there were two OCs introduced here, they may or may not have a role later on, they're not supposed to, but neither was Taylor. The first was Joey Weasley. I found it unrealistic that a family as big as the Weasleys had only two grandchildren, so Joey was created. If you want an image think Joey Richter as Ron Weasley. The other is Skye Anderson, who is nowhere near as perfect as Marissa thinks. Marissa idealized her and made her seem better than she actually is; I hope she doesn't come off as a Mary Sue. She was created as a result of me listening to too much Skye Sweetnam, who she's very loosely based on. I felt Blaine needed a sibling in my headcannon so she came to be, even if in this story she's just a figment of Marissa's imagination. She will probably make appearances in other stories along with Cooper Anderson and maybe Shane (from Dalton). Fun fact: Skye, who is the older sister, is actually a year younger than Darren.