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Just as Special

Sometimes it sucked being Taylor Mitchell's younger brother. Don't misunderstand, Cameron loved his sister, he just sometimes wished she wasn't so…well, her. Taylor was one of those 'take me or leave me' people; she was awesome and she knew it, if anyone thought differently it was their problem. She didn't care about the world around her.

Cameron did. He actually tried to get people to like him. While his sister could just be there and people would naturally flock to her, he was polite and kind and yet people still preferred her. Without a doubt, Taylor Mitchell was special and Cameron sort of resented her for it.

It's not like he was any less talented than her. He saw the strange bus and the ghost and the gnomes too. He just approached all these things differently; he got out of the way of the bus without making a fuss, noticing that it avoided people, didn't talk to the ghost, who was only interested in Taylor anyway, and simply avoided the gnomes altogether, they scared him. He didn't understand why everyone thought Taylor was so special.

Then she got sent away, and all his jealousy left with her. She got sent away for being proud of who she was and not bothering to hide it. It never really made sense to him. His sister wasn't crazy, everything their parents thought she hallucinated were there clear as day.

When Taylor came back it seemed like everything special about her was gone. She didn't warn people about the bus or try to fight the gnomes. She didn't even talk to the ghost she often ignored Cameron for. Concerned, Cameron talked to the ghost, trying to figure out how to get his sister back. She saw them.

Getting proof that she wasn't crazy and having Professor Shue tell her exactly how special she was didn't quite bring back the old Taylor, but it was close. Cameron didn't think she could ever be the same, but at least she was happy again. She was special again.

A year later, when Professor Shue came for him, Cameron realized something. He may not be anything like his amazing older sister, but he was just as special.

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